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Learn the basic steps to setup a with and make your layout responsive:

【過去記事】「CSSフレームワーク FOX CSS」に触れてみた Flexboxを使用した計量フレームワーク「FOX CSS」に触れてみましたよ、というお話です。

: To or to ? How people in general interpret the use cases for CSS Grid Layout versus flexbox... . Via

I may have developed an addiction to these two bad boys

My favorite quote from the article: "flexbox looks like it does what you want, but grid is usually what you want" Quick! What's the Difference Between Flexbox and Grid? | CSS-Tricks

今日はFlexboxベースでコーディングを練習するためのデザインカンプ(PC版)をAdobe Xdで作成してみました。 XDのリピートグリッドはテキストもテキストファイルで作成しておくとコーディングの作業効率的に良いことに気づきました。 ※SP版・TB版も近日中に作成予定です。

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Today was a fine #Day4 off #100DaysOfCode. Completed #css #flexbox and #grid in a single sitting at #freeCodeCamp . That paved me the way for stepping into the #tributepage #project. A tribute to #stephenhawking

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OK so finally i got to combine flexbox with fixed sidebar. it was hard working and omg is the same as using floats. flexbox is the future. In addition, i just created a cute search bar with a icon i designed myself with css only and a cute css only hamburger menu. OH M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grids or Flexbox ?

Grids are new in the web development world. They came to give us more flexibility to organise our web pages. But what about flexbox, that existed before ? Should we not use them anymore ? 

To help us make the choice between flexbox and grids (if a choice has to be made, because they can perfectly work together on a webpage), I want to share this article, from, written by Ayush Gutpa, a web developer : 

The Beginner’s guide to CSS grids and flexbox

In there, Ayush Gutpa explains us what makes the difference between both CSS features. 

That gave me a better view from what I learnt in class. 

And what about float ? 

Flexbox at CSS

Yeah we know, to learn about the responsive web by using percentages is very important for the learning. But how great are flexboxes in the CSS development? So handy and easy to use. I’m looking forward to use them for the next worksheet which we will get.


Align Items with Flex Box.

So... Heres how it went...

I made the site responsive to the best that I can, I know its not perfect. But I did manage to make the flex box elements responsive. 

It took a lot of time and a lot of scaling things up and down, but I have finally got there. 

Random Programming Thoughts, 2017-12-3

- Doing something for the first time is really f’n cool. Like when I was able to seed 365 days in my db with a for loop by pushing Sequelize .create promises into an array and then throwing them in a Promise.all. Had no idea if it was going to actually work, and it did! And better yet, defining the date field as DATEONLY type did the annoying work of sorting out the days in each month for me. This, combined with Sequelize allow me to return instances for every element in an array using a single query, makes me think…Sequelize is kind of cool? Something I thought I’d never say? 

- I really should’ve thought twice before building a calendar. Everyone else is doing these cute little projects that look cool and don’t require a metric shitton of work. Oh well. 

- Flexbox is boring but so much better than CSS3

- Job hunting begins in earnest in two weeks. Gulp. Hire me plz. I make the internet pages work, mostly.