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I'm guessing Instagram is down again usually I don't care about needing to get on social media, but I forget this one dancers name and I desperately need her video from my friends at class!! 😩

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Rєναмρ OUAƬ RƤ | | White Rabbit Sєαѕσηѕ 1-7 Ɓαηтєя & SLS Alter Ego of Rт fσя тнιѕ ƖιттƖє яαввιт ωση'т уσυ?

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my little sailor scouts art prints are available in the etsy shop now~~~

i’ve been thinking and it may be just my depression getting worse but i think i’ll be off tumblr soon i just??? i LOVE this site so much than twitter and everything else but i just feel so empty and unhappy here.  it’s just not the same and i’ve just gotten lazy with updating my queue or really doing anything which makes me feel even worse

anonymous asked:

hey Kat, I want to send you loads and loads of love tonight, my heart is radiating love towards Canada, if you look up now you might see a red beam in the sky that's my love coming for you!

Is that what that pretty rainbow is outside?? 

Thank you, sweetheart. It was very kind of you to pop into my inbox with a sweet message. It is very appreciated. I will see if I can send some love back along the rainbow to you. ;)