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This is a set of Five 3D frames. Due to its structure, these frames are called 3D frames. This is the best and latest Fiber Art done by us.

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Acrylic is the best alternate to glass. It is safer and cost effective. It can be molded in different shapes based on the requirement 👇

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Why Fiber Is Important For Good Health

Trying my hand at loom knitting while I scrape together funds for the garden. A loom and some yarn was an easier start up cost.


I honestly have no idea what I’m doing, but it resembles a scarf at least? The weight of the yarn is completely wrong but, for a first project, it’s not a bad way to learn the craft.

At least it’s pretty, and a practice in the mediation. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get skilled enough to make a nice hat for myself.

I never have been adept with my hands, and repeated injuries to my wrists haven’t helped matters. The loom gives me a baseline to learn, and a sense of efficacy in my work that a crochet hook can’t quickly give me.

The quietness and softness of it is good for my anxiety. I wonder, why didn’t I learn that this was a thing sooner?

Attention Knitters Who Sell Their Work!!?

I love knitting and I’d like to start selling some of the things I knit but I’ve come to a problem….

How much do you charge for certain items / labor / ect?

I only would be able to make scarves and beanies so far but need to know a reasonable price to charge or how to formulate cost per item?

And where would I set up to sell these things? Basically I need a selling knit work 101 course 😅

Experienced Knitters please help!

After a very long weekend of events for our team we are headed home from both VKL-NYC and Creativation/TNNA. Thank you everyone who came out to see us at both events we really love getting to meet you all off of the interwebs and in real life.
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