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45-year old securities lending the “last bastion of oldtech”

Apply AI-Enabled Human Augmentation A workplace should harness the unique strengths of humans and machines by designing business workflows to take advantage of AI augmentation

"Incumbents are now actively investing in, acquiring, and collaborating with their fintech rivals." These were the biggest developments in the global ecosystem over the last 12 months:

"Banks that don’t start taking concrete steps to bring new tech platforms into their offerings will increasingly find it more difficult to catch up." The biggest hurdle to financial institution future-proofing:

Five core capabilities, supported by an effective operating model, create the conditions for top-performing product managers.

Blockchain -enabled platforms can successfully connect all parties in the insurance process and advance critical capabilities. Link >> via

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Blockchain is a hot topic and clearly has a lot to offer the BFS industry. However, it is not the silver bullet to all the challenges that FinServ face. Link >> via

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‪10 #technology-driven influencers impacting #csuite decisions in #finserv between now and 2020. (#pwc #cio #iot #fintech ) @MikeQuindazzi ‬@HaroldSinnott