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So many lovely treats from lovely people! 💐 …

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i’m feeling more & more aligned with the life i want to live since i moved out west. i’ve spent a lot of time in nature & am still challenging myself to break attachments to people, places, & things. humans naturally develop an affinity for the places they spend the most time, the people they see most often, & the objects that surround them on the daily. if you can transfer those anchors that bind you to your purpose & become rooted within yourself, then you’ll never be afraid to call any place home. my intention for this post is to encourage people who say “i could never have done what you’ve done, it’s just not the way i am” to me. we all have an incredible capacity to adapt & conquer the power our comfort zones previously had over us. so start giving yourself more credit! 🌵🌞🔭🎈✨

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