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Jasmine, a synonym for fragrance... It is a very popular flower around the world, especially for occasions like Wedding, Anniversaries, etc. Order fresh Jasmine Interested buyers please contact us at +968 9482 6697

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Las flores secas también tienen cierta belleza, nos recuerdan que algún día hubo vida en ellas


Inktober Day Seventeen: Anchusa

The Seventeenth day of Inktober 2019. The flower for today is Anchusa, a flower that belongs to the borage family. The roots contain anchusin which is a reddish brown resinoid that is insoluable in water. It can be chemically dissolved and is deer resistant.


I found a lil bee on the driveway who is either exhausted or has a damaged wing and can’t fly properly so I’ve put them in a container with some water and lots of fresh flowers from the garden so they can hopefully rest up and head on their way ☺️🐝 if not I may set up a more permanent enclosure for them to live out their days with me since they won’t do well with a damaged wing

i feel at home

i feel so soft

my heart is full

rain is abruptly hitting my windowsill

and i think of you

the wind howls

echoing inside my room

it is outside the walls

my sweater smells like you

so much like home

you smells like maple syrup

lavender fresh laundry

happiness too

you smell like feeling okay

the rain is abruptly hitting my windowsill

and i think of you

so beautiful

and full of life

the sound of rain makes me happy

it makes me feel soft

and at home

like you