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[FNAF/CORPSE PARTY SFM] Yargh! I found you!

here to announce that and me are officially Henry Emily stans and if anyone insults this man we will be having words (also stinky man is very stinky and Henry was too nice to him)

Dib-Mangle Jumpscare But With Blood Enjoy Your Nightmares Like I Am 😓

Security Puppet from Pizzeria Simulator! FBI Open up!!! We gotta pat yah down~ Thanks to for providing this amazing design! Hope y'all enjoy Follow the law >:)

Señor Scott, le agradezco mucho toda la nostalgia y miedo que su juego ha causado en mi

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Its been a while since i actually finished it (i made the sketch months ago lol)

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Idc about any excuses, if you have ever used aim boyor any other hack in a competitive game that bans hacks, I don’t think I want you on my FNAF team

Fnaf Twitter.... Danganronpa twitter... I give you full permission to take away the only rights I have left because of this edit... But umm.. MONOKUMA HELPY..

Sketching the characters from Fazbear’s Frights: Into the Pit.

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It’s been a while since I posted some art, so here’s my designs of the FNAF 1 Cast! I recently got back into the fandom, so I decided I should update my old line up! I tried to really give hide the robotic parts and joints with new raggedy fur as well as the accessories. They also all have gross textures for mold and stuff and some for rust. They are pretty old after all! Golden Freddy will be their own separate post later on.

Toy Bonnie was added to FNaF AR… And it’s honestly really interesting.


They are referred to with different pronouns every time like Mangle. I thought it was weird at first because the other games and Scott use he/him for Toy Bonnie.

I’ve thought about this for like 3 seconds and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are genderfluid. That’s all.

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i’m sorry? :o

It was 6 PM. Katylin, One time used to be Mrs. Afton, was sitting on her bed. Holding a photo. The poor Lady felt like tears flowing her eyes. The photo was her old Family. She knew she was probably a blurry Memory for Michael and Elizabeth. If she didn’t left, nothing could have happened. She had regrets and guilt she wasn’t here for them. Katylin started crying, falling behind, her back led on the bed she was sit on. Soon her cheeks were wet from her tears, hugging the photo closely to herself, with a soft whisper, regret and guilt. “ I’m sorry…

Katylin immediately got up, startled. the silence in the room was suddenly interrupted by a quiet, broken whisper.



I finished some character sketches of Baby, Sarah, Oswald, and Millie from Fazbear’s Frights 1: Into the Pit. Baby’s design was fun to draw. I’m a fan of robots and getting to design her as my own interpretation, while also keeping it close to her design from The Fourth Closet, was fun. Millie was the hardest to draw out of all of them. I have never drawn a gothic character before and I hope that I got it right and didn’t make her look like a punk rocker or something (I used her character description from the book).

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Henry or the five missing children?

Two Babies!!!

Dude! I love how their design looks, much better than before!

I don’t have the design of all the 5 ready, sorry! I only have the defined design of Susu, Cassy and Gab! » If you didn’t see the post with Susie’s design:

And of course their design was inspired by Gabriel and Cassidy’s designs from @freddyz-teeth, her work inspires me!

So, about them;;

✰ Cassidy “Cassy” Hayashi;;

Cassidy is the soul of Golden Freddy, she is between 7 to 8 years old. ─ She died on June 26, at the birthday party of one of her friends, she was the second victim.

✰ Gabriel “Gab” Halsey;;

Gabriel is the soul of Chica Chicken, he is between 7 to 8 years old. ─ He died on June 26, at the birthday party of one of his friends, he was the first victim.

• Hey! Requests are open, so you can make requests! You can even ask me to draw some of your FnaF characters designs!

✰ Please,

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  • William, being terrible, as usual: Oh, you must feel so bad, Henry. After all, those children were lured away with your voice.
  • Henry, who had been trying to not think about that fact, and who had stopped crying merely minutes ago: *Bursts into fresh tears.*