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working on expanding my series

A flower doesn't compete with any other it always blooms. 📸 have a good day ☺


Could not stand the insult of this beautiful , picked this to assign its place in a bin; but may god forgive the person who planted it in this bed not knowing it will@grow in his mind now, keep country

桜の花びらが少し緑色 鬱金なのかなんなのかわかりませんーー     

今日の花【牡丹】今日の音楽【KANA-BOON】で【生きてゆく】 何かを考えたり、思ったり、求めたりするからこそ、自分は生きていると感じる

先日、開店五周年お祝いのスタンド花を承りました<(_ _)> お店の雰囲気にあわせて「大人っぽく」とのオーダーをいただき、制作いたしました。 – at フラワーショップこんの

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Cupertino, CA

Any love story that starts with ‘will you be my superhero in a white dress’ is destined to be epic! Cecilia and Giulio’s enchanting wedding at a castle in Tuscany definitely lived up to their amazing proposal - see the Midsummer magic on the blog today!⁣
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Photography: @danielanizzoliphotography⁣
Wedding Planning: @wedinflorence Photo: @danielanizzoliphotography Flowers: @mainardi_addobbi_floreali Venue: @castelloilpalagio ⁣
Wedding Dress: @nicolespose ⁣
Bride’s Shoes: @sergiorossi⁣
Hair Styling and Makeup: @bambole_hairdressing⁣
Cake: @bilellogiovanna⁣
Fireworks: Pirotecnica Soldi⁣
Catering: @deliziaricevimenti⁣
Videography: Over the Lens⁣
Submitted: @Matchology ⁣
#magichour #chasinglight ⁣
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TamaNeji Week Day 2: Flowers


           Nejire Hado and Tamaki Amajiki were walking through the local park, hand in hand. Amajiki was looking down with a blush on his face, but he was excited deep down, as this was the first romantic moment they had since they got together a week ago due to the increased workload of finals week. However, due to looking down, Amajiki didn’t notice that Hado had stopped dead in her tracks.

           “Nejire…is something wrong?” Amajiki asked, before noticing that Hado was looking down at the blue and red flowers growing by the park’s stone walkways.

           “Aren’t these flowers pretty, Tamaki?” Hado cooed, picking a couple of the flowers out of the ground, placing one on his ear.

           “Yeah…really pretty,” Amajiki stammered out, turning away from her, and shaking like a leaf. Hado smiled at him, petting his head before a light bulb appeared over her head.

           “Tamaki, what do you think would happen if you ate these flowers?” Hado asked. Amajiki lost his nervous behavior, and started thinking, with his hand underneath his chin.

           “I don’t know actually. I’ve never tried to eat flowers before,” Amajiki responded before he felt a bouquet of flowers being pushed into his face.

           “Well why don’t you try? Maybe you’ll grow petals all over your body. Or maybe when you’re near the sun, you’ll grow stronger. Oh! Or maybe you’ll be able to grow vines from your hands, and use it to tie people up!” Hado exclaimed, excited about all the possibilities that Amajiki eating flowers could bring. Amajiki shook his head, and kissed Hado on the forehead, before taking her hand in his and leading her deeper into the park.
Chrysanthemum Photograph Fine Art Print
Size: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 Medium: Digital Photography Framed: No All prints are printed on high quality archival photo paper. For larger sizes (11x14 or poster sizes), specialty papers (canvas, high gloss), or framing - feel free to submit a custom order or send me a personal message for pricing.