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We're really looking forward to the and ESG Awards tonight! Hawksmoor is a finalist in the 'Best Sustainable Wealth Manager/Discretionary Fund Manager Group’ category.

This is a Traffic Video Data collection thingy... There are half a dozen of them pointing at hoon hotspots...

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You've got to be in it to win it! We're giving one lucky school their very own Staffroom Christmas Party. 🎅🎁🎄Click here to find out more and enter:

Hoping I might be able to share our temporary overnight visitors with our tamariki tomorrow

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Waiting (with )to hear if will get ’s William Sutton Prize for Social Innovation

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I think you would do this old anime justice by remaking it. The movie was done way before it's time (1991), but was still amazing back then. I can only imagine what a remake would look like now!

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Looking forward to hopefully taking pictures of this tomorrow!  Wish me good weather, lol! 

Oct 31

I’m very pleased with my writing so far. At least for a first draft (in the sense I prefer clean first drafts, and this draft is pretty clean). I’m going to be pretty busy in November, so I’vs basically already begun nanowrimo. I’ve finished getting down 12,500 words already, and now that I think of it, it’s a pretty big achievement because it’s day 4. Logic would tell that you just need a total of approximately 14 more days to make the goal. I’m getting ahead of myself here - creativity doesn’t work that way. There are many bad days and very few good days, for the most part. But AD is a story that’s coming to me very easily - almost naturally. I can’t say why. 

I know my story already has at least one plot hole, but I’ll get back to fixing it after I at least have a damn draft. Same goes for a character I introduced too early and practically needs to be deleted for at least the first 50,000 words in the book. Otherwise I’ll just keep fixing. And fixing. And perfecting. And not actually writing the damn story.

4100 words today, and I managed to get 3000+ words yesterday AND the day before. (!!!!!)

Again, I’m on a really good streak. Which is very, very rare for me. Don’t ever feel jealous or unhappy reading these numbers, because in August I couldn’t write a decent paragraph for a whole month and felt very depressed. The writing gods owed me for that, and I’ll say, in dramatic fashion, that I took what was due to me.

I’ll admit I am a little concerned about the audience I’m targeting with AD. With TSH, it’s very clear - it’s definitely rooted in YA. But AD is darker. Only 12,500 words in, and I’m saying this. The protagonist’s past is dark. The themes I’m dealing with are dark. And it has every potential to get darker - the ending in itself is probably going to be the darkest thing I’m probably ever going to write. I don’t have it fully mapped out, and have only a very vague idea about how it’s going to play out, but I know the very bare bones of it, and it gives me the chills. It’s probably the season rubbing off on me.🤷🏻‍♀️

In other news, this has meant that I’ve completely ignored my studies. Which is terrible, but writing is like a drug for me. And I seriously can’t, can’t, can’t help the itch to work on the draft. I’ve also set aside TSH for now, because I’m trying to figure out a certain important scene that happens around chapter 6 which isn’t working out quite as well as I’d hoped. And just so you understand, I have a draft for TSH. A complete draft. But the story has changed quite a lot these past few months, and there’s a lot of rewriting and editing I have to get done as a consequence of it. The scene I’m working on is brand new, something that wasn’t there before, so it’s a little harder without having something to draw upon from. I’m also hoping (fingers crossed!) that I can finish this round of revisions, then another, then one on paper by May 2020 and finally begin sending it off to publishers. I somehow think it won’t work out, but we’ll see.


That would have pretty much been the end of my post if not for an incident on tumblr the day before yesterday. Nothing bad happened, but I want to write about it anyway, so that you can be cautious about the kinds of people on here.

It’s been only a couple of months since I started using tumblr, and I’ve already come across spammers. There was a woman (I think. At least the profile picture was that of a woman.) She claimed to be bored and wanted to chat with me. She said she got my username from a friend of hers - which immediately set of alarm bells in my head. I know practically nobody on this platform, and certainly not enough people to have been recommended. But I didn’t want to be hasty and jump to conclusions. So I said I was willing to chat, and lied that I had college so I couldn’t talk and logged off. I logged in a couple of hours later to find that she wanted to share an interesting incident with me related to her friend who did something online. The alarm bells in my head tolled louder. But I played it cautiously - I said okay. Apparently they did private shows of something on webcams. She didn’t specify what it was. She said it was fun. She said it sounded bad, but it wasn’t what I thought it sounded like.
I said okay.

She sent me a link. She said she had “free passes” for the show and wanted to give it to me because no one else was currently online.

Now I was positively terrified. I didn’t click on the link. But I tried to sound like I was deluded. I told her I was busy and that the passes would be wasted on me because I was a High Priestess of Naath (yes, Naath from Game of Thrones) and that I was soon taking part in a ritual that required a blood sacrifice.
Now, if that person was just another blogger and not a spammer, she/he would have been creeped out. No, didn’t happen. She said she would be waiting for me to go to the website and gave me a couple of instructions.

I finally gave up. There could be nothing good about this. I didn’t dare visit the website. I blocked her.


wanting to disconnect myself from everything once again and going MIA. hmmmm. doesn’t sound like a bad idea. let’s bless this week to finish all my homework before my vacation :)


I can stay up late whenever I want…but other than that, it’s nothing like I thought. I guess I thought I’d know what I’m doing by now…but I know nothing. A slave in gold, that all conform to. And I know it very well. I am mortgaged to an irrational thought: that we are always on top, and nothing will ever go wrong.


Excited for #waterfrontawards @globeandmailcentre Congratulations to all #nominees #fingerscrossed #unstoppabletracy #speaker (at The Globe and Mail Centre)

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And the big question of the day with all my tires pass inspection this morning. #Motorcycle #WoodsOnCenter #FingersCrossed #MotorcycleTiresWearOutQuickly (at RideNow Austin)

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June 14, 2019 Meal Plan

So tomorrow I’ve got work 2-7 and I am planning to have dinner with my family after 7. So my goal tomorrow is to only eat once and that’ll be my meal there: successfully eating under my 800 calorie resistriction.


Yes it’s back. Back again. Thursday’s back. Tell a friend!

It’s Thot Thursday everyone and on BTS’s 6th Birthday too. So, what do we have in store.

For my new followers, Thot Thursday is when I share smutty fanfics with you all. Be it recommendations or my own work (fingers crossed one of the many I’m writing will be ready today. And if so, you’re in for a treat)

If you have content to recommend, you’re welcome to forward it to me otherwise it’ll be my own likes.

Today though, as it’s their birthday, I’ll be sharing BTS recs only. (Although I read a really good Jay Park one yesterday)

Keep an eye 👀 out for them.


So…I bought this before work at @bathandbodyworks just found out the bottom is cracked and sharp. #sadness I’m gonna see if they can exchange it tomorrow before work though. Here’s hoping! #fingerscrossed

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