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Sway with me..

Summary: You were left alone in the bunker and you took your chance to put your favorite music in the speakers and start dancing around. Only you didn’t know that Sam had already returned and watched you dancing..


Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

Pairing: Sam x reader

Words: 1.5k+

Warnings: Fluff


You loved dancing. Ever since you remembered yourself, the first thing that comes to you, it’s your passion for dancing.

You didn’t have any preferences. No. You liked every kind of dance. From ballet and tango, to folk dances and just swaying.. You liked everything. It helped to distract yourself from this cruel reality that you were leaving. Even though it wasn’t that much cruel after you met the boys..

Today, you were alone in the bunker. Everyone was out for hunts and you stayed inside, in case if anyone wanted help with research later on. You founded it as a good opportunity to listen in your favorite music for a change.

Today, you were in a mood for something calm and soft. So you put your favorite list with your calm songs and started enjoying it..


Sam’s hunt was a bust. He had a case a couple of towns away from the bunker with Dean but it was just kids messing around. When they were about to leave from the town, Cass called them and said that he wanted help with a hunt. Dean said that he was going to help him and told his brother to go back and rest. And Sam did as he was told.

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Apa Yang Kau Inginkan Selain Setia?

Apa yang kau inginkan selain setia? Pasti kau memikirkan kepercayaan. Percaya bahwa dia akan setia jika doa adalah salah satu obat mujarab merekat jarak. Kau yakin itu? Doa akan sia-sia jika tak ada usaha untuk saling memperjuangkan.

Kita tak akan pernah menyebut hujan jika tak ada langit gelap sebelumnya. Sebab, kita sudah percaya bahwa ketika langit gelap, sebentar lagi akan turun hujan.

Laut tak akan tenang jika yang ia Terima adalah pecah ombak pada buritan perahu yang membelah dadanya. Tapi ia percaya bahwa hanya pelaut yang setia menaklukkannya.

Kita, sepasang kekasih yang sedang setia untuk saling percaya? Jika, ya. Amin akan segera menemukan aman pada tempatnya. Semoga akan terjawab semesta jika kita mampu berdamai dengan keadaan yang terlalu lama menyiksa.

Apa yang kau inginkan selain setia? Tak ada selain itu, jawabmu. Apakah kau yakin? Katika keyakinan itu aku lapangkan, maka semua angan pasti menemukan jalan untuk menemukan tempat yang tepat. Sebab, setia adalah segala-galanya bagi cinta yang biasa biasa saja. Jawabmu sedikit diplomatis.

Fian N


Imagine like a book or movie or whatever, and there is that one canon ship, but the main shipper of that couple is not the fandom, but someone inside the fictional world.

Like imagine person a and b like

A: *pushes B on the wall* Who the fuck do you think you are!

B: *grabs A by the collar* you know exactly who I am, but if you think that I am scared of you, ha, then you got me all wrong

And then person C aka ultimate shipper

C: *watching from a distance* And nooooow KISSSSSSS

*A and B turn their head toward C* : wtf

Joseph dumped his water skin out and looked up stream. It curved around a walk further up. He got up slowly and followed the stream, following the curve of the hills, and the water became more tinted with red the further he went.

Around the third bend, he found two bodies laying on the side of the stream. Both were stacked on top of eachother face down with claw marks running horizontally along their backs. What was left of their shirts were torn to shreds. Joseph continued walking until he got past them, filled his waterskin, and washed his face in the cool mountain runoff.

Joseph walked up to the bodies and kicked the one on top hard in the ribs. Neither stirred. He began pulling them out of the river and patted down their clothing. He found a dagger, still sheathed, on one, and a coin purse on the other. A couple of them matched what he already had while a few were a unique shape the woman at the restaurant hadn’t mentioned. Their clothing was in too much disrepair but he swapped the leather belt on one with his own. Finally, he knelt down and turned the smaller of the two onto his back. His eyes were closed and his front wasn’t damaged.

“Ah,” Joseph mumbled under his breath. “I met you one, at the bar.” He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. “So hard to remember. You needed something, a distraction, I said I’d give you one.”

He looked over at the larger of the two, still face down on the sandy rocks. “Guess I didn’t get it to you. Sucks.” Standing, Joseph gave them a nod before heading back downstream to town.

Timewall {WIP}


A Heart-takers’ Tale

By: Alex Neon Parsons

Timewall: A wall that keeps out time. Found at the border between The Realm, and The Everafter.
Heart-taker: A person who willingly creates zombies.

Note: There is no such thing as a Heart-taker, not even in the story. Zombies are made of energy. The word Heart-taker is meant to be grammatically incorrect.  {I just like the sound of it.} It’s a word that is easily confused with heartbreaker, so it makes good metaphor.  

In the story, the soul is made of both heart and mind. When the heart is removed there is a kind of soul vacuum created, which is filled by zombie energy. So, a zombie is a creature without a heart. There is no such thing as monsters.


Time: N/A {Timeless}

Place: The Everafter Woodses, an endless entanglement of naturally occurring dimensional pockets of Zombie Energy which manifest as dark forests filled with zombies. (Like an M. C. Escher painting made of trees, but with zombies.)

The Everafter Woodses is the source of all zombies. The Everafter is where all zombies come from. So, look around you. Do you see any zombies? If you do see a zombie, then it came from the Everafter. {I recommend you take measures to destroy it immediately.} If you do not see a zombie, then the zombie you don’t see must exist only in the Everafter.  

Note: The monsters that we typically associate with zombies, walking corpses, would be more accurately described as a zombie corpse. That phrase might sound clunky to most people because we tend to think of all zombies as walking corpses, but the reality is that anything can enter a zombie state or become zombified.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as “a zombie.” Which is to say, the word zombie refers to a form of energy, and not an individual unit. {So, calling a monster a zombie is kind of like calling a puddle a water.}

Time: Prime Now

Place: The Realm, the united country of every and all things which are affected by time and/or space. The Realm was first united as a result of a 30,000 nuyrs conflict known as the War of Hearts.

Note: A nuyr [nu - ‘yir] is not a unit that measures time, but rather a unit that measures change. {A nuyr represents the amount of change a person goes through in one year.} If one tries to measure a nuyr in linear time, it will always come out to be exactly one year relative to the observer’s concept of time. In other words, a nuyr represents the amount of actual change that occurs, not the amount of time passing.

The “nuyr” unit of change measurement was put into place because “linear time” technically does not exist during the War of Hearts.

Note: The War of Hearts is a war between everybody, which takes place entirely at one 30,000 nuyr long moment called Prime Now.  

Prime Now exists independently from “linear time” because Prime Now has no past and no future. This is because, during the War of Hearts, a particular direction in time became zombified. {It is impossible to prove whether it was the past or the future that became zombified first, as the phenomenon was not discovered until the opposite direction in time was killed and eaten by the zombified time.}

Special Note: The point in “linear time” which was zombified is called Alpha Now. The point which was devoured by Alpha Now is called Omega Now. {Keep in mind, Alpha Now and Omega Now, may have once been your past and/or future, but now they exist at the exact same moment as Prime Now. (The distance between them is measured in change, not time.)}

{So, to summarize, Alpha Now is a zombie, Omega Now is dead, and Prime Now is both the present moment, and the 30,000 nuyr distance betwixt them.}


Name: Woodsman Everafter

  • Woodsman is actually the character’s middle name; he has Christan name.
  • Woodsman’s last name is Everafter because lives in the Everafter Woodses.
  • Woodsman abandoned his own childhood in the Everafter Woodses. {If you ask Woodsman directly what that means, you won’t get a straight answer. The most honest answer you might hear is “I don’t know, because I abandoned it.” The truth is, Woodsman is not capable of considering the matter any further because, to him, there is nothing to consider.}
  • Woodsman’s abandoned childhood was in fact taken as a sacrifice by the Imaghryphear. [i – ma – jre - ’fir]

Note: The Imaghryphear is the God for monsters. {I.e. the Imaghryphear is to God as the beast is to man.}

  • Woodsman speaks a peculiar modernized Shakespearian dialect called Pine English.  

Note: Pine English is unique to the Everafter.

  • Woodsman cannot read any written language.  
  • According to Woodsman’s estimation, he has his one true heart, plus one heart for every zombie in the Everafter Woodses. That makes infinity, plus one hearts. {Woodsman doesn’t actually understand where his hearts come from, he thinks they come from inside his body.}
  • Woodsman’s body is a naturally occurring zombie energy converter. So, he can absorb almost any kind of energy and use it as a catalyst which, if/when combined with zombie energy, will produce a heart.
  • Each of Woodsman’s hearts takes the form of a life-size golden animal. Some are as small as a single cell; none are larger than his body.
  • Some of Woodsman’s hearts are male, some are female, and they are not always fully grown.  
  • As long as the hearts remain within Woodsman’s reach, they act as if they were living, wild animals. Outside of Woodsman’s reach they turn into statues.
  • Woodsman ejects hearts from his body, involuntarily when he absorbs any energy that would be harmful to a normal human body. {That is to say, anything that could cause a normal person pain causes Woodsman to “bleed” golden animals.}
  • Woodsman does feel pain, but only in the form of hunger.
  • Woodsman thinks his hunger is caused by losing his hearts, but really it is caused by physical and/or emotional pain.
  • The specific kind of animal form Woodsman’s hearts take depends on a number of factors, but seems to be mostly influenced by the amount of force Woodsman’s body absorbs.

Example: If someone were to mistake Woodsman for a zombie and shoot him in the head, instead of blood and brains, there would be a violent explosion of golden beetles and slugs and maybe a frog. Woodsman would be hungry, but unharmed.

  • Woodsman can destroy a heart by eating it.
  • Woodsman has a heartbrand which is an axe called Heart-Taker.  

Note: Heart-Taker can turn anything into a zombie. Except for other heartbrands.

Special Note: The word “heartbrand” refers to any weapon made out of love. The way to make a heartbrand is to give your love a name. All heartbrands’ names start with the word “Heart”, followed by some kind of verb. As you might imagine, heartbrands do pretty much what their names suggest, and they are always weapons. By which I mean, they act of using any heartbrand is tantamount to brandishing a weapon, no matter what form the heartbrand takes.  {Think literal objectified love.}

Heartbrands remain in your heart until they are conjured. You can only conjure your own heartbrand. Different heart-brands can have the same name. The only way to conjure your heartbrand is by saying its name with your whole heart. Once conjured,a heartbrand will have one magical property, but otherwise behave like ordinary objects. Heartbrands can be destroyed, yet cannot be zombified.  

  • Heart-Taker is the very first heartbrand ever created. It predates the next one ever made by over four thousand years. {Woodsman made it by accident.}
  • Woodsman doesn’t know that a person can create and/or wield more than one heartbrand at a time.
  • The only known side effect Woodsman experiences from his lack of a childhood is the phenomenon called deadweight.  

Note: Although Woodsman has freedom of movement, his deadweight makes him intolerant of man-made structures and devices.

  • Woodsman can climb a tree, but he can’t climb stairs because they would collapse.
  • Woodsman can swim, but a man-made vessel cannot carry him over water because the vessel would sink. {Woodsman could never have saved the Titanic, but if he had been there at the right time, he might have saved the iceberg.}
  • Woodsman thinks his deadweight is caused by having infinite hearts of gold contained within his body.  
  • Woodsman doesn’t float, but he can tread water.
  • Woodsman can’t fly.
  • If Woodsman becomes too hungry, his behavior becomes the same as a zombie’s.

Name: Taylor Ava Leana Elixandria


  • Taylor Ava Leana Elixandria is a ninth generation becoming of Our Dear Creator. 

Note: “Becoming” is the original name for persons in the Realm who are active replacements for Our Dear Creator (allegedly murdered by Woodsman during the War of Hearts) as resources for creation, and anchor points for causality. The name “becoming” is a reference to Queen Becoming, (First name: Queen. Last name: Becoming.) who was the first female becoming, and the Realm loved her so much that most people forget that there were two other becomings before her.    

  • Taylor hates using her full name, and prefers to be called by her nickname: TALE.
  • TALE’s official title is: Heart of the Realm.

Note: Heart of the Realm is a ceremonial title with no real authority. However, they are still required to exist. Without a steady supply of creation, the Realm would be consumed by zombies.

  • TALE has a heartbrand which is a pink and hooded mantle called Heart-Giver.

Note: Heart-Giver is the only indestructible heartbrand.

  • Heart-Giver was first created by Queen Becoming, and has been worn, symbolically, by the Heart of the Realm ever since.  
  • TALE is the first becoming who is immune to the effects of Zombie Energy.
  • Taylor can bring Woodman’s Hearts to life, and give them the gift of speech. {Once alive, the hearts speak Pine English like Woodsman.}

Note:  Woodsman cannot hear the voices of his own hearts, even though everyone else can. Woodsman’s hearts can’t die unless eaten. Zombies can eat Woodsman’s heart’s while they are in living form, but not while in statue form. They can also speak and/or read any other language in the Realm.

  • TALE doesn’t know that Woodman’s hearts come to life when they are around other women, too.
  • TALE can talk to numbers. {infinity doesn’t talk}
  • TALE sometimes wears a pair of glasses called Heart-lover. {Heart-lover is not a real heartbrand, TALE only wears it so she won’t have to tell everybody that she can talk to numbers}
  • TALE can fly.
  • TALE is an anthropomorphous shapeshifter. {That means she can’t completely shift into another being, but she can do stuff like give herself wings, or a tail, etc.} 

Name: Heath Badwolf


  • As the Heartmaster General, Heath Badwolf is entitled to destroy anyone in the Realm whenever he decides to do so.

Note: Heartmasters are the only true martial force in the Realm. Due to the reciprocity of Prime now, {upon which the Realm was founded} there can be no conflict in the Realm. The title of Heartmaster is granted to certain individuals who have been assigned at least one major strategic victory in the War of Hearts. This entitlement is based on the individual’s martials status as of Omega Now. The Heartmaster General is the leader of the entire Heartmaster forces.

  • Heartmaster General Badwolf has a heartbrand which is a whip called Heart-Beater.

Note: Heart-Beater is the most feared heartbrand in the Realm. If you are lashed by Heart-Beater the wound will never heal, not even in the afterlife. Not only that, but no one who has been lashed by Heart-Beater has ever been able to make a heartbrand again.

  • Heath Badwolf is Realm famous for being the only military commander to never lose a battle during the entire War of Hearts.
  • H.G. Badwolf has a dog named Trusty-lead-dog. Trusty, for short.
  • Trusty wears a heartbrand, which is a dog caller, called Heart-Bringer.

Note: When Trusty dies, Heart-Bringer retrieves the soul, planting it into the next best available dog body.

  • Trusty is the only animal that has ever used a heartbrand.
  • Trusty rules over all animals in the Realm.
  • Trusty does not rule over people, or Woodsman’s hearts.
  • Trusty can read, and understand every language spoken or read in the Realm.
  • Trusty can’t talk.
  • Trusty only obeys the Heartmaster General.

Trusty also killed Leo the Lion, (The previous king of beasts.) and his two bodyguards, Dasher and Dancer, two magical reindeer formerly under allegiance to Santa Claus.  

  • Heartmaster General Heath Badwolf’s ears are long, pointed, hairy, and lupine. (It is a family trait.)
  • H.G. Badwolf’s ears are believed to be so sensitive that he can hear everything in the Realm.

Note: The Heartmaster can’t really hear everything. For example, he can’t hear your thoughts. However, he could hear your brain activity.

Name: Man-Sheep Everlasting

{The name is meant to be funny, because the joke is on ewes.}


  • Man-Sheep Everlasting is a goat legged man who was born with the left arm of a ram.
  • Man-Sheep’s right leg is the strongest, and has black fur.  
  • Man-Sheep’s left leg is a little shorter and has grey fur.
  • Man-Sheep’s left arm has white fur.
  • Man-Sheep is a Guardian of the Realm.

Note: Guardian of the Realm is a mostly honorary title meant to identify him as one of the best fighters in the Realm. As of Alpha Now, it also means he is responsible for keeping the Realm safe from zombies.

  • Man-Sheep uses more heartbrands than anyone else in the Realm.
  • Man-Sheep’s favorite heartbrand is a sword called Heart-Cutter.

Note: Heart-Cutter can cut through anything.  

  • Heart-Cutter is widely considered to be the most powerful heartbrand in the Realm.
  • Man-Sheep also has a heartbrand which is an unstylish black trench coat called Heart-Stealer. He likes it because it mostly covers his legs.

Note: Heart-Stealer makes him immune to the effects of all other heartbrands.

  • Man-Sheep Everlasting is one of many renowned historian-scholar-theorists who believe that Leo the Lion was a just and noble ruler who, during the War of Hearts, kept his war with the birds exclusive from the conflict between humans and zombies. That is, until humanity became so starved for resources that an alliance between humans and dogs was formed in order to assassinate Leo.

Tambahkan Sesuatu Jika Ingin

Jika kau ingin, tambahkan tabahmu dalam segala lelahku. Jika mampu, mari kita mulai perjalanan ini bersama-sama. Tak ada siapa yang paling besar di antara kita. Kita sama dan sepadan. Tak perlu untuk menjadi yang lebih, selain kemampuan untuk saling melengkapi dalam keutuhan.

Jika kau ingin, tambahkan saja rasa rindumu ke dalam cangkir cinta pada sebuah sore yang jingga. Biarkan semua itu hinggap pada langit-langit senja. Kita saksikan semua itu di sana. Sambil bermain-main jari jemari, kita rangkai segala kisah pada setiap nafas cinta.

Jika kau ingin, tambahkan saja sesuatu yang bisa menciptakan kenangan yang tak akan lekang. Sebab, hanya dengan itu kita bisa bersama pada sebuah waktu yang lain.

Maumere, 2019

What’s the matter with me?

“I thought I was being selfless

But I’m a liar

Not a bad-hearted one

No, God, please listen to me

I was trying to do good

Give and give

but maybe I do want something out of it

I wanted to give the best to my teachers

but I gave them my worst?

Will they understand?

Oh God, please listen

I wanted to give the prettiest ones to strangers


what was I thinking?

I wanted to give and give and give, 

believing I wanted nothing in return

But perhaps I do?

Do I? My happiness is low, I wish I gave more, better, the best 

to the people I know

Not the strangers I’ll never see again.”

- excerpt from novel I’ll never write

Cooking with Witches

        "What did I tell you?“
        "Don’t lick the spoo—”
        “Don’t lick the spoon! And what did you do?“
        "I licked the spoon.”
        "You licked the spoon! And now look at you: got scales growing every which where and Lord knows who long it’ll take to get that pink outta your hair.“        
        I pick at the skin on my arm and peel away a long, slimy patch. The scales underneath glisten beneath the buzz of a yellow light bulb. I’d made a face of disgust, but my cheeks feel as stiff as a board. There’s a fly hovering over the pot bubbling on the stove. It’s hard to tear my eyes away.
        Grandma Gristle puts a hand on her hip and wags a wooden spoon at me. It smells like chocolate and peppermint, and I can still taste it coating the back of my throat. She’s wearing her "Kiss the pagan” apron, as clean and pristine as the day I bought it for her.
        "What have I told you time and time again, child?“ Her voice is smooth and warm like a summer rain from a cloudless sky. It makes me think of a home I can’t remember and I feel my eyes close.
        "Never lick the spoon from a witch’s pot.”

Lesson number 3

        Lesson number 3: Always listen to kids.
        Case in point: I was at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to turn red when a 4-year-old tugged on his momma’s sleeve. She was on the phone and talking about some dude named Davey and she didn’t hear him say, “Momma, you have to step on the white! The eyes will get you if you don’t.”
        The eyes didn’t like that. Another rule laid on them, another spell binding them. They narrowed on the boy, red veins spreading through the sclera, bulging beneath the asphalt.
        The light turned red, and we all stepped out. I kept my feet on the white, just in case, but Momma was still on the phone. She took one step on the black and she slipped down, down, *down,* and then she was gone.
        The eye’s snapped shut. The kid started to cry. I called the cops.
        Always listen to kids, because they make their own magic and it is a powerful magic.

imagine your perfect world.

Would it be wild and untamed, filled with vines crawling the walls of crumbling buildings, bunches or brightly hued flowers blossoms from any and all available space, filling the air with sweet, earthy scents? A world where animals had no reason to fear man or its creations. A world still flourishing with magicks of ages long forgotten.

Imagine, for yourself, giant shadows spanning over the ground as majestic dragons flew above you, scales shining brightly in the sun, and pure white unicorns grazing in open fields, approaching any and all women and girls they found, for the world was devoid of impurities and taboos.

perhaps your perfect world is that of those who are broken and alone. A place where no one is left friendless or heartbroken. a place where all stomachs are full, and all people are considered beautiful in the bodies they were born in. Imagine a world where love is love, regardless of gender or ethnicity. a place where people were accepted for their identities rather than shunned.

 A world where intelligence isn’t based off a number written in red ink, where tests caused excitement to show one’s learning and understanding of a subject, instead of causing anxiety and fear.

Instead of such drastic social changes, maybe all you need in is more self love. A world where you and others are no longer concerned about the clarity of your skin, where inches in the waist are undermined by size of the heart and the abundance of love. Where you no longer hide the marks on your skin under hot, long sleeves. a place where you yourself can respond with “I’m fine,” or “Yeah, I’m happy,” and mean it.


Palm Reading at the Bakery

        "Death ain’t nothing but a con.“
        "A cheat.”
        "A lie.“
        They all nod as smoke spills from their mouths and coils around their fingers like cool serpents before slipping beneath the table. They each take a drag on the same vape laced with hemlock and belladonna and their milky white eyes turn to me.
        "Don’t fall for it, kid.”
        "Don’t look like they did.“
        "But the advice still stands.”
        They lay their hands on mine, soft as silk and just as dead, and their nails dig into my bones. I order them a slice of key lime pie and they coo in delight. They don’t use forks as they dig in.
        "Fate’s a bitch.“
        "Karma’s a lie.”
        "And Destiny ain’t nothing but a pipe dream.“

五十五 (55)

Kazuo raced through the rain to the bus stop. He got there just in time to catch the next bus heading up to the Skyline Observatory. As he sat on the bus, he hoped that she would wait out the weather.

He pulled out his phone and listened to the message she had left him. She sounded upset, and he immediately felt terrible for making her wait for him. He wasn’t even sure how to explain his tardiness. He hadn’t even fully realized until that moment, but he had left Sadashi in his house with no real answer to her confession. He now felt even more terrible for that. Kazuo wondered how the day had gone so fantastically wrong in such a short amount of time. It was just his luck.

He decided it was too late to fix the Sadashi situation, but he still had a chance to save the other one. Kazuo pulled out his phone and called the girl back.

The line rang and rang. Kazuo knew that she was notoriously bad at answering her phone, but he felt like perhaps she was doing it out of spite. He heard the ringing cease and the familiar greeting played, asking him to leave a message.

“Hi! I’m sorry! I got your message! I promise I’m on my way. I’m sorry, I wasn’t getting sweets or anything like you said… I was… Well, I’m on my way! So please, just wait for me!”

Kazuo was certainly doing a terrible job of hiding the desperation and guilt in his voice, but the day was not going anywhere near how he had expected it to. The rain kept falling as the bus made its slow climb up the mountain road.

The girl was still perched on the metal rail underneath her umbrella. She was trying to avoid constantly checking her phone to see if Kazuo had called her back. She thought it was completely uncharacteristic of him not to at least respond right away.

Maybe he doesn’t get reception on this mountain? Or maybe the bus is late because of the rain, she thought, trying to calm her nerves. The rain was still pouring, but she felt safe underneath her umbrella. She would not let the inclement weather get her down, however, as she thought of alternative places that could still offer some potential for a confession. Though she was certainly planning on making it excruciating for Kazuo, as payment for making her wait in the rain. She imagined herself giving him several fake-out confessions before the real one and chuckled to herself. As she did so, she felt the air around her was buzzing with excitement. Her hair felt like it was standing on its ends. Just then, her phone rang.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she was caught off-guard by it, and she accidentally dropped her phone. It fell to the ground, bouncing gently.

“Whoops!” she exclaimed. She looked down to try to see where it had landed. Just then, a bright flash ripped through the air from somewhere above. It illuminated everything in its path, leaving a silhouetted after-image in its wake as it found its way to a single rod of metal in the form of an umbrella pole. It struck its mark, and afterwards, everything went dark.

Kazuo arrived and bound out the doors of the bus. There were not many people around, most likely having left due to the weather. He tried calling the girl again, but the line kept ringing. He ran to the gift shop, since it was one of the only places sheltered by the rain. There was no one there. There was some sort of commotion going on around the corner, and it seemed that a large group of people had gathered. Kazuo looked around and didn’t see the girl, so he thought perhaps she had joined the group. He walked over, and saw some police officers taping off the area. It looked like something serious had happened. Kazuo felt an inexplicable uneasiness in his stomach at the sight. He pushed his way through the crowd, but was stopped at the front by a police officer.

“There’s been an accident,” he said to Kazuo, “Please stay back.”

Just then, Kazuo saw two first aid responders carrying a stretcher with a white sheet over the outline of a body away from the area behind the officer. Kazuo was reminded of his mother’s figure after a similar white sheet had been drawn over her body at the hospital, and he wanted to look away. But just then, a hand slipped out from underneath the sheet, and Kazuo immediately recognized the red bracelet that hung from the limp wrist.

Kazuo screamed until the very core of his being shook and trembled away.

Fallen At the Coffeehouse

        There was an angel working at Starbucks. She had rose-tinted hair pulled up in a bun and eyes like fractured stain glass haphazardly pushed back together. She wore a blue-striped button-down with the sleeves rolled up and the burn marks bloomed like orchids along her skin.
        "John!“ She shouts as she sets a latte on the counter. Her voice is ragged, graveled, broken. It scapes the air and the poor bastard winces when the sound finally reaches him.
        I lean against the counter and watch as she pours a new drink into a cup without a name. None of the cups she sent out had names. Her nails are long and painted green and they leave marks on the cardboard coffee sleeves as she slips them on and calls name after name after name.
        "How’d you end up here?” I ask before I think it might be rude.
        She shrugs and a few feathers fall to the ground, burnt and black and turning to ash.
        "This wasn’t the death I planned for.“

Life Lesson Number 1

        Life lesson number 1: No one goes to a laundromat at 2:30 in the morning on a Saturday. They end up there.
        Life lesson number 2: If someone ends up at a laundromat at 2:30 A.M. on Saturday, then odds are their life has gone to shit.
        That’s what I thought when I first saw him. Well, if I’m being honest, my first thought was that he looked like he went three rounds with a pneumatic press and lost. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and for a moment I took the bruises and scratches to be abstract tattoos littered across his body like a tapestry of blue-black ink struck through with red. His jeans were torn and the skin peeking out from beneath were just as bruised as the rest of him and his bare feet were black with dirt.
        He was here before me, leaning against a dryer as he watched a washing machine with the kind of look only a dead man could have. He didn’t move, he didn’t look around at me or the two other people in the building. He only moved with the machine stopped. He fished out a few quarters from his pocket and set the washing machine going again.
        I thought it was shoes at first, the way something bounced around and made the washer shake and rumble. I didn’t think to ask. I knew better than to ask. I can see things, you see, things that’d rather stay hidden. And I looked into him and…
        …and there was an evil in him.
        The kind of thing that turns the blood to ice before it hits the ground.
        So I sat down and played on my phone. I peeked once or twice until he ran out of quarters and left without pulling anything from the washing machine. Curiosity got the better of me and I walked over to look inside, but there wasn’t anything there.
        I looked out the front window and he was standing there, his back to me, and I saw it again like a black spot of ink pooling beneath his skin.
        There was an evil in him.
        Its name was Fear.