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That’s a wrap folks. ⁦⁩ with a hard fought road win. Ice cold Gatorades for everybody!!!! 🏀✈️

Checking out the broadcast tonight for the game..... Just came back from a break by saying "It's Not Over Yet" .... It's only the FIRST INTERMISSION!!

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I’m definitely using “Human Lava Fires” soon, . Probably at this game.

Hey Flyers 37 Wildcats 25 at half. Guess who didn't show up for warm ups? Go !

This could be the last game the Wayne Train plays as a member of at the WFC. That is if he is indeed traded by the deadline. A soldier.

Watching the on ? Watch for the SEPTA KEY TO SUCCESS - then click here to enter to win one of these autographed hockey sticks! 🏒🏒

This little girl worked hard on her poster to show her love for Simmonds. Wells Fargo wouldn’t let her bring it in:( We ❤️ You Wayne! !


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Someone stop the bolts.


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can you please do #7 with Nolan or Carter Hart?

“is it weird that i’m kind of turned on by this?”

Originally posted by k3vinhay3s

You’re distracted from the rerun of Friends that you’re watching when Carter flops down on the couch next to you. He extends his legs, just like you expect him to, tucking his feet under your butt.

You don’t really want to, but it’s common curtesy so you pull some of your blanket off covering Carter’s knees. He hums in response, folding an arm behind his head while he scrolls through something on his phone. Two months with him sped past, and you were surprised at how comfortable you felt with him. There was a lot you still had to learn about each other, but if there was one thing you were sure about, it was that you were utterly smitten with the boy in front of you.

You’re about to turn back to the show when Carter wiggles on the couch, changing positions and effectively jabbing a toe into your side. Jerking away from his touch you’re unable to stifle the high pitched shriek that escapes.

Carter pulls his feet away in shock, and he looks scared when he meets your gaze, like he’s worried he might have hurt you, but then it quickly fades to amusement. “What was that?” He asks.

“Nothing,” You fire back, frightened by the devious tinge his tone holds.

Furrowing his eyebrows like he doesn’t believe you, he lifts his foot again, and you try to dodge it but he’s too fast. His toes dig into your side again and you laugh uncontrollably, pushing his feet away from you.

He’s not done yet though, and you cower away from him when he rises onto his knees, grabbing onto your ankle to yank you towards him. Your attempts at self defence are no match for his strength. Within seconds he’s straddling you, your arms pinned, and his free hand poking at your stomach and ribs.

“Carter!” You squeal, wiggling around underneath him, and he’s laughing almost as hard as you are at this point. You want him to stop because you can’t really breathe, but at the same time you really want him to keep going. “Oh- shi- oh my god,” You pant, trying to breath in between laughs. “Cart- Carter! You manage, “I can’t breathe,”

He lets up for a minute and stops tickling you, but he keeps your arms pinned, looking down at you with a shit eating grin. He looks so dominant, and all you can think about is him fucking you in this exact same position. You’d tell him exactly that too, except you’ve only been together for two months and the sex hasn’t really gotten to the point where you’re discussing kinks or fetishes yet.

Carter must see the switch flip somewhere because he cocks an eyebrow at you, watching while you pant underneath him. “What?” He asks.

You study his features before swallowing your pride and taking the first step. “Is it weird that I’m kind of turned on by this?” You blurt out.

“Uh,” He tries to stammer out a response and you arch your back under him. “By me tickling you?”

You nod, biting your lip. Throughout the conversation he’s kept you locked in the same position, still hovering overtop of you and holding you so you can’t move. You don’t know why, but something about being constricted like this, his hand roaming all over you, has you extremely horny all of the sudden.

“You just- holding me like this,” You try to explain, but you feel kind of embarrassed with the way he’s looking at you. “I don’t know you’re just touching me all over and like it’s, I don’t know-“

Carter senses your discomfort, and pokes a finger into your side to get you to shut up, leaning down to kiss you immediately after. He presses his forehead to yours, your open mouths barely touching. Carters hand around your wrists tightens and you surprise yourself with the groan that slips out.

“Fuck,” He murmurs, raising up to look you over while you whine underneath him. You try your best to raise your hips, looking for friction and Carter watches, eyes darkening. “What do you want me to do?”

“Literally anything you want,” It’s not supposed to sound desperate, but it comes out as more of a plea. “I’m all yours,”

The smirk that covers his face at your words is probably one of the sexiest things you’ve ever seen. “Oh hell yeah.


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