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— along with a few other key stocks — are helping kick off the right way. , and were out in front, along with regionals like and M&T Bank .

Daily: continuing to chase upper BB. Barring some bad news, this should get to dashed purple TL in the next 3-4 days

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down -0.60% currently. A few key metrics change by EOQ1 and this will be RED RED RED.

still Dumping on missed today. Yet no sign of it dragging the broader down just yet. This is defiantly the most disappointing of the Big-Banks.

Daily & Weekly: broke out way past my initial target & is now trying to make an attempt atthr 200MA ~204.18 . BC also in fhat same area so should be interesting to see how it reacts.

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And really the thesis would probably pay out but keeps the volatility in check for an know holding things up for now 💪 The feeling I get right now from the computer🤣 is there’s no reason for the market to go up much higher

– For the Love of 1099s! Let CE help your team with year-end processing; whether end to end or a la carte support, we are ready & available to assist: ESU updates, 1099 print and e-file, configuration and setup, etc.

Here are some great programs to help Canadian homebuyers from that may help you move one step closer to .

Weekly: weekly broke through 13MA and appears to be chasing BC / 50MA (coincidentally 200MA also on daily), this still has a but to go accordingly to weekly. Patience ...

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Daily: hit & passed my initial target circle in full chase of Upper BB. Extended & added minor purple TLs to show next major resistance zones. Goldman usually peaks same day as XLF so this is a good indicator for those trading too.

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SPIKING in the first 30M of the Open. Another one of the "doing well" this is identical to the $75 I sold into late 2018. It started out Bullish on the Ramp up, built up momentum then turned as the boat got rocked and the real Macro shined through.

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