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Leute schlaft schön und träumt was schönes bis Morgen dann haben wir schon wieder und das ist nicht mehr fern bis denne 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

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plz suffocate me with money so i can buy episode ardyn :(

i love diving deep into the lore of antagonists and he’s prolly the most classy&sassy antagonist i’ve ever encountered in my gaming life so i wanna know what made him one hell of a douchebag antagonist



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FF Magnus and Morgan

As a specific players have discovered/ could infer- Magnus and Morgan Wardien are quite close. They often work together or travel with one another- pairing up to go on their own adventures and makin their own discoveries.

Morgan tolerates a lot of Magnus’s and Zofie’s bullshit and spastic behaviors. If anyone else even tried to pull a fraction of what they do- the poor soul’s head would roll. Morgan doesn’t even tolerate the Twin’s acting like Magnus usually does. Then again- the Twins do take up a lot of eachother’s time and drive one another crazy. Rather than driving any other specific family members crazy with their special brand of foolishness. I digress.

Their relationship is special. Out of all the family members, Morgan really cares for and loves Magnus the most. Now, Magnus cares for all his family. Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers. He likes making them happy, making them smile or take their mind off of problems- even if it’s just for a bit. Reminding them that there is a whole world right outside their door and sometimes you have to just step out and enjoy it. Out of all of them, it is Morgan he’s had to drag out into the world and cheer up time and time again. He’s always trying to make her smile, be a voice to counter her own self doubt and making sure she’s taking care of herself.

Morgan is known to obsessively commit to her research projects. Not eating or sleeping, disregarding her health when working on her research/projects or to her studies. Magnus always jumps in to make sure she’s still alive and hasn’t croaked due to her stubborn commitment to discovery and understanding the world. She is very much the shut-in crazy scientist archetype.

Her little brother is that much needed tether to reality and her own health. While she is powerful in her own right, she did likes traveling alone. It makes her feel uneasy and she can’t focus on her works. Not to mention she struggles with discovering/finding artifacts on her own. Step in Magnus, the weird/oddity magnate with a nack for finding ancient places or artifacts and you’ve got an amazing duo.

Magnus will watch over and makes sure nothing dares bother his older sister when she’s doing magical sciency stuff, besides himself of course. Morgan in return, gives and makes sure Magnus how powerful items and that he stays healthy and protected from magical effects. She even teaches him what’s she’s learnt and Magnus uses that knowledge to do something practical- then reports back if it worked or might need some revision. Together they explore, recover and discover places, items and knowledge. Working together towards their shared goals of discovery and wishing to experience the world- though in different ways.

Joking and serious. Theory and in practice. Extrovert and introvert. Happiness and sadness. The compass and the map. Risk taker and risk avoider. Careful planning and winging it. They complement one another. Balancing out their quirks and letting the best parts of each other shine.

Even their companion/familiar get along. Zofie and Kural, a Fearie Dragon and Hollow-Fadetouched Spider respectively, often converse with one another. Usually they end up basically getting high off of one another’s different magic types by pooling and mixing their magic together. They swap stories and updates with how their partners are doing. They also teach one another about different things. Kural about being a Hollow-Fade and Zofie about being an actual physical and truly independent being. Kural has no desire to be real but is still fascinated how completely different entities can work together so fluidily and the concept of families. Kural is getting the hang of friendships though and enjoys indulging in trying to work in tandem with Zofie. Though it never works- both find great humor in that.


That’s the overview of their relationship and how it works between them, including their little buddies. This is at least how it operates canonically in FF can’t say what it’s like in Mantle of Flames. Lmao cause I’m a player in that game, not the White Snake.

Might talk about what the Hollow-Fade is next time. It all depends- my world lore is… perhaps a little TOO in-depth and expansive. Oh well.

Anyway, you all know the drill. Any questions, comments or concerns- feel free to ask. If you have something you’d like to know more about, ask me and I’ll get you and everyone else the details.

Take it easy.


Never more was this statement more apt…

“War were declared.”

*Spoilers for Part 1 of Patch 4.5 MSQs!*

night blogging

author: k3ykwangie
rating: m
tags: romance, camboy!au (sort of), college!au, roommate!au, friends to lovers
warnings: daddy kink, sex toys
other stuff/notes: chanyeol is dumb period; omg i used to be like yeol when i was in sixth grade; BAEK’S ANONS MAKE ME LAUGH THEY REMIND ME OF MY ~KOALATEA TUMBLR~ DAYS; basically yeol jerks off to baek’s videos, not knowing that it’s him; the second chapter has me SOBBING i loved it

Chanyeol is convinced he knows pretty much everything about his roommate-slash-best friend. Living in a shared space with a person for a majority of the year does that, he argued. Little did he know…