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🔴 ECOLE DE FOOT - PORTES OUVERTES 👉 À l'aube de la saison prochaine, notre club vous ouvre ses portes, le 15/05. Aussi bien les filles que les garçons, des U6 aux U14 F, nos éducateurs auront le plaisir de vous accueillir l'espace d'un entraînement! 😍 🧡🖤

Prompted by to raise awareness about , today I post a photo of our most recent frozen . They are our hope over the next few months as we give our journey 3 more attempts.

See you on Friday 4:45 pm. Level B1 Hall A. will present enhanced detection of by interferometric reflectance imaging. Work of 🇪🇺 project INDEX

⚽ SENIORS B 👉 En déplacement au SCA d'Angers pour un match amical, hier soir, nos tangos se sont imposés 4 buts à 2. Réalisations de P. Da Costa, H.Merieau, S.Cous et 😍 🔴 Le club souhaite un prompt rétablissement au joueur local. 🧡🖤

🔴 ALBUM DU CLUB 👉 Il reste moins d'une centaine de pochettes de vignettes à vendre, à Bioteau ! Demain, mais aussi ce week-end, les dernières seront en ventes au club House. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter par MP si vous êtes intéressés 😍 🧡🖤

Spring Ready! FET Ready! SM Ken and the team at Bellevue, WA #4711 are ready for the transformation. Great team and amazing Associates ready to take it to the next level!

FET update: Successfully retested and made the S/R flip, and is now forming an ascending triangle pattern. Already poked many times on the resistance. More pokes mean the wall's getting thinner. Break here, next stop is 5500 sats. Break there, moon is our next goal.

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B2B aims to metastatic develop a breakthrough technology that for the first time dissects the steps of spontaneous metastasis to the bone and captures the complexity of the process. Read more at

update on , took some days but reached target at ~4500sats for a 20%+ profit.. Looking kinda bearish with that double top // test of the resistance I would recomend to close your position here with profit and re open if break over resistance & succesful retest occurs..

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FET update: Welp, thanks market. Shit happens I guess. Currently retesting the breakout of The Meme Line™. I'm holding this dude, and I have a lot. Like, a LOT a lot.

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Covering losses with today. Anything to keep my head above water and pay the rent! still hodling xrp moon bag. Happy Easter 🐣

/BTC is expected to complete an arch. Entry at the current level could be little risky, you may consider to enter at the green level. Target is 5465 Sat. Refer the chart for labels/details.

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Recap of where we are

Today has been hard. I feel like I need to recap the long and winding road that we have had on our journey towards baby no. 2.

November 2017:

After long discussions, went to the clinic to talk about the future and starting treatment again. Took the first-ever ERA test, which indicated my best transfer date to be DPO 6.

Time passed, we struggled with our relationship, I was too tired to do anything about anything.

June 2018, we start treatments  for our first retrieval cycle. Midsummer bank holiday ruins everything, no retrieval.

August 2018, 1st retrieval cycle: 9 eggs retrieved, NONE make it past day 2. No transfer.

September 2018: 2nd retrieval cycle: 9 eggs, a stunning total of 6 eggs mature into blastocysts. 1 fresh transfer, 5 embryos put into the freezer.

October 2018: 1st transfer, fresh embryo transfer. Bleeding starts within a few days of transfer. Fail.

November 2018: 2nd transfer, fail.

December 2018: No treatment because of Christmas holidays

January 2019: Transfer no 3, fail. Questions about the timing bother me with all the failed tries.

January 25, 2019: Talk with the doctor about the timing and maybe retaking the ERA test.

February 2019: multiple visits to the clinic, wondering about the ERA test and finding out from the ERA lab what they think about a retake.

February 26, 2019: 2nd ERA test, results ambiguous, a new test needed.

March 2019, 3rd ERA test, taken on two separate days. 

April 2019: Results of the new ERA test indicate best day to be DPO 4.

April 9, transfer no. 4.

April 23: Negative bloodtest.

1,5 years. 3 ERA tests, 4 transfers. 0 babies. 

Bloodtest taken

I hate waiting, but I’ll know later today. I asked the nurse and she said it’s rare that the bloodtest shows your pregnant if the pee test does not, but with this treatment it does occassionally happen, which is why we need to check. So we wait, for about 5-6 hours.

I feel so so sad. The only other time I’ve gone in for a pregnancy test was to confirm I was pregnant with T. Now I went to confirm I was not pregnant. And I may very well never be pregnant again.

tomorrow we’ll know

Tomorrow is the day that the test should turn positive if it’s ever going to in this cycle.

I’ve had no other symptoms except that my breasts feel tense and sore but that, too, could be caused by the meds, as the gel I’m on lists that among the common adverse effects. Or it could be some hard core PMS symptom. The irritability continues. I’m shouting like a crazy person.

I’ll let you know.

PMS rage

is real and is making our life hell yet again. I’m clinging to straws and trying to think maybe it’s pregnancy-induced or caused by the progestogen pills + gel combo that I have been on since transfer day. I know that when I was on the mini pill for a few months in my twenties, I was near-suicidal and was close to ending my then relationship before I realised it was the pill doing it. The mini pill is also a synthetic analogue of natural progesterone, but maybe the side effects are not the same…

But no, in reality I know that this is PMS. when I was pregnant with T, I had no PMS rage, I had some physical PMS-type symptoms but not this life-ruining rage and all-compassing hatred of everyone and everything. A part of me wishes that this would all be over with, I’d just get my period and calm the f down.

If anyone has any insight into the effects of progestogen (synthetic progesterone)?

Yeah, I know, I’m clinging to straws.


will be on the shopping list for Easter. Because I know for a fact that I’m going to get my period. I’m edgy, and feel like it’s going to start any minute. I know, anything could mean anything or nothing, but a negative test (even if a little early) and period pains… is a failed FET.

Caved in, took the test


But this time’s an exception, as the doc told me not to trust a negative until Monday, although today was the first possible test date. I wondered about it, though, because previously, the test date has been set at 2 weeks and 2 days from ovulation, and that would be next Sunday.

Having written the above, I phoned the clinic and the nurse said today’s too early, better to test on Sunday/Monday.

There’s still hope. Normally, my cycle would have started today but now with the estrogen putting my ovaries out of the game, I suppose that’s irrelevant. It’s possible to get your period while on the estrogen pads but unlikely. (I’ll prob get mine, still).

Transfer done

The transfer went smoothly, I drank maybe too little this time because I wasn’t uncomfortable at all and they had to press the transducer on my belly quite hard to have any visibility. But they didn’t say anything other than that it went smoothly.

I did get a chance to talk with the doctor after the transfer. He said the ERA lab is insists that when the two previous tests were done, they were correct, although the results were different from the latest. It only means my body is unpredictable in its response to natural progesterone.

In other words, there is simply no telling what the correct time would have been on the earlier transfers because my body can have or cannot have reacted to the trigger shot in the right time. Although it does seem unlikely that it would have reacted normally.

Be that as it may, this cycle’s course of treatment was the course of treatment followed in the cycle that led to the last ERA result and now that my natural progesterone production is zero, there can be no variation in the levels. Or at least no significant variation. So timing-wise, it should work. The biggest question of course is the quality of the embryo.

What I didn’t realise first is that now that I have no progesterone production, I’ll have to continue wearing estrogen pads and taking progesterone pills even if I get pregnant in order to stay pregnant. Also, I won’t get my period as long as I’m on the estrogen pads so the only way to tell if I’m pregnant is the test. And even that can give a false negative first because of the meds. If the test is positive, it’s reliable, but a negative test can’t be trusted on the first few testing days, so they want a blood test. He made me practically swear not to stop any meds even if the test is negative because even if it turned positive later, the pregnancy would fail if there was any break in progesterone supply. That sounded a bit scary. Once the placenta is fully functional around week 9, I’ll stop the meds. IF I get pregnant that is.

The first possible test date is 18 April, just before Easter. If the test is negative, I won’t be able to go in for a blood test until Tuesday 23 April. So I think I’ll test on Monday 22 to make sure it won’t ruin Easter.


Tomorrow is transfer day. I’m a little bit nervous about it because I know my expectations are going to be high now that the timing should be correct. At the same time, I’m very worried about so many embryos going to waste. The thing is, there is no more of the donor sperm left for us, so if these three fail, that’s it, and we’ll forever be second-guessing about the ones we’ve wasted.

I really thought that 6 embryos would give us PLENTY of chances.

I hope that I’ll get a chance to talk with the doctor tomorrow after the transfer.


The Strain Cast, Season 1

The cast photos from Season 3 reminded me of this old photo shoot from Season 1. I had a lot of fun playing around with me and I hope you enjoy my edits.

I’ve put all of the original promotional photos in an Imgur album for anyone who might want to enjoy and share them!  All of the photos are incredible 4k+ quality (4872 × 6496).

Part 1 of 2.  [4k+ Originals here]


I guess I thought this would be it bc last time it took 1 fresh transfer and 2 frozen ones for us to succeed. Of course it doesn’t mean anything. But I wasn’t very worried until now. Now I feel like a pathethic old woman, who by the way is getting GLASSES next week because of AGING, who is simply clinging to straws. Is that really a time to think about new life being generated by my body when obviously I’m OLD and tired.

feeling very sad and sorry for myself.

still no period

but I still feel like it’s a matter of minutes before it starts. But I’ve felt like that for about 3-4 days now… I keep stuffing my face with sweets which I only do right before my period.

I phoned the clinic to check my plan of action if I do get my period before the testing date which is Monday. They said to start the same meds I did last time, if the bleeding is heavy enough to qualify as a proper period and if the preg test is negative. The nurse on the phone said I’m not likely to get my period as long as I’m on progesterone. Well I’ve got my period way before test date on all the other treatment cycles too (except one, of course) although I had had the same thing about progesterone said to me before. I asked the doc about it last time and he said the type of (or dosage?) progesterone that I’m on does not affect my period. I felt like saying to the nurse, look you shouldn’t say that sort of thing, because it doesn’t seem to be true but of course I didn’t.

So we wait. and wait. and wait. and wait. 2 days to go. max.