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I’ve had there good food days now after having to restart my journey. My mental health hit an all time low and I’ve gained 5kg 😑 BUT! Changes are coming. I have been seeing a phsycologist for a few months and trying to sort my brain out. Im Aldo following a new plan that seems promising, all the workouts so far has been really enjoyable and i look forward to working out again.

Things will be different this time around, i have a goal in sight and i feel more capable than ever!



  • Breakfast: was great , really yummy with high protein that kept me feeling full from 10am to 3pm
  • Lunch: was… not so great, cake was involved - it was nice but unplanned so put me over by more than I wanted
  • Dinner: was delicious! Pasta with onion, mushrooms and pesto! Easy and low calorie for such a big bowl of food 😊
  • Snacks: was okay… I had a packet of wotsists when I got home from work, which is low calories but high crap, then I cooked dinner, watched an episode of the Disappearance of Maddy McCann and then had 400g of strawberries and a banana with 10 pieces of melted chocolate 😋😋😋
  • Overall: pretty happy with most of this, I’m happy with how much fruit and veg I’ve eaten today and would love to up that even more ✔ I got my 10k steps in ✔ and I drank 1.5L of water ✔ maybe next time… less cake 🙊💖

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I need to get into the gym again. It was so much easier when in the Air Force and it was free and 24 hrs…

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Small changes = big results! I see a lot of people swing through leg extensions…and I think it can help with getting a pump, but may not be as effective for sculpting/growing the quads.
Slow down the tempo and keep your cheeks firmly on the seat. Focus on moving the lever with just your quads. For extra focus on the quad “sweep”, turn your toes and knees in simultaneously while squeezing at the top. (Turn them back to straight before lowering the lever) 💪🏼
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