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Keanu Reeves en My Own Private Idaho (1991) dir. Gus Van Sant

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海への散歩 .. 朝活しようって行って 動き出したのはお昼の1時すぎ .. 笑 .

Just realised I need to update a lot of the text content on my website, especially the page. I but forget the other content. Too busy this week and next but looks like I need to sit down and behave for a couple of days in early July.

Gotti Flops! - Read here: Rotten Tomatoes has bestowed John Travolta's new biofic film about crime family leader John Gotti with a big fat 0% rating.

Tre donne, commedia, eros, fantasmi, un dubbio che scava. Firma il tutto il grande Mankiewicz: ecco la storia. Una minilezione di di Antonella Cilento con e . Gio 12/7 h19.30

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Do Oysters have mouths? An age-old question totally unrelated to this film about Oystermouth Castle in the Gower Peninsular, Wales, UK. Oh, and in case you wondered, yes they do, it just doesn’t look much like it.

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Solo A Star Wars Story Review

It’s been nearly two months since I last went to the theater seeing Infinity War for the 4th time. I have been saving money for when my mother comes to visit in late July and my vacation in September to Salt Lake City for the 2018 FanX Salt Lake Comic Con.

Thankfully I got a Regal Gift card, so I finally got to see Solo A Star Wars Story and coming back from the film I am left with a question. What to say about Solo? Mediocre, predictable, and completely unnecessary come to mind when thinking about Solo A Star Wars Story.Solo is a borderline bad film with only serviceable acting by Alden Ehernreich as Han. I was far more interested in all the characters but Han and Chewi, but Ron Howard spent virtually no time on said supporting cast if characters before killing most of them off making their deaths emotionless without real meaning.

There are a relative few things I highly enjoyed about Solo with the train action seqence being one of them. The sequence was well filmed with a good score to go along with it. Next was Emilia Clarke performance as Qi'ra. Clarke did a great job conveying the conflicted emotions of Qu’re and her ultimate decision during the climax of the film. Sadlt Clarke’s performance as Qi'ra was one of the few real highlights of a film that is at best mediocre and was basically an unnecessary film in the Star Wars franchise, and the worst Star Wars film to date.

I would give Solo A Star Wars Story a high score of 2.5/5

As for the ranking of the Star Wars films

1. Rogue One
2. Revenge of the Sith
3. The Empire Strikes Back

The above are by far the 3 best films. I still really like The Last Jedi and loved what Rian Johnson did trying to show the Jedi as being flawed and perhaps downright wrong in their approach to the force, but after viewing The Last Jedi multiple times since its come out on Blu Ray my love of the film has slightly diminished.

4. The Last Jedi
5. The Force Awakens
6. The Phantom Menace
7. Attack of the Clones
8. A New Hope
9. Return of the Jedi
10. Solo

Verse Murder - Solomon O.B (Dir. Jack Edwards) Solomon O.B takes a journey through an imaginary universe in Verse Murder, an energetic, throbbing new music video by Jack Edwards.