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hello ,hello , here a new pose for today ,hope you like this draw this pose . for more follow me !

There isn’t a job in this world that can make me forget my dreams. Any JOB opportunity I take is nothing more than a stepping stone to my CAREER. I know it’s hard to manage but don’t fucking settle y’all. 🥊❤️

These pink out nights remind me how far breast cancer treatment has come. Five years ago next month my wife was diagnosed at 31. It’s been a fight but she’s now cancer free, 20 yrs ago her type had no cure now it’s got best prognosis

DeGale vs Eubank Jr. Saturday 23rd Feb at 7pm. Don't miss out! Message me now to get set up ready!!

reminds me , However I Am the fighter Mentioned by Garcia Garcia speaks with colleagues about his with Errol Spence Jr. and that which he still believes concerning the approaching place for March 16.

I’m ready the struggle built me up into a beast something that I thought I never had inside of me but believe me now it’s crunch time go hard or go home I’m ready for Wateva ,FINISH,FAITH💪🏾🏈🙏🏽🔥🔥🔥 🙏🏽🙏🏽

DeGale vs Eubank Jr. Saturday 23rd Feb at 7pm. Don't miss out! Message me now to get set up ready!!

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many many ask me what I really do In private DMS I work with that’s what I’m not afraid to go after anything and everything ,,,, if it was so simple everyone would do it ,,,

Tonight at the Liphook Millennium Centre in Liphook for ! Come watch me punch people in the face for your entertainment! I love my job!

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The crazy part... Way back then I was scheduled to "Mookie"...Never body was breaking down... Age caught up with me... LOL

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Unpopular opinion

There are not seven million different genders. Just because you feel masculine doesn’t make you a demiboy or any bullshit. Scientists scanned the brains of trans gender people and the brains were the same as the genders they identify as. But there is NO EVIDENCE that brains can change the wiring of themselves and just switch genders. Doesn’t work like that. Genders aren’t your mood or your aesthetic or whether or not you feel like wearing pants today. So the seven million gender identities are bullshit and makes it even harder for trans people to be taken seriously because of this dumb bullshit.

What’s In a Name: TUA Edition

Luther: German, means “famous in war”. I believe Grace chose this name because she admired Luther’s drive and his motivation to fight the good fight.

Diego: Spanish, means “He that replaces”. Diego always believed he was meant for greater things. To be the true ‘Number One’, I think his name reflects that.

Allison: English, means “of nobility”. Allison holds herself up to a higher standard, the way she holds herself and the great expectations she has for herself determined the name Grace gave her.

Klaus: Greek, means “people’s victory”. In a way, Klaus’ powers are a victory to others. He has the ability to give souls with nowhere to go justice and peace. 

Five: Number(lol), biblical meaning is “god’s grace”. I don’t have an explanation for Five, other than the fact that he didn’t let Grace give him a name should be telling in and of itself.

Ben: American (unless we’re talking biblical, but I’m just going with Ben, not Benjamin), means “right hand son”. I think Reginald always held Ben to a high standard (the statue he built) and Ben probably never spoke out against him, making him a sort of ‘golden child’. 

Vanya: Russian, means “gift of god”. Despite Reginald’s insistence that Vanya’s powers and ultimately,(in his eyes) her worth, be kept a secret, Grace was one of the only people who knew the truth. I believe she always thought of her children as extraordinary, Vanya was no exception. 

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🍼 –– for grey && andi :)

Send me 🍼 for my muse to discover that they’re pregnant with your muse’s child

since the moment they had reconnected, all grey could think about were the plans they had made as children. they were going to get married, move to the country and have a family. and it seemed as if that dream was coming true after all. hearing the news directly from her doctor was more assuring that if she were to use an at home test and when she got that call with her results, the blonde couldn’t help the smile on her face as she turned towards her lover. “mon amour,” she laughed, tears stinging her eyes. “i’m pregnant.” 

please be negative. andi repeated the plea in her head nearly a dozen times as she waited for the timer to go off. dimitri had just left on a mission. she didn’t know where he was or how long he’d be gone, but god. she couldn’t be pregnant now. not now. hal was just outside the bathroom door, giving her support as best as she could. finally, the longest two minutes of her life were over and andi lifted the small stick to see a plus sign, bright and bold. “shit.” 

What ACTUALLY happened

in Dual Destinies.

A time line of HAT-1, HAT-2 and the Courtroom Bombing. With suggestions to smooth events out and an explanation what the Phantom was up to.

I basically just tried to make sense of it, as many others have, and after staring at the events for some time and trying to fit various theories to the facts … I decided that the simplest may just be the best explanation. And it does come with the least amount of contradictions to the canon as presented. 

In a nutshell: For HAT-2, the Phantom planned for a courtroom bombing to begin with. Bringing both capsule/moonstone, his nemesis Simon Blackquill and the unobtainable Psyche Profile/Recording, along with many other witnesses, into the courtroom and blow them all up there.
It may not be a smooth, delicate and discreet plan but Simon’s taunting may have struck a nerve with the Phantom and he’s not his most rational self. It may very well have been the first time he did something out of personal interest, which seems personal involvement enough to fuck things up from even the planning state.

All events are listed and commented on in a published Google Spread Sheet. If you have any comments, please share them with me. My theory is only good if it can withstand questioning. :D

Click here for the <HAT-1 Time Line>

Click here for the <HAT-2 Time Line>

Click here for the <Courtroom Bombing Time Line>