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LendUp teamed up with and to create a guide that shares best practices and real-life success stories of and partnerships with the goal of improving for all. Check out the guide here: .

Here is one last look at this week's top stories - a 5-min for community bank & credit union professionals!

Honored to have participated in this roundtable to discuss + preference, behavior, and /regulatory environment... [Using the 3 C-Driver's to compete and remain relevant] h/t

Looking for possible bright spots in the US equity market? Read why Franklin Equity Group’s Grant Bowers likes the long-term outlook for select US companies in the health care and technology sectors:

Mobile is both personal and immediate. Institutions that offer mobile first banking graduate from passive money repository to active advisor.

advantages in grow and so does adoption pressure for remaining leggards raises returns by 30%+ Notwithstanding of , how can firms afford to miss this boat?

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