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Follow & Join The Fight! Come support the fight against cancer! Tomorrow ! 146 West 23rd Street NYC Me and (IG) Support The National Foundation For Cancer Research!!!!! (IG)

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Join The Fight! Come support the fight against cancer! Tomorrow ! Me and @dsonmcdaniels

There are plenty of obstacles that can stop me. There are plenty of "NOs" I hear daily. There are distractions, temptations and different things that could stop me. No one would blame me if I gave up. But I want this vision of my life more than ever!

Follow me on snapchat (easley.haleyann) Instagram (haleyanneasley) and while you are at it go to wattpad (haleyanneasley) Cause I mean why would you want to follow meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

is a simple story. I stride for Bridget Maxwell. took her from us 10/12/14. I know she's keeping an eye on me but she's mostly saying, "Eric, what are you doing?" πŸ˜†

"It's like someone jammed an electric light bulb in your face, and busted it. I thought half my head was blowed off...When he knocked me down I could have stayed there for three weeks."β€”James J Braddock . .

"There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me." - Jane Austen

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Appointments Rochester this week for Bryant and me. Both got good news. One day at a time. One step forward. God is good. Only He knows what tomorrow holds. Thanks to all who support and pray for us.

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This show means a lot to me and to all the fans out there. These three girls taught us a lot and one is not to give up.

Rough day ? ha ! tell me bout it . fight ! and do your best . Featuring the of .

Thankyou for completing my college life. Thankyou for giving your best in me. Thankyou for your unconditional support: Sa pagsundo, paghatid, pag-intay ng madaling araw dahil sa thesis, sa financial, sa foods, dates, & more. I love you darleng, infinity and beyond. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ§‘

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Czechia? For the character ask meme? Please?

  • favorite thing about them: I love her hairstyle, it’s goals
  • least favorite thing about them: idk I don’t have one I guess
  • favorite line: :’) I can’t remember of any
  • brOTP: Hmmmm HunCze!!! I like them as girlfriends too dkksjs
  • OTP: SlovaCze!!!
  • nOTP: don’t have one
  • random headcanon: the name I use for her is Květa Fiala and she has a younger sister called Patricie, that is the Czech micronation The Other World Kingdom
  • unpopular opinion: IDK??? She is… Cool… But pretty sure everyone knows that. And she deserves all the love in the world… AH! IN A MORE GENERAL WAY, BUT PISS ME OFF TO SEE PEOPLE STILL USING CZECH REPUBLIC INSTEAD OF CZECHIA! LIKE AT EUROVISION! THEY USED THE NEW NAME OF MACEDONIA, BUT THEY DIDN’T USE CZECHIA, LIKE???? COME ON
  • song i associate with them: Lie to Me - Mikolas Josef
  • favorite picture of them: I don’t have any with me rn ;-;

so i found out today that ohio has the biggest potato plantation in the US but nothing more than that so that’s why no one wants to visit and i’m like ?????? why ???? potatos are the best ????? i would spend the whole fucking day stuffing my food churner with all kinds of potato plates just like the stupid sandwich i am

edit: is it ohio or idaho? idk man i just like potatos

C’mon, people.

(Spoilers below, obviously.)

Listen. Did we really think that the “Game of How Long Will it Take This Newly Introduced Character to Show Us Her Boobs?”, the show that has inspired legions of literal “Game of Boobs” online quizzes, was going to serve up some kind of feminist utopic ending featuring an unproblematic feminist ruler? The show that reliably and unreflectively uses rape as a plot device, including incestuous brother-on-sister rape that takes place next to the corpse of their dead son and boy-king whose favorite passtime is torturing prostitutes? 

That show? 

Sure, GoT has featured some badass and stereotype defying female characters, but a feminist anthem it definitely is not. It takes place in an aggressively and regressively patriarchal universe, a universe that is seeming uncomfortably similar, these days, to our own regressively patriarchal one.

And, yet, I loved this imperfect and surprising show, and I loved the way it ended. I loved that it ended with a whimper, that its prophesies and destinies might have been accidentally fulfilled, but mostly ended in bureaucratic wrangling, in petty argument and compromise. I love the show’s skepticism towards leaders who know without question that their path is true and just (and if you don’t think Daenerys as potential tyrant was adequately foreshadowed, kindly check out the image, above, of her presiding over Meereen and ignoring the cries of people being crucified in a way that seems, pardon me, more than a little tyrant-esque and ominous). I even loved the weirdness and ham handedness of Bran’s becoming king (I’ll admit that the writing here, as many have pointed out, left something to be desired, but I don’t care), and that the story that started with him pushed from a window ended with him ruling the whole damn kingdom (except the North, where Sansa presides as a very chic and competent queen). I love that Arya never finished ticking off her revenge list as we all expected she would, but instead blithely sailed off to the ends of the earth. I love that Jon is banished back to the wall to protect the realm from nothing and to hang out with the wildlings, and that the last shot is of people walking into the forest for no ostensible reason or end. 

In the chaos we sometimes find accidental purpose, we sometimes break archetype, we sometimes find signs of spring.

And also boobs. We also sometimes find boobs, and if we are really lucky, an elusive penis shot.