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'Rosy Island' Inspired by my daughter

We are a proud representative of ProSonix. To learn more about injection heating or heating and products, contact your local Voigt-Abernathy sales representative or give us a call at 205-655-0434

Power grew by a total of 7% in 2018 - this sector ist cautiously optimistic about 2019 and expect growth of around 3% - Christian H. Kienzle, CEO Argo-Hytos -

Numerous representatives of companies, associations and trade fairs are guests today at the Press Roundtable on and Power in the run-up to the - #

Today I will report from the press roundtable on and power in the run-up to the 2019 at the in Frankfurt -

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Hoy ha empezado el Day!! Animamos a la participación de tod@s...

: summary slide for resuscitation at . Some take home messages for as well

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Line traced from left to right like a fluid. Reference tout writing direction and breathing out.

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When the light hits the gold 😍 I love how this piece looks like layers of silk 💚✨

Namefluid Pride Flag

Namefluidity: when your name changes; having fluctuating name(s).

This could be also known as abronominal. Similar to multinominal (having multiple names for yourself, polynominal/plurinominal).

[Image: five stripes colored with pale violet, white, light cyan, greyed black and brown]



Added gold to the mix, the painting is so fresh it’s still moving while drying. Change always comes when you create a new piece of art. #gold #white #turquoise #hotpink #fluid #Acrylic #acrylicpainting #fresh #new #eyeofthebeholder #sandiego #timelapseart #TimeLapse #video #videoart (at San Diego, California)

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Fuck it

Since I’m on everyone’s shit list, fucking right and left alike, let’s just keep going. There’s this odd connection I’ve found recurring within the types of people who are mad at me for wanting restrictions on abortion, and within the types that are mad that I excuse abortion for any reason. For one, It’s all emotional arguments. The left literally won’t think about the child, and the right won’t think about the mother. This isn’t black and white, and every case is different. I still believe abortion is murder, I just think some people shouldn’t have kids, and I think that in some cases the life of the mother is more important. Even still, while I do know my ‘solution’ is extreme and not considered a solution by anyone, there are still a lot of people who have messaged me today saying they believe I’m on the right track, just not something they can agree with. But it’s not like I’m going to try and let it blow over, if you message me after this with anything new that I haven’t already talked about I’ll be sure to respond soon.

But since I’m rolling down hill, why don’t I go ahead and push myself a little further. This is just another opinion of mine. I’ll be concise. There are only two genders in the human species. Any deformation at birth that causes mixing or androgenous characteristics is exactly that, deformation. It’s unfortunate, no one should feel bad for being born intersex, but it is not a physical representation of more than two genders. None of that was an opinion. Being trans is a real thing and it is a mental disorder. And it needs to stay that way if transgenders want to continue to receive government aid. I don’t believe ‘changing’ your gender is a healthy option and while I DO NOT KNOW how trans should handle their feelings, getting your body mutilated is more likely to make you suicidal than if you had stayed your gender. It is an aesthetic change, not a biological one. If aesthetic is all you want, you’ll do fine, but if you’re actually trying to become a woman if you were born a man or vise versa, you won’t be happy with the results. My advice is to learn how to love your body, dick or vag and all, and not give a fuck about whether you’re too masculine or feminine because that’s not what defines gender. But again, I don’t know. All that is my opinion. I tried to avoid some of these subjects because I know it’s controversial but we’re well past that.

Like all my opinions, I understand that they can be harmful to people for the sole reason of voting and influence. I have like no fucking influence except to piss people off, but honestly, these are just my opinions and I have never and will never incite violence or condone it. Part of everyone’s outrage at me is because of advocation against violence, as that is how I see abortion towards a child… but believe said violence can be justified due to consent or health, so I don’t know.   


Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all! ❤️💋🌹
“The act of #loving others can take many forms, but the #love itself is not bound in any way. We can love someone for a day, a month, a year, or a lifetime. And when that person leaves us, that love does not go away. There are many ways our loved one may depart from us. We put our love in the form of another and then that other being disappeared. Just because that person is no longer with us does not mean the love disappears, too. That love is now #free to become more #fluid, unconfined by that other person. When you lose the one you love you can choose to drop the story line around #loss and be with whatever you are #feeling. By diving into the #heart of what you #feel, you explore it, learn from it, and come out feeling refreshed by the experience. Your heart bounces back because we are all meant to love. Love abounds. It is always available to us. We must always begin and end with loving ourselves.”- How to Love Yourself( And Sometimes Other People) Rinzler & Watterson/ ❤🎶💋🔥👌⬆🦁🌹💕💛💝#selflove #healer #energyhealing #tantra #loveisforlovers #courage #rideyoursexy #lifeforce #shakti #dance #yoga #valentinesday #loveistheway 🎶 Music by #emmasameth #wolfe @jeremyzucker #jeremyzucker Song ( Spin with You) #spinwithyou

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Fluid in motion
#fluid #motion #spin #spinning #liquid #colors #rainbow #move #movement #moving #video #slomo #slowmotion #teampixel #rlmreyes #instagood #cool #light #art #chop #hospital #philly #philadelphia (at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute)

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Son Du Jour BONJOUR a.k.a. La Go Sûre & Dure.