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: The humble geranium, also called pelargonium. Some have a strong perfume. I planted a stem from a growing in a nearby shopping center's landscaping awhile ago, and have enjoyed these in my yard since.

my awesome wife ordered me this for valentines and it came in the mail today

Size reference to this beautifully detailed light switch cover shop: Flower Detailed, Double Light Switch Cover, Wall Dรฉcor, DIY, Ready to Paint

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anonymous asked:

๐ŸŒธ? :)

I took all this time to make the piece and then I realized this was probably supposed to be a whole outfit with the flowers worked in there somehow… Guess I’ll have to revisit this prompt again later. 😅😅😅

Flowers chosen:

Calla Lilies: Beauty (Also Canis’ favorite flower)
Asters: Patience
Lavender: Devotion