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We're in the home stretch to the weekend!! If you're like me, you're looking forward to getting some much needed sleep. Here are some stretches that may help help.

Gianluigi Migliavacca from RSE presents the at the - Demonstration of Service by small Swimmingpools in Denmark why not using ?

has developed an program focused on technique w/ equal parts of , , & . They use the internet to deliver an artistic performance of essential exercises done well. 👉🏼

have a different vision of work and leadership, besides money they need strong and as well. - Forbes

Green wall peeking around the corner. Thanks to the flexibility of our modular green wall system corners are no challenge at all.

"Flexibility without strength can decrease your ability to control motion. This can compromise the position of your joints and cause injury"

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Yoga Babe


Lets have the technique police on speed dial…

I love this exercise for a back day, there is very little musculature that isn’t working through the back here. I feel rounded back deadlift or Jefferson curls shown here are a great way to activate the whole back!

Health and safety will tell you otherwise as will the coaching manuals. However your back is designed to lift like this! We just dont train it like this enough IMO.

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Stretching those hip flexors. One day, I’ll be able to do the splits. #flexibility #morningstretch #goodfeels

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