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If I look cute she might feed me.

In homage to my current (Fear Of Europe in Winter & therefore Missing Out), here’s a to & in April ‘15 at . (Photo by Neil-the only person who ever took one there & lived to tell the tale)

Noen har visst funnet ut at dette ikke er et navn å satse på.

What is right over your shoulder? Is it what you were looking for? Check out & in .

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ha publicado esto en esta misma noche... Muy intrigados y con ganas de saber que se traen entre manos

She's right behind you! That's what could have said to in . Find out what he did say.

Cuddles with my lil homie // thx for dinner Ry & Michael & . And thx for the cuddles //

Cuddles with my lil homie // thx for dinner Ry & Michael & . And thx for the cuddles //

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“I don’t like this ship for personal reasons.”

“This ship is awful and anyone who likes it is should go die.”

Am I very sad about the end of this trilogy? Yeas, I’m. But I’m also excited, once I’m foresseing how much new content about Rey, Finn and Ben we gonna have, and also how much more we will learn about Snoke and the evil beast that he was!

The throne room scene will become more and more awesome!

The talk || text
  • Santana: Do you want to wait so long for our wedding? I mean we didn't get a letter, so we have time but I feel as if, if we were to discuss this we could actually make this marriage work. Unless you want to do some cute dates in the meanwhile, cause I'm certainly up for those too
  • Finn: I don’t want to date anyone but you. I want to take this at our pace. Not feel rushed.
  • Santana: That's my point I think our pace is a little different on that department.

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I’ve already done 💘 (fake love) but here’s 🧠 (mind trauma)!

Finn was feeling ok. Not great, but ok. He was wearing jeans and sweatshirt, pretty comfortable, and weaving his way through a crowd. The people bothered him a bit, voices hammering into his ears, but that was ok. Stranger’s bodies jostled him on their way to work, but that was ok too.

Then a man crashed into him and wrapped a hand around his wrist to stop himself falling. The man righted himself and brushed off his suit jacket, disgruntled at his smart work attire getting crumpled. Finn instinctively snatched his hand away and buried his fists in his jeans.

Finally, the man looked at him, or rather looked through him, annoyance at his journey being interrupted colouring his demeanour. “You watch where you’re going.” He brushed past Finn and continued on his way before the quick sorry had even made it past Finn’s lips. Finn noted the jet-black hair and uncomfortably familiar style of dress. His wrist was tingling where the man had gripped it.

The people around him suddenly seemed unbearably close. Was it that hot five minutes ago? Finn was perspiring under his sweater, yet he drew it around him tighter as a form of protection.

Protection from what? He was fine, he was fi-

He started hyperventilating, breaths coming quick and shallow and harsh. He stumbled a few steps, jerking away as soon as his skin touched theirs, feeling hot and sensitive. His hands shook in his pockets, cold and hot and clammy. What was wrong with him?

The wall of people seemed to close in around him, the man’s face from before seeming to morph into a more familiar, more sinister figure.

He’s not here, Finn told himself as he pushed through the blockade of bodies seemingly intent on caging him in. He burst through the crowd into an empty alley and collapsed onto the ground. He hid his face in his hands. If Tristan wasn’t here, why did he feel so awful? He tried to fend off thoughts of his tormentor, but the cruel, chiselled face kept flashing through his mind.

He was fine, he told himself. No one could hurt him. Tristan doesn’t know where he is. His pulse pounded in his ears. A shaky exhale, followed by a quicker inhale. Puffs of breaths blew out of his nose, mouth shut on reflex. Don’t make a sound. Where had that come from? Finn looked around wildly, but he was completely alone. His hands twisted in his jacket as the breaths came faster and faster, trembling more and more. His throat was closing up.

Finn wrapped his arms around himself and rocked back and forth. He’s not here, he’s not here, played as a mantra in his mind in time with every movement. He waited for the panic to subside, fully expecting someone to jump out at him from behind a dumpster.

Finn squeezed his eyes shut against the world.

He’s not here.

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hi so like I was fairly set on a name, I'm ftm and I liked the name Wyatt but I'm not sure how well it fits now and I'm torn between the middle names Evan Eiki or Kieran Kouki. the other first names I like are Finn and Ryan (kinda) any ideas for other names maybe?


So I think both Wyatt Evan Eiki and Wyatt Kieran Kouki flow well and are good combinations. It is up to you which one you like the most! For example, you could consider which set of initials you like more, whether Wyatt E. E. Surname or Wyatt K. K. Surname looks better to you, or signing both the names. You could also consider asking people who are important to you, which one do they like better?

As well, one thing to keep in mind with middle names is that you don’t have to have them decided unless you will be legally changing your name soon, because middle names are not used that much on a everyday basis. 

For not being able to decide on a first name, this post has generally what I would recommend when you are not sure if a name fits: test it out by picturing people calling you the name, and consider aspects like meaning, namesakes, and popularity.

Here are some names that seem to have the same simpler but strong style to Wyatt, Evan, Kieran, Finn or Ryan, I am assuming you would like masculine names:

  • Adam
  • Archer
  • Austin
  • Blake
  • Bryan / Brian
  • Brendan
  • Caleb
  • Clay
  • Colin
  • Dean
  • Dylan
  • Eli / Elliot
  • Eric
  • Ethan
  • Gavin
  • Grady
  • Henry
  • Ian
  • Jack
  • Jay
  • Justin
  • Kyle
  • Lane
  • Leon
  • Logan
  • Liam
  • Martin
  • Milo
  • Nathan
  • Nolan
  • Oliver
  • Owen
  • Parker
  • Preston
  • Robin
  • Simon
  • Spencer
  • Trent
  • Tristan
  • Tyler
  • Victor
  • Vincent

Let me know if you need more help!

“H-hhhh, u-um..” he rubbed his face, he didn’t want to bother the guy, he was already obviously in a place he wasn’t aloud to be in. “I-i-i…sh-should t-try an-and make i-it back ho-me..s-sosorryforgettinginyourwayandmakingyourdayworse!!!!” He blurred the words together and started walking


Finn merely nodded at the first words and then the blurred together words, as they started walking, he somewhat followed them for a few seconds just to speak so they could hear “Well… You didn’t make my day worse technically, I’m just… not exactly fond of humans… But, if you want… I can walk with you, at least until you exit the forest… There’s a lot of dangerous creatures that roam the forest at night…” He paused, before mumbling just a little too loudly “And I don’t think the other Satyrs would be happy if they knew I was on patrol and let a human just die… Especially the ones that aren’t even hunters…”

  • Finn: Dude is that a supra?!
  • Josh: Holy God you got a supra in the back?!
  • Finn: Is that a supra?!
  • Louis: Whoa!! (sprays his glasses and wipes them) Is that a supra?!
  • Finn: Dude is that a supra?!
  • Nate: (Spits out milk) Is that a supra?!
  • Finn: Dude, is that a frickin supra?!
  • Freddie: Yes, it's a supra.

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i spy with my little eye, aaron hummel heading to finn hudson's house last night with a little bag.

Oooh, is baby Huds getting into drugs? Wouldn’t that be tragic? Aaron’s a fine piece of ass though, so I wouldn’t made snorting something if let me take a bite out of him.

@nsfinnh @ghoulishboyhummel

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What are we supposed to take from John's picture? For all we know he threw a punch at Poe for flirting with Rey or something.

Yeah because John would be so excited for that and think it’s super visually crazy. /s

I’ve seen a few asks like this around since the picture has come out and I’m tired of it. John is genuinely excited for IX and I trust him. Idk why people are so quick to dismiss his judgement and go to the worst case scenario. I understand that we’ve been burned but let people have some hope and stop raining on people actually getting excited for IX. There are tons of theories about what the hands could mean - anything from force sensitive Finn to a stormtrooper uprising. Why you immediately went to “he’s punching Poe because he’s jealous” is beyond me. 

But to answer your question, what we’re supposed to take from John’s picture is that Finn was in a scene that was visually crazy and John is super proud of it and excited for us to see it and we should be excited to see what IX has in store for Finn.

Songs They Dedicate To You


Originally posted by matthew-daddario

  • Keep You With Me Hot Chelle Rae

He dedicates this song to you cause he’s always traveling and you two tend not to see each other for months on end so it’s to just let you know thats he loves you and always thinks about you

  • Monster Lady Gaga

Cause you have an unhealthy obsession with Until Dawn and Josh Washington….


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  • Come Back… Be Here Taylor Swift

You were going back to Brooklyn… You wanted to stay in London but you couldn’t well you could but you were getting homesick and wanted to visit Nick and Your Dad… You told Ahk you’d be back but a part of him didn’t believe you… He knew you really didn’t have anything in London and you had your family in the states and you would most likely wanna stay there… But you did assure him you’d be back… And you did come back

  • Steal My Girl One Direction

Not everyone knew that you and ahk were together mainly cause you knew people would look at you crazily if you said you were dating a wax exhibit… So the boys at your college know you work at the british museum so they come when your shift starts which is right before the closing… They stay even after closing and they are all shocked that the exhibits come to life but when they see Ahkmenrah walking toward you they don’t pay no mind cause youre “theirs” but that wasn’t true… Ahk made his way over to you putting his arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his side… You looked up at him a smiled while he did the same… The boys were confused cause how could you choose him over them… But you didn’t care and just walked away while Tilly escorted them out


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  • Little Things One Direction

He dedicates this song to you cause he knows how insecure you get… He thinks your crazy when you go on about not feeling that pretty or wanting to meet these ridiculous stereotypes they’ve made for people… So he sent you this song to remind you how beautiful you are

  • Piece by Piece Kelly Clarkson

You didn’t have that good of a relationship with your father that was mainly because he left when you were around six and didn’t come back til now… You didn’t trust your dad cause you know he only comes around when he needs something and you learned that the hard way… Kenny knew of the relationship you had with your dad and never brought him up which you were thankful for but he also helped/taught you how not all men/boys are like your father


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  • Kryptonite 3 Doors Down

He didn’t really trust a lot of people and you were the opposite of him… Where he was an introvert and more to himself you were out going and always ready to party… He had to be there to save you tons of times but he didn’t mind cause you were also there for him… He really couldn’t thank you enough for how many times you’ve dropped whatever you were doing to be with him… To listen… To let him vent or cuddle with

  • Broken Lovelytheband

You didn’t follow the stereotypes or pretended to be a person you weren’t and that was what Elliot liked about you… You were you and you were happy with it…


  • She Looks So Perfect 5 Seconds of Summer

I don’t know… I just think it would be a joke he wouldn’t really like 5 seconds of summer but you do and that’s the only song he really knows and loves to sing it to “annoy” you but it doesn’t annoy you cause you always rock out to this song

  • Him and I G-Eazy ft Halsey

He likes to think of you as two bad ass couples… You’re Tobey’s little sister so you get the love from cars/racing from him… You also tend to get crazy like it if comes to having to get out of a moving car to do something you’ll do it… How you’re not dead yet no one’s knows but they are happy you make it through all the the crazy shit that you do


↳ a really sad thing you could write about is the reader plays the piano and always plays very happy songs, but at one point she starts playing very melancholic, minor key music and just breaks down at her piano bench (for whatever reason) with whoever you choose comforting her and helping her finish the song.

↳ you’d never allow yourself to play a sad song ever on the piano, but when melancholy intoxicates your everyday mood, you could only hold onto that happiness for a matter of time before you fall apart. at least, hopefully, they’ll be someone looking out for you.

↳ sad, but fluffy ofc.

↳ 1706

↳ i actually really love this request, thank you to whoever thought of such an amazing idea uwu. also i don’t know piano keys at all but i saw the song ‘unsteady’ is bm so i’m like ‘okay this has to be some kind of minor key music’ i really don’t know i’m dumb. also i know that the song ‘unsteady’ by x ambassadors is about a parental divorce but forgetting about that idea and just listen to the lyrics, it makes sense of what this imagine is about. btw no one is famous here. tell me your thoughts and enjoy xx

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