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Real-estate blockchain Ubitquity joins the Real Estate Standards Organ...

FidelitySuite Website is now available in ! Check it out at Check out also our newest translated WP and onepage in Greek and Hindi

Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Join the WatchUGot family and start challenging yourself!!!

Setelah terdaftarnya AdaKita di OJK, pada tanggal 21 Februari 2019 CEO AdaKita Bapak Efrinal Sinaga, telah menandatangani Code Of Conduct di kantor Asosiasi FinTech Pendanaan Bersama Indonesia (AFPI)

When the relationships between Fintechs and Traditional Financial Institutions are Symbiotic, the outcome is a Win-Win situation. Link >> via

What a road-trip! Thank you for having us along for your ! It's been so great meeting everyone who attended & catching up with our amazing friends! Until next time! 👋

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015 | STARTCUPS | Contabilidad y la Tecnología


Having dabbled in financial services for years, big tech groups, now more than ever, are deepening their activity in the sector. Amazon is providing payment services and loans to merchants on its platform, while Facebook recently secured an electronic money licence in Ireland. Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent have become dominant operators in China’s $5.5 trillion payments industry.

FinTech und Banken: Partnerschaft statt Konkurrenz

FinTech und Banken: Partnerschaft statt Konkurrenz
Zusammenarbeit statt Wettbewerb! So lautet immer häufiger das Motto, wenn etablierte Banken und FinTechs aufeinandertreffen. Doch um zum gemeinsamen Erfolg zu gelangen, gilt es zahlreiche Hürden zu überwinden.

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Banking in der Cloud: Chance oder Risiko?

Banking in der Cloud: Chance oder Risiko?
Der Einsatz von Cloud-Technologien ist mittlerweile auch in der Finanzindustrie angekommen. Nutzer profitieren von höherer Effizienz sowie Ressourcenflexibilität und verfolgen daher klare Wachstumspläne im Cloud-Segment.

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