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Having a safety net will help you if you unexpectedly lose your job.

πŸ™Œ Γ€ la lecture de ce chiffre, des acteurs comme se disent : C'est notre pain bΓ©ni Une introduction en bourse ❓ L'horizon est plus que prometteur

MCA documents include business tax returns, income statements, balance sheets, accounts receivable, accounts payable, debt schedule and contracts:

Finance departments need to shift their priorities from the business plan to becoming competent in planning.

The Department of Community and Human Services is seeking a Business and Finance Officer to assist in the management of the daily accounting and budget functions within the department. Listing closes 12/23, salary is $76k+ annually.

- After a year of failed , unicorns are ready to charge! Swissquote Magazine looks at stock market launches that made 2019, and those that will take place in 2020. πŸ¦„

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14 december 2019

Studies haven’t been so good today. When it comes to reading the theory behind micro and macro economics I find myself zooming out but most of the exam will be about the theory rather than the calculations. Safe to say I love doing the calculations of economics. Exam on monday!