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I have officially started selling some of my cyanotypes. Excited to share one of the latest additions to my shop: Cyanotype grass fields, 5x7 inches


Gorgeous 😍 Check out this . A total for the ! Get it before it's gone at @UNeekFindings! 4700 Central Ave. SE. in ! You can find this and other in my Booth, number 86! – at U Neek Findings LLC

Did someone say . It starts again at 10pm-midnight. Here's a secret: we give you a 5 gram 8th instead of a regular one for any shelf you pick. What's more? You can get up to 3 of those 5 gram 8ths. Come stock up with us!

キヌガサソウ 撮影地:長野県 栂池自然園 日本固有種。Kinugasa Japonicaは「日本の衣笠」という意味です。

おはようございま('-')す Good morning('-')world

菊花粉という品種の蓮が咲きました✨ 自分で育てた花が咲く感じってどんなだろう?っと思って、それが知りたくて、ずっと育ててきました。 ありがとうって言いたくなりますね^_^ 元気もらってしまったので、今日もがんばります🌟

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Joe Pye appreciation

Joe Pye weed is blooming here (Maryland, USA), with its huge, showy flowerheads eight feet off the ground and swarms of butterflies all over it.


(All the butterflies went to the far side of the flower to hide from me - darn it)

It’s about the tallest non-woody-stemmed wildflower we have, here; I can’t think of anything taller. It lives along the streams and ponds, anywhere that’s wet.


It’s a flower I always look up to! 


it is the little things that build up

it makes life unbearable

it is the things that keep my body numb

it is the reason my hands are cold

it is the feeling of anxious nervousness

it is the things that make me cry

it is the things that contemplate if taking my life away will stop the pain

it is the feeling that clinches the chest

it is the feeling of black and grey

it is the tone of mono

it is the thing that keeps me locked in this room

it is the motive that makes me want everyone away

it is the memory that hopes for better but never any difference

it is the emotional that makes me feel worthless

it is the feeling that empties my heart

it takes away my smiles

it doesn’t have friends

it doesn’t have family

it doesn’t want me to eat

it doesn’t want me to feel

it wants us sad

it likes when we’re confused

it plays our emotional strings

it loves desperation

it loves to see me this way

it says we don’t care

it doesn’t like me or you

it would love for me to die