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I gave my mum personalised silk flowers for her wedding! ad

【道を創る】 会長の太田です。 僕がこの会を結成したのは、若い世代の作り手に夢の続きを創ってあげたかったからです。 大きな夢は人を成長させ、人生を豊かにすると信じています。 僕はその礎になれれば良いと思っています✨

St, W1. left in doorway. Paul has died. Questions. Who was Paul? Homeless? Did Derek pass him daily? Give him money? Lifelong friendship? Not homeless? Next to a church? From a service? Who organised it? Why leave flowers outside? Derek didn’t go in? Why?

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✔️Happy Tip Tuesday✔️Did you know that 1 in 3 people do not like heavily scented products. Keep your home smelling fresh and clean, rather than a heavy fragrance. 🌷

Happy National Hug Day! Giving out hugs is easy and makes their day much happier. Make it even better with a bouquet of Pugh's flowers as well!

Lost and found in the archive: Close up of 2015 painting on paper. Second slide is full piece.

Great news!❤️Starting today till Valentine’s Day, when you spend $125 at a Brighton, you will receive our gorgeous Sunflower Tote from designer Tom Clancy, absolutely FREE! 🌻 Isn’t this an irresistible “flower arrangement”?

🌺🌷HELLEBORUS🌷🌺 An essential addition to the Winter garden with masses of pretty flowers. Hardy evergreen foliage that looks good all year in borders or tubs. 2ltr pot £6.99 3ltr pot £17.99

春のおとずれ。 雪柳とチューリップとストックのバーチカル型。 雪柳で少し動きを出して。 チューリップをみると、もう気分は春🌷ですね。

Marigold Plants - 30% Off January 21st-23rd Add some of these super easy to grow flowers to your yard, and prepare for their non-stop blooms! Tap here to shop our Marigold Plants:

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Стандарт АВ-Сердце Матери

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My first finished design of my teardrop earplugs with 6 different base colors. The thin mustard yellow lines I can imagine would be gold to contrast with the semi-muted-colored bases.

There should be some more deaigns coming soon, in the meantime, Enjoy!