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New Log in page UI with flutter ♥️

¿Saben que es ? 🤯💪🔥 Conozcan todo lo que son capaces de hacer con esta tecnología de google en nuestra este 24 de abril. ✍️ 🙋‍♂🙋‍♀ Registro abierto-> |

I gave a talk on Rapid Design, Prototyping and Development to a group of young people who are enthusiastic about building the future with Google’s latest mobile development framework - Flutter, at the Flutter Lagos Meetup earlier this year.

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Maybe isn't the best option for your cross-platform project (for now) but dev experience is awesome! A full reload of app take less than 2 sec, it is insane !!!

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Flutter is getting a lot of hype in the frontend world, and if you have worked with it–you know why. Check out our tutorial on creating sliding menus using :

空き時間に書いてる のmain.dart 思いっきり壊してみたら思いっきり壊れたので、プログラミングは人間が指示した通りにしか動かない事が証明された。なお、commitしたと思っていたがそれは夢の中での出来事だった模様。これから思い出しながらもう一回書きます。()

قريبا راح نسوي شرح كيف تسوي لودينج سكرين في flutter حصريًا ع قناتنا 👍 انتظرونا

Arkit port for now supports Image Detection, which is a must have feature for AR apps.

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Image Detection is a must have feature for AR apps, and I'm happy to announce that port for now supports it!

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Good night world🌏 Every leaf 🍂🍂🍂 speaks blissfully to me 🍂 from the tree🍂 and as they fall🍂 so does night gently🍂 help the leaf to the ground🍂 to embrace the stillness of the night so sleep gently💤💤💤 may your heart be restful and sound💖 ...misha 💞

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I’m so happy bc I just saw my childhood pediatrician (I took my brother for an appointment, she’s treated all of my siblings) and she asked me how I was doing and I told her I got my MFA, and she was like “oh my god, come over here! I have to hug you!” ❤️🥰

I feel like whatever is coming on 4.26 be it an album announcement or a single- it must have something to do with hearts fluttering. All of the use of butterfly imagery and hearts together has me feeling some kind of way. @taylorswift @taylornation @taylor-swiftfacts

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I’m sorry to hear that Flutter! I understand how that feels and it isn’t fun. I guess the best advice I can give is to pick something u rly like that’s calming to focus on. Like drawing or reading something happy. Or watching a cute video.

i’m calming down a bit now. i’m watching my little pony cuz fluttershy is my favorite 💖

hello ! my name is Flutter and we watched a scary movie too close to bedtime so now i’m here and very scared

i’m doing things to distract myself because i’m a very scared person :c

hugs would be nice please or nice messages. i’m just a scared alone kid

Appled Mathematics - Part 6

“Wait three days before making contact after a date” was a rule Braeburn had heard once. But he only had a week in Ponyville before he had to go back to his work in Appleloosa, so he’d decided that three days was way too long. In fact he decided that even one day would be too long.

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