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➡️26 de enero, Día Mundial de la , clave para un desarrollo global y para crear conciencia de la importancia de proteger la y la

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I spent last week painting flowers to use in my Lola portrait, not sure if it will work yet but I am adding even more detail, why!

Lesser Celandine ... part of the Buttercup family, starting to make an appearance at the base of a large Beech tree. 🌳 Does this mean spring is finally on its way? 🌼

Hyptis suaveolens (American Mint) a rigid annual herb of aggressive nature- the plant secretes chemicals which inhibit the growth of native species and therefore, if left unchecked, it can alter the composition of native plant diversity.

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Bhutan's treks are characterised by few villages, rich forest and trails. The lure of in is enduring and timeless. Each takes through some of the most dazzling natural setting on .

種類不明の花🌼 カタバミ属の一種だと思うのですが… もし誰か知っている方がいたら教えて下さい! An unknown kind of flower although I think it’s a variety of Oxalis. If anybody knows, please let me know!

A fan art piece of featuring his character . I'm planning on continuing work on this with color. Stay tuned :3

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I do love a close up!! The things you see in winter are just as pretty as the summer flowers. Couldn't resist snapping these when I spotted them on our walk today.

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Horse chestnut trees in bud at WWT Castle Espie.