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Deputy Governor Abdul Rasheed Ghaffour takes part in a panel on Reimagining Financial Inclusion and how advancements in technology warrant a rethink of traditional objectives.

It was a vibrant and energetic day at Malaysia Tech Week . We had the opportunity to participate, meet new corporates and see new technologies from different industries. We look forward to collaborating with you guys 🙌🏽

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Setting up shop at ! See you all there from 9am today for a chat and the best candy around! 😉

Ixaris is a financial technology innovator that issues virtual cards predominantly to OT

Itay Arad, our PreSales Manager, is having a great time at ! Be sure to swing by the prooV booth and say hi 👋

Wise MPay enters the blockchain consortium by teaming up with Based on technology, Coalculus eliminates the need of middlemen to facilitate transactions, thus lowering the costs for its consumers. READ MORE:

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continues - and you must be tempted now to stay in Copenhagen- want to learn more about moving business & partnerships here? Drop by the display and reach out to one of our TECH Investment managers!

We have zoomed past the first deadline for and now we are all pedal to the metal to the second. It is crucial that businesses have these changes mapped out sooner rather than later, so not to miss the turn-off.

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Facebook announces new cryptocurrency called ‘Libra’

Facebook announced a new digital currency on Tuesday called “Libra.” The company is partnering with 27 other businesses and organizations to start the crypto as an open-source currency.

Happy Weekend Ormeus Family! In his weekly video, Ormeus Compliance Director Javier Canales brings us an update on the progress of the Token Swap on Airwire and upcoming news for the Ormeus Ecosystem.

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