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anonymous asked:

Loki with 12 please xx

Double Date

Pairing: Loki X Reader

Word Count: 1237

Prompt 12: “When I kiss you, try to not fall in love with me.”
“Sure, only if you stop falling in love with me.”
“Too late.“        (request a prompt from here!)

Originally posted by tom-hiddles-loki

Loki is really confusing.
One day he can try to find any reason at all to be close to you, to touch you. Sit next to you on the couch and let you lean against him, make himself another cup of coffee so he can be there when you eat breakfast, anything involving being close to you.
The day after, he would act like even looking at you would burn him alive.
You were tired of it.
Today was one of the cold days, which is unfortunate because Thor had coerced you both into going on a double date with him.
Poor man was still acting as if his break with Jane hadn’t hurt him, and had only now gotten the courage to go on a date. He had asked you and Loki to come with for some sort of safety net. Loki was only coming because he had a favor to repay, and you were only coming because you were the only one that Loki didn’t try to teleport to Norway at any given point even though he threatens to.
Though, looking at him now you think that maybe this will be the day he actually does it.
“Loki, how do I look?” You come out of your room, looking into the mirror at yourself as he sits on the couch behind you.
“With your eyes.”
“Did you hear that from a third-grader.”
“…It was a short human.”
You roll your eyes, and decide you look fine. This wasn’t a real date anyway.
“Come zip me up, please.”
“Can you not do it yourself?”
“I don’t have freakishly long arms, so no.”
Loki mutters something under his breath as he gets up, and zips your dress up. You feel his fingers ghost across the back of your neck for a moment, but then think it was your imagination because he quickly steps away from you.
“Let’s get this over with.” He mutters as he leaves, and you follow him after grabbing your bag.
Coming downstairs, you see Thor very nervous and more dressed up than you’ve ever seen him, standing near the door with an umbrella. An annoyed looking Loki is standing next to him.
“It’s going to be cold.” Thor looks at you with an eyebrow raised, and you shrug as you put your shoes on.
“Oh, don’t worry. I have my date to keep me warm.” You send a teasing smile towards Loki, you just rolls his eyes and leaves for the car.
“Sorry about him. He’s in one of his moods.” Thor smiles at you apologetically.
“Very used to it Thor. This night is about you anyway, don’t worry about us.” You both smile at each other as he helps you out to the car, where you get in the back with Loki, who is pointedly staring out the window and doesn’t talk to you for the rest of the ride.
His silence persists throughout dinner. Thankfully, Thors’ date seems to be doing fine without support, so Loki’s stubborn insistence on not even looking at you doesn’t seem to affect the other woman at all.
Thor and his date suggested a stroll through a park nearby, and you both agreed (well, you agreed. Loki just ate a bite of pasta and it was counted as a yes) and now you were walking with Loki out of earshot of the other two.
“Cat got your tongue?” You say finally.
“How would a cat have my tongue?”
“It’s just a saying for when someone isn’t talking a lot.”
“That’s a stupid saying. Why would a cat have my tongue? How would it get my tongue?”
“You’re reading too much into it.”
“Maybe you’re not reading enough into it.”
“Is that supposed to suggest something else?”
“What do you mean, suggest something else.”
“There must be some reason why you refuse to talk with me tonight.”
“There isn’t. Now you’re the one reading too much into things.”
“There is a reason why one day you won’t let me out of your sight and other days you wish I weren’t in it.”
Loki doesn’t say anything, just looks up at the full moon. It highlighted his face in such a way, you understood the term god-like features.
Sighing, you hobbled slightly over to a nearby park bench. Loki stops and looks over at you as you sit and start taking your heels off.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m taking my shoes off, what does it look like.” You take them both off and drop them on the bench next to you, massaging your foot a little bit. Looking up, Loki is directly in front of you.
“What are you looking at?” You grumble.
“I’m not going to leave you alone on a park bench in the middle of the night.”
“How considerate.” Sarcasm dripped off your tongue.
Loki moves your shoes and sits next to you, leaning back.
“They seem to be having a fun time.” You remark as you watch Thor and his date walk further along the path, paying so much attention to each other you’re sure they forgot you two were even with them.
“Yes, they do.”
“Thor probably didn’t need us, huh.”
“Probably not. Which is what I told him.”
“You told him he didn’t need our support?”
“Yes. But he insisted. I’m sure he thought he was helping matters.”
“What matters?”
Loki looks at you, for the first time of the night.
“Are you not cold?”
“Don’t change the subject, Loki.”
“You seem cold.” He says as he takes his jacket off and places it around you, almost drowning you in the fabric.
“Isn’t this what men do for their dates on Midgard?”
“Yes, but I thought this wasn’t a date.”
“Not the one I wanted it to be, no.”
It took you a moment.
“What do you mean, wanted it to be?”
“I didn’t want our first date to be one with my brother.”
“Understandable, but you wanted a first date with me at all?”
“Of course. Though now, I guess that’s ruined.”
“How is it ruined?”
“How is it not? We went to a restaurant where you didn’t like the lasagna-”
“How do you know that?”
“You made a face whenever you bit into it. You make the same face whenever your coffee is too bitter.”
“I don’t know how you-”
“Then we had to listen to those two talk about their favorites shoes, or books, or species of geese or whatever those two talked about incessantly. Now we are on this walk at midnight, in a park that smells like dog and your feet hurt too much to continue.”
“Mm, I think you got it wrong.”
“Where did I go wrong?”
“It isn’t a ruined date.”
“Why is that?”
“Because it’s a date with you, Loki.”
Loki just looks down at you, and feel a small pride in rendering him speechless. After a minute he looks back up at the moon, but his arm goes around your shoulders and pulling you against him. You gladly lean against his shoulder. You missed feeling him.
His finger lightly tilt your jaw up to face him, and you see his face a few inches away.
“When I kiss you, try not to fall in love with me.” He whispers against your cheek.
“Sure, but only if you stop falling in love with me.”
“Too late.”


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astridanalisenightshade  asked:

Can I have a Sherlock and reader fic with number 9 from the request list?


Prompt 9: “I really like your coat.”
“It’s yours if you stay alive.” (Request a prompt here)

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word Count: 676

Warning: Implied death and so much angst.

A/N: I haven’t written a Sherlock fic in so long, wow. Enjoy! 

“I really like your coat.”
“It’s yours if you stay alive.”
“Oh, the great Sherlock Holmes giving me his coat? Unheard of, he’s such a gentlemen.”
“Nonsense, your blood has ruined it.”
“Apologies, I would rather keep it inside my body, but bullets seem to find a way to let it all out.”
Silence from the tall man currently cradling you. He’s not looking at you, but instead the entrance of the abandoned building you both were in. You couldn’t say you were too worried, considering the circumstances. Maybe you should be.
You currently had a bullet in what felt to be your lower stomach, and the coat that Sherlock had wrapped hurriedly around you started to stick whenever you moved slightly.
You weren’t too worried, and you have no idea why. It’s not like you could move, or walk out of this building and back to the flat on Baker Street for tea.
You could only lay here, in Sherlock’s cradled arms and against his chest as you slowly bled to death on the dirty floor of an abandoned garage.
“You should have told me you were here.” He said gruffly, focusing on the door.
“He’s not going to come back. You know that. So why are you staying here.”
“I don’t know.” His grip around you tightens in annoyance.
“That’s a lie.”
“You have no right to tell me what is a lie or not.”
“Oh? Even if it is? Let me go, Sherlock.”
“The floor is dirty.”
“The floor. Dirty. The dry cleaners will upcharge me if I come in with a bloody and dirty coat.”
“You saw where he ran off to, leave me here and get him. Lestrade will come here soon.”
“Lestrade is an idiot.”
“One that can dial numbers on a mobile.”
“You’re being an ass.”
“And you’re ruining my coat.” Sherlock’s voice cracks once, exactly once, in the middle of the word ruining. He continues staring at the door, obviously not able to look down at you.
“Sherlock, if you let him get away, I’m not letting you have my skull.”
He lets out a soft chuckle, sitting back and bringing you closer to his chest.
“That’s just playing dirty.” He mutters, laying his head back and closing his eyes.
“Lestrade will be here soon. I’ll be fine.”
“No, you won’t. Don’t lie to yourself or me. I would rather be with you in your last moments than chasing down a man I can find tomorrow.”
“Even the great Sherlock Holmes can’t deduce when a person will die.”
“I can come bloody close.”
“Not funny.”
“Unintended, but very funny.”
Silence as you lay your head against his chest.
“Sherlock, I’m tired.”
“Well, after this, how about a coffee.”
“I would like that. I would have to be alive, though. Lestrade will go mad if you bring my limp corpse inside the cafe.”
“Ah, the face he would make.”
“Wish I could see it.”
“I would rather see your face than Lestrade’s.”
“That’s a given for you.”
“I would rather see your face than anyone’s.”
You bring your hand up to his face, running a thumb along his jaw and he leans slightly into it.
“I’m sorry, Sherlock.”
“No you’re not.”
“Not particularly. This is a nice way to go. Bait in a serial killer case. Lived with Sherlock Holmes. Met John Watson. Met a really nice dog on the way here.”
“I shouldn’t have brought you.”
“You didn’t know he had a gun, Sherlock. No one did.”
“I should have known.” Sherlock takes the hand that’s cradling his face, squeezing it as he takes a deep breath.
“I forgive you.” You murmur after a moment, and Sherlock holds you closer, squeezing you as if that will keep you, and his heart, together.
“And you can have my skull.” You whisper, and you aren’t sure whether the sound he makes is a sob or a laugh before you entire world goes black.


You wake up to a hand smoothing your hair.
“You’re paying for the coat.”

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At first, I submitted simple ones for the lowest prize contests, just to see what the rating received would be. According to the client’s notes, I would immediately modify and submit a new version, being very careful to provide a design that’s very close to their expectations. 

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For any project that you bid on, you have to submit a proposal as well, in which you explain to the client why you are the right person to do the job any showcase your skills or any previous work. Since I didn’t have any, I focused on writing a convincing proposal. At that time, this was all pretty new and although I googled tips or tricks, I couldn’t find any, so I started developing my own style based on writing selling techniques I learned from various Youtube training videos. 

Despite having no reviews yet, I managed to get a few first projects which all included doing new things like working with Google Sheets, Google Docs and a lot of internet research for various information. My rating was incredible and I couldn’t believe that although I was doing this for the first time, I managed to be chosen for the projects and get five stars as well. 

3. Exploring selling on and setting up my first gigs (service provided to the customer)

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Being a seller on Fiverr is pretty much like owning a business and doing everything yourself:

  • set up the gig
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  • write the title, description, FAQ
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  • promote the gig 
  • process orders
  • respond to messages 
  • resolve disputes, conflicts 
  • constant optimization and monitorization of analytics 

I believe this was the time when I strongly started to develop, starting with analyzing other seller’s services and trying to see if I can learn to do the same thing. At first, I started with practicing on my own up until I was confident that I’m ready to ‘‘go live’’ with my gigs. 

Once I had my very first orders, I wanted to learn even more and combine different skills into my service, standing up from the competition. For example, for my PDF editing gig, at some point I was not only offering the editing of the file, but also I was offering the extra option of getting it converted in a word file or getting it as a fillable form, which made it more attractive for the client as they didn’t have to make three different orders, they could just make one which saves time and money (only 1 processing fee). 

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damedevon  asked:

Could you write a Loki x reader where he's an Avenger now and he aids the team in a Hydra raid. There, he finds the reader chained up. She's sickly (obviously been there at least a few months) and has some visible mutation (wings maybe? Like fairy or feathered?). She's terrified but Loki manages to calm her down so they can get her out safely. From then on she sticks to Loki like glue and he's very protective over her.

Winged: 1

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 963

 Warning: None

A/N: Part 2 coming soon, was getting very long.

Originally posted by lokihiddleston

There are voices in the hallway outside.
You can’t hear what they were saying, they sound hushed, but you can already tell they’re not the same voices you usually hear.
Those voices bark and laugh when you flinch, fill your mind with words that mean nothing until the world turns to nothing, and wake you up with pain in your back and blood on your hands.
Those voices are the lullaby for your nightmares, and you really don’t want to go to sleep anymore.
The hushed voices get closer, until they sound right outside the door. You keep as still as possible to not bring attention on yourself.
You still can’t understand them, except for a few words.
“Idiot”, “locked”, “let me"…
The door shakes slightly and in your fear, you move the chains holding you down to the bed.
The door stops shaking, and the voices do too.
Your heart starts to beat faster and faster, and someone knocks on the door.
You say nothing.
The doorknob jiggles a little, and turns, the door letting light in the otherwise dark room.
The first man that comes in is tall and broad at the shoulders, holding a gun as big as his bicep and with blonde hair to his shoulders. As he looks around the room, he notices you.
“Loki. There’s a girl in here.”
“I can see that, obviously.”
A man is behind him, leaning through the doorway and staring at you. He seemed to be unarmed, but you still sensed he was dangerous.
“Come with us, we will take you to safety.” The blonde one extended a hand to you, and you recoil from it, the chain around your ankles tightening and you hiss in pain.
“You terrify her, Thor.” The one called Loki says, and the blonde one rolls his eyes.
“Now who’s the one pointing out the obvious?” The man bends down slowly to look at your ankles, but you bring them as close to you as possible.
“I won’t hurt you.”
“Don’t touch me.”
“But we have to get you to safety. Get you out. So let me look at them please, miss.” You can sense him growing impatient, and it filled you with a sense of dread. You got further away from him, and he sighed and went back to the other man.
“We can’t leave her here.” Loki says as Thor walks through the doorway.
“You help her then. I will find those that wish to live.” Thor’s voice booms down the hallway, making you flinch.
Loki looks back at you, still leaning on the door.
“He’s not usually like that. He got dumped recently.” He rolls his eyes, and you look over him.
“You don’t have a gun.” You note out loud.
“I wasn’t trusted with one.”
“Why aren’t you trusted with a gun on what is seemingly a rescue mission.”
“Why are you chained.”
You stay silent.
“My brother is mistaken. You want to live. That’s why you’re locked in a dark room and chained to a bed.”
You nod.
“Then you have to let me help you.”
“You don’t seem like the helping type.”
“You don’t know enough about me to make that assumption.”
“Usually those not trusted with a gun on a mission are not the most helpful people.”
You both stand in silence for a few moments.
“I can take them off very easily, if you let me see them.”
After a moment, you stretch out your ankles, and he comes over and kneels at your feet.
“This is an odd feeling, I’m not usually the one kneeling.”
“At least buy me a drink first before you start flirting.”
“No, I meant-The New York- nevermind.” He stutters out, and you can see a slight blush on his face from the light in the hallway. He fingers are working over the metal, and when it brushes against raw skin you flinch. After a few more seconds, you feel the chains click apart, and you shake your legs free of them. You see Loki is staring at the torn skin left by them and you swing your feet over the side.
“Why are you in here.” He says quietly as you wobble to your feet.
“I’m a flight risk.”
“You can barely stand, I don’t know exactly how you can be a flight risk.”
“Help me outside, and you’ll see.”
He lets you hold onto his elbow, as you struggle to get up, leaning on him when you barely manage to do so.
“You don’t seem like much of a risk for anything, let alone running.” He sighs as he helps you stand up straighter, slowly leading you out of the door.
Looking both ways down the hallway, he comes out, then looks back at you and you can see his eyes go wide.
“Oh, do I have something on my face.” You joke wryly, struggling to stay on your feet.
“How can you even walk with those?”
“Oh, they’re light as a feather.”
That was a lie. The wings on your back, the things that made Loki look at you with mild shock and worry, were made out of pure steel, and one wing weighed more than your entire body.
“Can you even fly with those horrors?”
“Only once. Can we go, I haven’t been out of bed in a long time.” You were still leaning on Loki, but you felt your legs starting to give out and black rimmed your vision.
Suddenly, there was no more weight on your legs, and your sight was filled with dark green leather and a bulletproof vest.
“Don’t make a sound.”
“I will get you out of here. I promise. Now shut up.”
You didn’t need much convincing, your world turned black.


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