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Just arrived in the mail, new novels from André Aciman — , his follow-up to and from Becky Albertalli — . Question is, kailan ko naman kaya ito mababasa? Lol. 🌈🤎📖

Escape to Italy with André Aciman and see if Elio and Oliver find each other. ♥️ |

BOYS AND GIRLS I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!!!! - Manú () available now! buy it! stream it! hear it! twerk to it! xx

Fun at work today with Noddy our resident elf playng hide and seek with our customers! 🥳😁😁

"They promise to realign us with our better selves, with the people we’ve always known we were but neglected to become." -André Aciman Who we are reflects who we love. Last night was riveting. Thanks for orchestrating that experience.

finally! its arrived! been waiting for this book for 3 months!! i miss oliver i miss elio ❤️😭

“I feared I was starting to forget your face, your voice, your smell, even.”

Ultimately, I look forward to whichever version or adaption of will hit the big screen... Or 2 or "Find Me and Call Me By Your Name" or "Call Me By Your Name To Find Me" or whatever they call it. It will be a great flick regardless. Just keep Guadagnino.

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Also speaking of sex scenes. Aciman really writes like a straight man. The sex scenes in really show that. He never asked a gay man how it would feel to ride a bicycle are having multiple rounds of sex... And it shows

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Oliver, intentionally or not, also falls into that trap in . I won't spoil anything but yeah...

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Cada vez mais chocada no quanto Andre Aciman me conhece tanto sem nem me conhecer.

Just finished reading "Find Me" by Andre Aciman. Beautiful.♥️♥️♥️ I`ll go cry now..😭😭

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Tonight I had Andre Aciman sign my copy of FIND ME to Oliver to go along with my signed copy of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME to Elio!

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“holiday sales rise to their highest thanks to a new guilt-based marketing concept”

Someone else on the Byte beta came up with a better caption. It’s quoted above.

I’m on the #beta and I couldn’t be more excited! When #byte goes public, be sure to follow ya boi!

#bytebeta #betatester #earlyaccess #bytecreators #Acebanca #walmart #200iq #2020thinking #smartmove #wellplayed #guiltbasedmarketing #itwritesitself #followme #findme (at Walmart Coos Bay)

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Когда мы научимся жить, будет уже слишком поздно
—  Найди меня

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A Review of: Lie With Me By Philippe Besson

“If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I’d like to do. Is to save every day ‘til eternity passes away, just to spend them with you.” - Jim Croce

I believe the best way to describe this piece of art is a meditation of regret, and how our inhibitions can be our downfall. Also, note that this is a true story.

Lie With Me is broken up into three sections, or one can consider four, the prologue, a writer now forty who just left a signing when he comes across a boy who is the spitting image of someone he knew years ago. The second is the longest it takes place during the of 1984, in which Besson is the tender age of seventeen. He always knew of Thomas, the novel’s dedication’s sake. They begin a relationship up until Besson goes to college, an affair that is not only intimate but just as natural. Like the moment while they were lying in bed, and Besson convinced his mother to step away from the door. I felt myself genuinely rooting for them; I will not go into further detail; the last two sections are beautiful and cohesive.


I am a masochistic reader and sadistic writer, and reading what happens to them broke my heart, especially the very fact of how stubborn and matter of fact Thomas was. I felt the need for them to be together; however, the ending makes sense. I genuinely believe that the relationship was not meant to last; it is something fleeting. I believe that if you are looking for something to baptize the disappointment of Find Me out of your mouth, give this novel a pick-up. It is a light read, I listened to it, about four hours, about one-hundred-sixty pages. It is a quick, must-read.



I fell getting into the car slipped and couldn’t get back up. No one was there so I held on for what could’ve been dear life waiting for my dad to walk outside. Once he did he helped me back in. It left me feeling absolutely useless and unable to do anything for myself. I reminded me that no matter what I do I’ll always just be a kid in a wheelchair. Unable to walk get up or live a normal life. I resent everything and while driving I was so angry. So so angry my thought scattered running around putting blame on anything and everything. I was imagining myself angerly getting in a car and driving away but my mind pulled over and imagined myself breaking down in the car. Then it went from anger to sadness and I broke down. No blame to be felt but responsibility to be acquired. It was my fault. Everything is. Everything is. I don’t know what to do anymore. Tears started pouring down my face for the first time in years. Absolutely broken I sit here good up head down plagued with thoughts of self harm and suicide. It’s all I can think about. It would be such an easier way out. No more pain. No more helplessness. No more worthlessness. And the knife, the knife does not judge. It accepts me for who I am and cuts the same. No sides only what it is. I want it. I NEED IT. Validate me Do anything but make me feel better. I can’t anymore. I can’t. The end just never comes. See my soul and I’ll give you my heart. Death is welcomed but not rushed, always, HEAVEN WAITS. Tears. I don’t know how to deal with. Now I drive to training. Fully aware that I’m going to have to put a big smile and “be me”. The me that everyone knows. The “me” that tires me the most. The “me” that I can hardly hold any longer. Tears fill my eyes barely able to write right now. I’m done. I want my scars I want my hoodies and nothing more nothing less.


A sequência de “Me Chame Pelo seu Nome” é ruim?

…sufrí e hice sufrir a mucha gente. Pero aprendí que todo es relativo, que soy un poco más que eso, que no soy sólo esa parte dolorosa y conflictiva, y que me gusta estar acá, y que puedo ser yo cada tanto.

Y aunque nunca nadie va a saber lo que yo viví, sí estoy segura que me pueden entender, porque todos alguna vez estuvimos abzurdamente enamorados y otras veces abzurdamente tristes, abzurdamente muertos o abzurdamente vivos… en fin, Abzurdah.