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Which form should take at Royal Rumble to fight against ? Me- He really needs to come back as Demon coz only Demon can fight with a Beast!!

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Bruh… moving on

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Amazing man! 😭🙌🏻😍🖤 @finnbalor

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We uploaded our first video to YouTube! Investigating WWE Imagines. Check the link in the profile to watch and subscribe!

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Breakfast of Champions. Yes I’m apparently 7 years old but I love my new Waffle Maker. It was a great X-mas gift. #wwe #finnbalor #breakfast

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Dad got a #finnbalor #demon action figure from Bobby. I think it was his favorite presant. #wwe #smackdown #finnbalor #finnbalordemonking #balorclub

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talk about a sequence….
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Daddy Saves The Day - 25 Days Of Finnmas

Originally posted by theandrophile

Trying to wrangle children was no easy victory and trying to wrangle Finn’s children was just the same. As his wife adjusted the tiny collared shirt on her two year old son for what felt like the 100th time since they’d left the house, her three year old daughter was running around at the play area as they waited in line to see Santa.

Finn had said He wanted to be there when She took the kids to see santa but his work schedule proved to be rather difficult this year and He was on the road anytime she could have taken them. He was upset and so was she but being married to him for going on 4 years now She was used to it. The Children were used to not having their father around as much so when he was home, that made the time they got together that much more special.

The little girl ran over to her mother as she saw them get closer in line. She took her little brother’s hand in hers and waited patiently. Going over her list with her mother once more.

As they got to the front both children froze at the sight of the man in the chair, Hell You would be scared too if you had to go sit on a stranger’s lap and he gave you candy.

“No..” The little girl said timidly as she back up into her mother’s legs and her little brother, seeing his sister afraid was now petrified “No”  she said once more as tears began to form in her little blue eyes

“It’s okay.. It’s Santa, remember we talked about this all day and you have your list to give him?” Her mother questioned as she bent down to be eye level with her children

“No way!” Her son said folding his little arms across his chest

“Yeah!” His sister agreed “No Way!” she repeated

“Guys..Daddy really wants this picture” she tried to reason with them, which she knew was no use

“No” Her daughter shook her head once more and she grabbed both of her children’s hands and began to walk out of line before she heard a familiar voice from the other side of the fence

“I guess if you two won’t take a picture with Santa, I will have all the fun!” The Irish accent came from a few feet away and the entire family looked to see Finn, sitting right next to Santa with a giant smile on his face

“Daddy!” The kids both screamed as they ran to him and he collected them in both of his arms

“Oh so you do want to get near him?” He pointed to the jolly man next to him and both children stared at the stranger but they both felt safe in their father’s arms

“Smile DaDa..” His son said as he looked at the camera with a cheesy smile on his face

Everything - 25 Days Of Finnmas

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

“What do you even get a girl who has everything?” Natalie questioned as she walked through the mall with Finn. She was Your best friend, and much to Finn’s dismay that meant she knew everything about you, sometimes even more than him. So when it came time to shop for Christmas he knew who to call.

“She doesn’t have everything” Finn retorted as he looked at the stores

“Ask her and she’ll tell you differently” she said and Finn rolled his eyes “Oh Look!” she pointed “Clothes!” she added

“She has plenty of clothes.. it’s not like she is wearing them when she’s around me anyway” he said

“EW! I didn’t need to know that!” Natalie covered her ears

“Hey, You were the one that agreed to this” He said with a laugh

Meanwhile in a different store, on the opposite side of the mall. Karl was assisting You with finding the perfect gift for Finn. Which is how you ended up in the lego store.

“He is a child” Karl said shaking his head as you looked over all of the sets on the shelves

“It relaxes him. He’s not home much and he needs a hobby when he is home or he will drive me insane” I said as I picked up one set and looked at another

“I bet he can figure out another hobby.. if you know what I mean” He said and I shook my head

“Not discussing my sex life with you” I said and he laughed

“I don’t want to hear it anyway” He added quickly

“Seriously though.. what do you get somebody who has everything?” Karl asked

“He doesn’t have everything. There is a lot he wants” I said and Karl shook his head as he walked in front of me

“You don’t know how much he thinks about you, do you?” He questioned and turned to face me “Trust me.. If you ask him, He’ll tell you he has everything. You are his everything”

Back with Finn and Natalie, they were standing at the counter looking over the numerous rings at the jewelry counter. Natalie was trying her best contain her excitement as she watched Finn look at each ring.

“Will you relax over there” Finn said and Natalie continued to gush with a cheesy smile on her face

“No!” Natalie said sternly “You just told me You’re going to propose to my best friend.. I will not relax” she said

“You’ve got to keep quiet! I want this to be perfect”

“It will be.. trust me. You can ask her in the most uncool and unromantic way possible and she will say yes”

“I hope you’re right. That girl.. is everything to me.. She has my heart and hopefully soon she will have my last name”

Brother for Christmas - 25 Days of Finnmas

Originally posted by toosweetgifs

Finn sat on the couch in his home and watched his four year old daughter Elle play with her dolls on the floor with her mother. These were the moments he missed the most while he was on the road, the innocent moments of his daughter’s imagination coming out.

“Elle” He said grabbing the small brunette’s attention as she looked up at him with her bright blue eyes “You haven’t told me or Mommy what You’re going to tell Santa You want for Christmas this year” He stated and the little girl put her finger on her chin and made the cutest thinking face He had ever seen

“A brother” she said quickly and his wife almost spit out the hot tea she was drinking

“What?” she asked as the little girl turned her attention to her mother

“A brother.. I want a little brother” Elle said confidently and his wife looked up at him for help

“Elle..” Finn began “I don’t know if Santa can give you that” he said

“Why?” Elle questioned curiously and now Finn was the one looking for help

“Sweetie.. I think You may want to think of something else that you want” Her mother said

“Why? That’s what I want, I want a little brother.. You said anything I want for Christmas” Elle announced

“I don’t think Santa has anything to do with you getting a little brother Elle..” Finn said “At least I would hope not”

“Finn!” his wife scolded him “No” she shook her head at him

“If Santa can’t bring me one.. Can you buy one Daddy?” she asked looking up at her father

“You can’t just go buy one from a store Elle” Finn said “There’s a lot of..” he paused for a moment “Work” he added “That goes into a baby” he continued as he looked at his wife who was sitting on the floor with her head in her hands hiding her face that was turning red

“I’ll tell you what if You’re good maybe I can see what we can do” He said “but I need you to know.. IF and that’s an IF, not a definite.. If I can see about getting you a baby you know that there is no guarantee it will be a little brother”

“Why?” She continued to question innocently

“It’s not up to us.. to Santa, to me or to Mommy.. if You get a baby it will either be a boy or a girl and that will already be decided way before we get it”

“Also..” His wife spoke up “If Mommy & Daddy agree.. You won’t get a little brother or sister for a little while..”

“Because Babies have to grow” Elle said with a nod “Right? You have to grow the baby in your tummy”

“Right!” her mother nodded “I have to grow the baby before you can see it”

“Can I still ask Santa for one though? Maybe he can make sure it happens?”

“Of course you can.. put it on the very top of your list this year and I’m sure Santa will see what he can do” Finn said to the little girl as he smiled at his wife who was shaking her head at him