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Join 6 people right now at "Agents of SHIELD May Have Revealed Who REALLY Destroyed Earth"


I like to give my travelling friends a disposable film camera to take along. I develop and edit the it film with friends. Here is a view on Iceland.

‘ZOMBIES ‘ after a bit of a scary start, this ‘sort of love story’ has great singing, dancing & cheer... it’s like with ! Everyone wears ‘shrimp’ pink, yellow & blue (except the zombies). FUN for 8+ G💜

Yesterday we had a film crew at Somerset Sight making a short film. We can’t wait to see it!

This features an authentic death mask of a suspect in the Jack the Ripper killings -

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Boating at Tweed Heads, Australia

Leica M3 & Summarit 50mm
Kodak Ektar