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When the Producer can do anything on set, this happens...

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Film> Policier> « BlacKkKlansman »: Spike Lee attaque le suprémacis..

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Inside Information - 4

Went to a screening of Blackkklansman last night, which was followed by a q+a with the film’s director Spike Lee. I liked the film, the ending was very powerful and intense and just infuriating. You know I loves me the Adam Driver, so it was a must-see - for a lot of reasons, not just him. Everyone should see it right away - especially with U.S. midterm elections coming.

All that being said, I thought the script wasn’t as good as it should’ve been. It wasn’t as sharp and tightly-plotted as it could’ve been, needed to be. There were 4 credited writers (including Lee), which is usually not a great sign. There were logic things not addressed; there were moments that felt like the writer(s) needed them to there but didnt actually ring true for the characters/situation; more could’ve been done to show (rather than tell) the Stallworth Brothers’ character development.

But do see it! Take your old fart parents who might still consider voting for anyone who isnt opposed to everything Republican and Trump.

I watched "Blast From The Past" (1999)

What could have been a throwaway, lazy B-movie is a remarkable gem. Brendan Fraiser wears his character’s innocence and naivete so authentically. Alicia Silverstone, even as the film’s symbol of post-modern cynicism, has so much round-faced, curly-haired adorableness that you can see a kid from the ‘50s falling for her. The supporting cast are perfect. The premise and plot could have easily spiraled into the absurd, but everything carefully stays true to the film’s reality. The humor is clever, but never mean. So much craftsmanship went into this little film.

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Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame’ at 10: How Her Debut Was a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

With her 2008 LP, Stefani Germanotta went from yearning for stardom to embodying it

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