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3-4 May 18 of the city’s most inventive and original cocktail bars, as they compete to be crowned Best Bar. Enjoy show stopping Rooms. Explore enjoy

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- So Kate Smith Sings "God Bless America" but sang controversial Songs in 1930's so we Cover her up & Strip her away from History,.. but KRS1 Can sing about dealing Crack & Denigrates Police Officers before Games & that's Ok⁉️WTF

No More Luck for the unless they ⁦ !!!!!!!! Stop 🛑 the INSANITY! Fans LOVE ❤️ We LOVE ❤️ “God Bless America”

To ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦👉🏻SHAME ON YOU👈🏻 Song written by 2 BLACK men!! Stop 🛑 the insane PC Trash! Intolerant Ugly Leftists! NOW!!!!!!!! Real Fans LOVE ❤️ “God Bless America”

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Overreaching political correctness crying snowflake bs. Shame on you,

The have replaced Kate Smith's statue with a rendering of a black ghost.

Happy Easter Weekend to everyone. Lettttts go Flyersss.

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🚨 Les places debout et les premières catégories sont parties à vitesse grand V, si vous ne voulez pas rater le match entre le et les , les 🎟️ sont là :

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bluevelvetbabyy  asked:

tk getting jealous of your waiter flirting w you and takes you into the bathroom to remind you who you belong to BRB IM NUTTING AT THE THOUGHT OF HIS HAND SLIGHTLY SQUEEZING MY NECK

oh?? my god??? fuck hes probably so possessive and yeah he trusts you he just doesnt trust other guys and fuck the waiter is flirting so blatantly even though you’re obviously on a date and arent even interested and it’s when the waiter tries to slyly drop a napkin on your side of the table with his number on it that travis finally snaps and stands up, holding out his hand for you and dragging you to the back of the restaurant where the restrooms are.

part of me thinks that he might not even going inside the bathroom because it’s so secluded and the restaurant is pretty empty that night that he just shoves your panties to the side and just fucks you right there against the wall of the hallway and his hand is on your throat making sure you dont make too much noise and hes just fucking up into you and hes whispering in your ear

“you’re mine, hm? he cant fuck you like this, he cant make you feel like i can.” and your choking back a scream when his thumb drops to rub roughly at your clit and hes forcing you over the edge too fast because you cant be gone from your table too long and its probably the fastest hes ever made you come and he just fucks you through it until he comes and then hes leading you back to your table and your legs are all shaky and he grins at the waiter when he comes back and asks for the check, smirking at your hazy eyes and messed up hair and the waiter looks like he has an idea of what just happened and he doesnt make eye contact with either and tk totally continues what just happened when you get back to your shared home.

come yell at me about hockey!

bluevelvetbabyy  asked:

THE BAR HC GOT TO ME imagine dating nolan and him being all shy and blushy about pda but still flirting with you after a big win and a few shots in hes pressed against your back whispering all the dirty things he wants to do to you in your ear while you whimper below him and basically drag him out of the bar

yes yes yes!!! you’d only been out on a few dates and the first free moment he gets he calls you and hes all excited and

baby!” and its the first time he’s called you that and it makes you feel all fluttery and soft and you cant even respond before hes like “come out with us tonight! we have to celebrate and i want to celebrate with you! and you can finally meet everyone! what d’ya say?” and you agree and meet them at some bar and nolan hella gets chirped because hes been talking about you nonstop since he met you and you went on your first date and wow everyone is so nice but nolan’s like “c’mon, i wanna dance with my girl.”

and you try not to fucking die at him calling you his girl and let him drag you to the dance floor and yeah hes a little tipsy but so are you but then he starts whispering in your ear about how much he wants you and how badly he wants to just bend you over the bar right then and there and hes kissing your neck and marking you up and this is the like, the most hes ever touched you in public, much less in private. you’d only gotten as far as cuddling and making out when its just the two of you and his boldness is catching you by surprise but holy shit you’re into it and at some point you’ve had enough and you grab his hand and drag him back to the boys and just say

“it was great meeting you guys but i think we’re gonna head out” and all the boys whistle and you all know hes gonna get chirped like hell next practice but you dont give a fuck because you have to nolan home now

and the two of you are making out in the back of the uber like fucking teenagers and as soon as you’re back at his place you’re pushed up against the wall and he just groans all filthy in your ear and says “i cant believe it took this long, fuck ive wanted you in my bed for so fucking long” and you barely even make it to his bed because he keeps shoving you against the wall, removing a piece of clothing each time he stops and you’re both definitely naked by the time you get to his room.

come yell at me about hockey!