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¿Realmente ayuda la caseína para la ganancia de masa muscular antes de dormir?

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Me getting tossed on my ass by @joseluisbjj after class. Enjoy.

Posted @withrepost • @joseluisbjj In order to control your opponent you first have to control your own body and understand properly the details of the technique, and of course this can happen with the presence of an instructor to help you improve and correct those details involved into the technique.
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I DID IT!! This workout was very hard for me to overcome my anxiety about the free weights room and I chose first the ones I could do on the bench upstairs and I went to the free weight room to do the overhead curl and then the decline press—which was the one that caused me to have a minor anxiety attack the other day when I tried to go and navigate my way through the chaotically busy weight room. I decided instead of forcing myself to go on my off day when I could pick a less busy time to try it AND not be pressed for time.