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CHANGE OF PLANS... Tomorrow night I will be at Who am I fighting? Come find out!

All Aboard! Marines with the 26th MEU and the Royal Jordanian Navy conduct Visit, Board, Search and Seizure training.

Takara Oshima wins the Japanese title in the Lightweight division. We get a full introduction to the boxer coached by Naomi Watanabe. Full story and pics:

Number 3 Location Support Services has got your butt covered 🚽 Thanks for helping those who really gotta go! 💪 Join the fight against childhood sickness:

- Can't make it on race day?? Sign-up to be a virtual 5K runner! You will receive a t-shirt and medal after the race to showcase your participation and support for !

This Story Tells How a Man Wins a Great Victory in Combat In the aftermath, Harry discovers he must dig deep to learn how to and in the battlegrounds of . . .

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schlag dich in der Bahn und lass es eintrocken


[Callum Smith vs Luke Blackledge]
Footage: @skysportsboxing
Fighter: @callumsmith23
Song: @dessencebeats
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I love post-religion

“Dear Saint Anthony, please come around, something is lost and cannot be found. Dear Saint Anthony, please come around something is lost and cannot be found … Dear Saint Anthony, please come around something is lost and cannot be found”

There’s a lesson here: don’t give up, fight relentlessly. It’s ok to ask for help with the same thing over and over again.

Religion is good for something


Shantae Half Genie Hero Officer Mode Part 10 Wilbur Boss Fight

Shantae Half Genie Hero Officer Mode Part 10 Wilbur Boss Fight

Days of My Mind

Some days I want to give in.

I want to feel that familiar burn as the blade bites into tender flesh, making me grit my teeth and hold my breath. Other days, the thought of that bite makes me repulsed. I want to hide from my thoughts and shame, as I regretfully cover scars of past times.

Some days, I let the thoughts run wild.

Bashing around in my head, making me yearn for that feeling, that high point again. But some days, I want those thoughts to stop. I shush them and push them to a room all their own, locking them inside with too many locks to count.

But most days.. normal days, are the hardest.

These are the days that I am equally craving and repulsed by the bite, the thoughts. Those are the scariest of days. Most days are a mix of locking and unlocking that door. Pushing and pulling, fighting and peacemaking.

Every day is a battle I’m afraid to lose.

The day I lose, I will let myself give in. Cease to exist.

I will plunge over that oh so familiar edge that I stand on every day. I will fall, freely and happily, as the endorphins run rampant with those thoughts. I will float down to my peace on a river of red, carelessly and aimlessly. Finding my place in the sea of darkness with open arms, no more battles to be fought.

Finally free of pain, of sadness. Of life and its worries. No more days of fighting urges that I don’t wish to fight.


Infixity War Teaser #18

“Did I overdo it?”

My sheepish question is met with a heavy sigh as Cloak lifts to show me the indent where Thanos’ hand had landed.



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Concept Art

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