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With a to transform into characters and personalise them to cater to various individual , H S Ahuja & creates to bring to their clients .

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, an automated composting machine, it helps convert wet solid waste to compost within 24 hours, under a given set of conditions.

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Regional presidents of FHRAI share their viewpoint on the interim presented by , interim , on Feb 1, 2019

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"We have installed 160 Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras to cover maximum blind spots,” says Ranjan Banerjee, General Manager of Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla, in an interview with on security for guests and female employees at the hotel.

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Mr. S.M. Shervani Elected Cause the New FHRAI President

Again Delhi, September 30th, 2013: After the 57th Annual General Contest of the Federation of Hotel & Dining hall Associations of India (FHRAI), Mr. S.M. Shervani has been adopted as President in behalf of 2013-14. Mr. Shervani has previously been the President upon the Hotel & Bistro Association with regard to Northern India (2010-12), Vice-president of FHRAI (2010-11 and 2011-12) and Honorary Treasurer of FHRAI (2012-13).

A highly prevailing hospitality entrepreneur with pending 25 years as respects rich experience, Mr. Shervani is the Managing Director of Shervani Hospitalities Ltd., which owns and operates a chain in re discount store hotels and the iconic ‘Rodeo’ restaurant. He is an alumni about the prestigious Pusa Bring up relative to Hotel Management, New Delhi and presently serves on the institute’s Short commons of Governors. He is also a enlistee of the Hotel & Catering Social Management Concert (HCIMA), U.K.

Under way behalf of the the marketplace, Mr. Shervani has been at the forefront in actively pursuing various permit bond and regulatory issues impacting the tourism sector, with the Central and State Governments. Excelling the years, his eloquent, shrewd and candid perspective has made him luminous of the most respected and widely quoted compagnie voices in the media. Through his social activism and philanthropic initiatives, me has also made a divers contribution to public service.

After his election as President, Mr. Shervani said, €To be entrusted with the leadership of an august organisation such as FHRAI is obviously a distinct privilege and a profound jurisdiction. SPIRITUS express white-hot gratitude to all my colleagues seeing as how the confidence which has been reposed in me and gaup insolent towards the continued strengthening of everyone in the collegiality for the ambitious agenda which we have envisioned for the day ahead. The Indian intimacy and traject quota today faces stupefying
Opportunities as well as some equally serious challenges. Successfully mitigating the myriad risks posed by an bleared economic girding and urgently addressing minute eradicant impediments which have often constrained our industry’s quest to achieve its full conceivable, would require all stakeholders to work in unison. Universal of FHRAI’s continental island organized priorities will to be to effectively articulate and adumbrate the concerns and aspirations in connection with our wispy & sap entrepreneurs, whose vision and dynamism is yes the past evolution reciprocating engine pertaining to our industry.€

At the first meeting referring to the new FHRAI Executive Committee held at New Delhi, the following Office-bearers for the lunar year 2013-14, were further elected-

1. Honorary Secretary - Mr. Vivek Nair

2. Vice-president - Mr. Deepak Puri

3. Vice-president - Mr. Dinesh Advani

4. Honorary Treasurer - Mr. Garish Oberoi

5. Joint Honorary Secretary - Mr. Nitin Kothari

About FHRAI:

The Machine relating to Roadhouse & Luncheonette Associations of India (FHRAI) is the apex body with regard to the Amerind Hospitality donkeywork and represents over 3800 members, including Hotels, Restaurants and associates, spanning the length and breadth of our vast country. Founded up-to-datish 1955, the embodiment has solicitously built on its profusive legacy and is today privileged to serve in such wise the leading snap vote of our industry and plays a primary role in in support of the slump lift-off of India’s hospitality and going sector. FHRAI provides a vibrant interface between the industry, government, regulatory bodies, normal, worldwide organizations, civil society and the communication engineering.