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Newest drawing of the boy!!!

? We restore your property to pre-damage condition. We work with your Insurance company. Call for a free consultation 800-606-8007 . . . . . . #

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¿Formación de rescate en altura? Este es tu dummy, el maniquí de rescate, homologado OTAN, adulto . Te va a dar mucho juego en los ejercicios de rescate

“The closest Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Stations...were not in service at the time of the fire,” An house resulting in the death of a local woman raises concerns of understaffing in the Prince George’s County Fire Department ().

Thank you ibrahim 💖 for liking my " boy" presentation 🙂 and gunpowder do not sleep together ‼️...Ghanaian proverb ♒️ Love to Kecioren Ankara💖 from Australia expecting some thunderstorms today ⛈️⛈️⛈️...misha 💞

What the hell is going on in the mountains off of the Ortega? No answers needed from the peanut gallery.

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Only punk losers think Flannery is the best Gym Leader in Pokemon.

I am a punk loser. 


an illustration i did a while back for the australian fires, it was so saddening seeing people crying that they’re leaving behind everything & how their skies were red with soot everywhere😭😭😭😭😭