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I’m totally forgetting to post here, although I remember to take photos 😱

Sooo, these sea glass charms are rather old, but I put them on chains before the craft fair and packaged them as necklaces. People were interested, and I got some nice small talk out of it 😊

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Right, umm so basically I'm watvhing the bbc releases of the show, and I know that there's some self harm in one of the later episodes - I was wondering if you knew which episode, and knew roughly what time it happens? I'm sorry to bother you but I really should not watch it

Anonymous said: Apparently Ann tries to kill herself in this episode? With wrist related injury? I literally cannot handle that, is there anyone who’s given details or a warning or a timestamp?

Alright here’s the skinny (and my apologies to the first anon for my delay in answering this): [TRIGGER WARNING: self-harm after the cut]

There is implied wrist cutting at the end of 1 x 07: We don’t actually see her do it, but we do we see the following: Ann accidentally breaks a wine glass and a piece of the broken glass ends up cutting the palm of her hand. She removes the shard from her hand, there’s a little blood, and then she looks at her wrist. The scene cuts away to Anne for a minute or so, then back to Ann who we see clutching her bloody wrist (lots of blood all down her hands and arm) and then she faints. 

I can’t speak to the precise timestamps on the BBC or other versions obviously but this is at the VERY END of episode 1 x 07 as in immediately before the credits roll. On the HBO stream, the timestamp starts at 59:20.  So if you are trying to avoid, the before scene of Ann at her vanity accidentally breaking the glass occurs right after this mirror scene, right after Anne puts on her top hat and descends the staircase. That shot (the glass breaking) only lasts approx 30 seconds (in our US version). Then it cuts back to Anne telling Eugenie and Thomas that they’ve had a change of plans (which I do think is important to the plot - that lasts about 45 seconds), and then after that then it cuts back to Ann’s sister going to check on Ann so if you’re trying to avoid the after scene with the blood then stop when you see the shot of Elizabeth ascending the staircase (which is the shot consecutive to the wide shot of Anne walking down the street). Hope that helps, lovely Anons! 

Also to be safe I would recommend skipping the “previously on” bit at the beginning of 1 x 08 as I don’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure they allude to/show a shot or two referencing the aforementioned self-harm in the recap.

y’all can hate Taylor all you want but dang,, she really did THAT !! I can’t remember the last time a straight/cis person who made a video as an ally for the lgbtq+ community went so far as to feature so many gender identities and sexualities, as well as different body types, so many people of color, and two women who were once pinned against each other, joining in unity to stand up for a common cause the both believe in. Taylor isn’t perfect and we all know that. Non of us are, but a celebrity as huge as she is, using her platform (a lot of her fan base was previously made up of country loving conservatives, albeit, her new fan base is much more forward thinking) is a really amazing thing. the iconic jumped out there huh.


I’ve probably mentioned it before but there’s nothing I love more than angst in FMA 03 so here’s a little compilation of official art featuring pictures - for maximum angst. 

Help to find yuri on ice fanart

I want to find a fanart that was made quite a while back. Yuuri was in a wedding dress on one side and maybe a kimono or an east Asian garb on the other side. I don’t know what it’s called exactly. That fanart was ethereal and I don’t remember the fan artist’s blog. And obviously I didn’t find it in tumblr search.


Happy Birthday Future Hubby @kj-f-apa

Crap it’s your birthday and I kind of forgot… So I kinda made and ordered some things that just happened to look great in a day. No I am totally kidding HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY, got there’s so much I can put in this card but this card ends and my love and admiration for you never does. When I think of how lucky I am the doubts in my head go very far because I can’t stop questioning how the fuck I managed to get someone as perfect as you, you’re amazing and you make me feel like I am the only girl in the world. Those aren’t just some cheesy lyrics from a song because they actually stand for me. I don’t know how you do it, I really don’t, but what I know is that I want to argue with you, I want to laugh and fight about some stupid little things like how you want to get my lips tattooed on you. Who loves Zix more, who loves each other more. I want all of those things and I want them with you. I can’t possibly describe how much I care for you so I am going to tell you why…

You see the world in a way that no one else does, and you appreciate everything including me. There is no one else in the world like you, and if you just keep right by my side as you have been, I’ll get to spend the rest of my life trying to see the world through your eyes, appreciating everything including you. The most unique, wonderful and terribly sexy man I have ever met.

Now about these gifts because clearly they need a couple of explaining. The first is you know that smell you questioned when you came into the kitchen this morning? Well I know you told me how much you like churros so I hope you like these churro flavored cupcakes I made you, and hopefully I didn’t confuse the salt for the sugar. I know you love basketball so I penciled out 15 reasons why I…. You know, you on all sides around the basketball so if you want when you’re jamming basketball with your buds you can show it off. As for the pillow, whenever I am away working or out with Lili or something you can have me right beside you in pillow form knowing I am sending you kisses from wherever I am. The next thing is a guitar pic, on the 19th of May 2019 you and I got together as boyfriend and girlfriend and that is a day that I have cherished since it first happened. And I know your guitar picks aren’t the best looking things so try my personal made one for size okay? And last but not least… Well there’s probably no explanation for this but, I want you to move in with me. Properly, you’re basically at my house everyday and night anyway calling things our… So why not just make it official? I have the actual key that I will give you tonight. But if you’ll have us under our roof… The key is yours.

Happy Birthday My Love, come meet me at Rodeo Roses Campground tonight.

Love Camila.