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Is this heaven .....? . . . . . .

"Thinking about burns 0 calories- 0 percentage of fat & accomplishes 0 goals!"

Grab a resistance band, a cute bikini and your sexy self and let’s tone!!!! πŸ‘™πŸ’•πŸ₯° FINAL SPOTS left for my ONLINE 21 day Slim thick challenge! WHAT IS THIS CHALLENGE ALL ABOUT? πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡

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Have you had a chance to visit our new Γ©nergie Fitness Chelmsford gym? Our memberships still available from Β£19.99 for a limited time!πŸ‘‰

15 293 steps done 😊😊. Next year this time I'll be a member of Twitter!

Definitely a bit MIA today but it’s because I’ve didn’t half my day chasing kids and the other half filming for my clients! Have a super fun though!

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ you hit that perfect rep. The one right past where things start getting shaky but you nail it anyway and YOU JUST KEEP GOING. πŸ’ͺ πŸ“· : @nich_benoit

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Indeed a great & blessed day for us to be #Grateful and #Thankful at the very least as we seek out ways to improve ourselves on any and/or all levels of our lives. Remember that it starts with our MINDSET #mistermetaphysical #GetRightorGetLeft
Had a great #Sealoffsaturday #leg #legday workout with the homie @brptraining talked about our approach to training athletes as well as the regular population versus so many cookie cutter fitness professionals throughout the industry.
The Fitness Professionals I’ve surrounded myself with, become friends with, and/or are colleagues definitely have been doing it the right way since day one. Iron sharpens iron indeed.
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23.03.2019. // 5:48 pm

This week was a bit of a rollercoaster and I finally broke down yesterday. I mean I saw it coming miles away but it still sucked.

TLDR; I miss having a family, someone to hang out with and knowing what I’m missing out on sometimes hits harder than one would expect.

Anyway, I’m thinking about sending a mail to a college I’m interested in, to see what they offer to “older” students, a.k.a those of us who had shit luck with the study programs changing just as we graduated high school making a lot of the stuff we learned invalid. And maybe get a journal to track down my bad moods and what makes them so bad? I want to contact a psychiatrist but I have really hard time to determine what’s normal and what isn’t considering it’s been this shitty since I was a kid. If I don’t get mentally better I’m going to have an even harder time keeping jobs… yey.

At the end of my kickboxing class, I was finally presented with my yellow belt!! 🥳🤼‍♀️
We did have to do 40 press ups before the various belts were awarded to people, though 😅



  • Breakfast: was great , really yummy with high protein that kept me feeling full from 10am to 3pm
  • Lunch: was… not so great, cake was involved - it was nice but unplanned so put me over by more than I wanted
  • Dinner: was delicious! Pasta with onion, mushrooms and pesto! Easy and low calorie for such a big bowl of food 😊
  • Snacks: was okay… I had a packet of wotsists when I got home from work, which is low calories but high crap, then I cooked dinner, watched an episode of the Disappearance of Maddy McCann and then had 400g of strawberries and a banana with 10 pieces of melted chocolate 😋😋😋
  • Overall: pretty happy with most of this, I’m happy with how much fruit and veg I’ve eaten today and would love to up that even more ✔ I got my 10k steps in ✔ and I drank 1.5L of water ✔ maybe next time… less cake 🙊💖

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We’ve been diggin’ on some shoulder work! Lots of folks rely on the pecs & armpit too much for “strength.” This pattern can negatively affect overhead arm motion, thoracic mobility, neck function and even core stability! Here this client is working to connect the arms to the back of the shoulder girdle - releasing tension where it’s not useful, and seeking to strengthen a new pattern. This is an exercise from the Boulder school of thinking. (Thank you Rachael Alpers for this one!) After this, we move on to more dynamic work with new and different loads for more agile strength in arms and body!
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went out and bought a punching bag on a whim. kickboxing is something that has always interested me. my dad was a pretty good cage fighter in his day, so maybe it’s in the blood. they do call us the fightin’ irish amirite? can’t wait to put some work in 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

No makeup.

No filter.

A lot of people ask me, “how do you do it?”

How do I do what?

“Eat whatever you want, look good and have your skin so clear?”

You have to love yourself with or without acne; unconditionally. I wasn’t always so confident as I am now and surround yourself with people who always want to see you win. I’ve been in a dark place before where I was surrounded by fake people who actually tried so hard to bring me down. I respected them and adored them. I’m finally bouncing back to the person I am now but even stronger.

Like I said before hydration is key. If I have something sweet, salty, oily or alcohol (I rarely do because I like to eat my cals not drink them and I’m a lightweight); I know I have to really make sure to drink a lot of water. I make sure to eat my fruits and vegetables still despite how crappy I’m eating.

I still continue my fitness routine and the more you sweat the better you feel and it eases up your stress levels. Builds muscles, makes you look good. Not only that the more you sweat, the more toxins you’re removing from your body. I like to meditate in the sauna after every workout and then I go home and jump in the shower super quick. Sitting in your own sweat is disgusting and there is so much built up bacteria on your skin from the gym. Which you never, want to remain stuck in. I also like to wash my hands perfusely, I never touch my face with my fingertips or let anyone do it either.

Always, always MOISTURIZE and WASH YOUR FACE. Morning and night! Make it a ritual. Wash your face then dry it, and moisturize. Always have water around you as well.

Progress pictures! The left was me June 3, 2018 and the right is me today March 13, 2019! I didn’t start my keto journey until December 21, 2018 (which was my starting weight I was tracking) 2.5 months later I’m down 18.4 pounds! I’m back at my weight I was 2 years ago!!! I’m so excited! 20 more pounds to go and I’ll be at the goal weight! Let’s go 2019!!!!!