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He actually bit me, like some kind of fricken VAMPIRE from the movies.

and there's just no back, When your hearts under , Gonna give I have, Cause this is my I will never say never! I will I will fight till ! make it right Whenever you me down, I will stay on the ground.

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"I HAVE SLAIN THE BEAST" philo and her brother/friend draz were play fighting and sHE WIN ALL ON HER OWN HE DIDN'T LET HER this was birthday gift for a friend! philo belongs to me and draz belongs to drazzonic on deviantart!

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J'avais eu besoin de me défouler à un moment xD le premier est un free art avec mon oc Bunteyker qui se bat avec Vortex, la hyène radioactive. Et l'autre c'est deux de mes fursonas, Alex et Toxic. .

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We can sit here pondering what THEY did & why we have ! We could give in, BUT, I am here alive today because I said NO MORE! I refuse to let what happened to me me! This is a reminder , we stand by each other & we to live! 👉

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Stumbled across this tonight and made me very emotional. Such a difference! Still has but has developed into a strong, healthy, brainy young man! 🙏❤️

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पत्थर के सनम....यूँ पत्थर ना मारो मेरे दीवाने को.. अपने सगे संबंधी पर यूँ राजनीतिक वार करने से कुछ हांसिल नहीं होने वाला.. वोट दीजिए और अपने दैनिक कार्यों में लग जाइए.. P. C - Me

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A group of parents should argue the board for a tent outside the schools brick and mortar. Argue for a party that represents the complete opposite ideology of this failed educator. Jesus lovers (me) and Christmas lovers (also me) use your voices and 🇺🇸☕️🥊

“Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war arise against me, yet I will be confident.” (Psalms 27:3) • • • continues tonight at 6pm, and all week long as we for the life of our families, church and city.

Fight for me 🖤 Here’s another edit☺️. I’ve been inspired lately hope you have a good day and you helped inspire my creations. Thank you.

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Yo, I found my next tattoo. @mx-jpg you have to come with.

I don’t make the rules but it’s pretty obvious that when you label someone a coloniser and that someone is canonically from a colonised country, you will be hunted down

So get this, I’ve been sick and out of work for 5 days now. I’ve only managed to start really looking over my phone and tumblr again rn. I just, of course, casually gone over to search supercorp stuff because I’m planning to write as much as i can tonight. (Going back to work tomorrow, need to be productive, clean room etc etc but I wanna write supercorp instead, y'know, priorities.) Not 10 posts in and I’m making choking sounds because Supercorp is endgame and bound to happen soon and my dad (from the living room) calls out, “you okay? You sound like you’re finally dying”

If you don’t sing “I’m in love with my car” in the shower while putting on the greatest performance of your life are you really a Roger Taylor Stan?


my sister whos never read carry on: CARRY ON SUCKS! I READ FANGIRL! ITS BAD WRITING!