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Had an amazing chest day! At my and I’m 7 days out from my first show!!! Always on my quest to be a live action for or anyone that needs me

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good company


An unintended 14 miler this with the group from my running club, 11 miles with them and 3 miles on my own from my place to the meeting spot and back.  Wasn’t planning on going that far this sunny chilly morning, especially with a 5k tomorrow, but the good company warmed the hearts and muscles and made the miles go quickly.  And, anyway, tomorrow’s 5k will be more a workout than a race.

Update 3.23.19

I have suffered a huge backslide of my progress because of me not keeping up with the keto diet. 😩 The reason for it is mainly out of my fustration of the side effects and the lack of convenience I have with having healthy things in reach. 🙄I have tried to avoid meal planning but it looks like I will have to put on my big girl pants and do so. 🤷🏾‍♀️My weight however has stayed the same. If anyone has any tips for meal planning I am open to taking them. 👀😁🙏🏽

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I survived!!!! Rocked through my 3 long shifts this week and so happy its Saturday!!! Had my trainer sesh this morning then spent the day outside in the sun and spring air pokemon hunting with my coworker and her wifey 😊🌞 Caught so many critters, got a wonderful dose of vitamin d and walked almost 6 miles!



  • Breakfast: was great , really yummy with high protein that kept me feeling full from 10am to 3pm
  • Lunch: was… not so great, cake was involved - it was nice but unplanned so put me over by more than I wanted
  • Dinner: was delicious! Pasta with onion, mushrooms and pesto! Easy and low calorie for such a big bowl of food 😊
  • Snacks: was okay… I had a packet of wotsists when I got home from work, which is low calories but high crap, then I cooked dinner, watched an episode of the Disappearance of Maddy McCann and then had 400g of strawberries and a banana with 10 pieces of melted chocolate 😋😋😋
  • Overall: pretty happy with most of this, I’m happy with how much fruit and veg I’ve eaten today and would love to up that even more ✔ I got my 10k steps in ✔ and I drank 1.5L of water ✔ maybe next time… less cake 🙊💖

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Daily Calorie Count 03/19/2019

I made hobbit meals for my boyfriend and I tonight, so because of that, I pushed it a little over my daily calorie cap of 1200. But that’s okay! Pretty much all of the food that was made for dinner was healthy except for the bread, so I know that along with the calories came a bunch of nutrients that my body needed.

- Quaker Chocolate Rice Cake = 60 calories
- Twinings Ultra Spice Chai Tea = 0 calories
- Splenda Packets = 8 calories

= 68 calories for breakfast

- Nothing! I woke up late, so my breakfast was really my lunch.

= 0 calories for lunch

- Red Potatoes = 330 calories
- Dried Figs = 200 calories
- Green Olives = 35 calories
- Green Onions = 6 calories
- Zatarain’s Long Grain and Wild Rice = 240 calories
- Texas Quail Farms Whole Quail = 480 calories
- Market Street Sourdough Roll = 90 calories
- Fontina Cheese = 110 calories
- Litpon Diet Green Citrus Tea = 0 calories

= 1,492 calories for dinner

- Market Street Chocolate Chip Cookie = 200 calories

= 200 calories for snacks

1,760 calories

So, I’m still in deficit, but I’m also a little disappointed in myself. This isn’t the first day this week that I’ve been over the daily calorie cap, and I need to start getting underneath it the majority of the time so that I lose the weight I want by the desired dates. I’ll do better tomorrow!

so I’m trying to ‘get back into it’ healthwise. I’m practically starting again. I haven’t been to the gym in years. I bought a home upper body kit with a pull up bar and resistance bands. I tried doing 10 knee push ups today. I was not easy. I have a long way to go to meet my goals but I am pleased i am taking the first step.