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Con el equipo de DR Meta de , desarrollamos Comité Técnico Regional junto al operador , para revisar el avance de VI. Son 1618 hogares vinculados en el Meta con $744 millones de inversión en Seguridad Alimentaria

The countdown is on to the and the has the #1 pick! Let’s get together and watch history at the - See you Thursday on Fulton St. 5:30pm

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Nos enorgullece ver cómo el impacto de nuestros programas y se multiplica con el liderazgo, inteligencia e iniciativa de estos jóvenes técnicos emprendedores rurales. Mañana estarán en México, representando a Colombia en el IV Encuentro de Jóvenes .

22/06 ⁣ ⁣Midsummer day fest «Svyata Sontsa» ⁣ ⁣«Swiata Sonca» kupalski fest⁣ ⁣& Joryj Kłoc⁣ ⁣@dudutki_official⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

Get a car from Hertz to get to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. Visit our website for more information and to make your booking:

CMR Cultura 2019 has received an overwhelming response from students across departments! It has been an event of innovation, as it covers cultural, technical and managerial aspects of learning.

"We had a at our local in bucks and it honestly makes me so happy knowing my son is included in local events" ~ Sandra-Louise Thanks for this lovely review. We are delighted that Eli (pictured below) had a fantastic time at 😃 💜

Eli is in his wheelchair sitting beside the bed changing bench inside Mobiloo.

Northlandeerrs! Lid Ar Morrigan III aftermovie! Merçi beaucoup! And we're bringing you great news in the following days! Stay tuned! Photo by: Circle Pit of Photography

Hach, die ging viel zu schnell vorbei wieder, oder? Habt ihr das auch in der verbracht? 💛 (Foto: Marco Papajewski)

SAKAAR ENTERTAINMENT Presents SOUTH ASIAN SUMMER FESTIVAL 2019 In New Jersey. Exclusive Telugu concert 1st time in New Jersey. Enjoy this fabulous concert with Anasuya Bhardwaj and Sunitha Upadrashta and more.

We are excited to welcome back Festival for on July 13th, 12-10pm. They will be closing out the day of fun with an hour of "best of the fest" starting at sunset. Get $5 off tix with promo code TWJERSEY now!

【お譲りします】 FEST VAINQUEUR チェキお譲りいたします。 1枚500円+送料 まとめ買いを優先とさせていただきます。 リプ・DMよりお気軽にご連絡ください。 VAINQUEUR 'LL

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Hookup With Kinky Singles!!

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Концерт #disturbed в @stereoplaza. #music #metal #kyiv #redhead #kamibella #walks #photography #tuesday #june2019 #fest #instavideo (Stereo Plaza)

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Good times at Ziontific fest. Had a blast meeting new friends and checking out all the amazing work everyone around us was doing. Here’s another clip of our new video wall addition to the set up.

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Get A Free Berry From Sophie In The Park!

Berry Fest runs from June 17 to 28 and Mayor Sophie Stockwell wants to help you fill your jars! Stop by Kinzville Park and click on Sophie every day to get a Mixed Berry Gift Basket. Then drag the Gift Basket into your pet’s room to have a random berry added to your dock!

She’ll be in the Park every day during Berry Fest so be sure to stop by and see her!

Plus – visit Ganz eStore every day to get a free Mixed Berry Basket!


A festival is a set of representations dedicated to an artist or an art, it comes from the word “fest“ which meaning varies between pertaining or relative to the party to being happy, fun and joyful. If we referred to this word we are talking about something that acts by letting itself be carried away by its natural affective impulses, without attending to what dictates the reason or the social convention: it’s the inertia of the fest that drives the actions. In Milano we can find numerous places which enable different mechanisms of information exchange to be activated in a public space, combining different activities within the same place, either simultaneously (mixité) or deferred in time (use mutability) are those considerable “flexible spaces”. Moreover, what it is possible to call “festivalization” is something spontaneous which appears, in some occasions, in these special places: the re-appropriation of public space through artistic action creates this kind of “festival” within areas and people can immediately feel it. The festivalization of a city passes through the consolidation of these process. In this sense, the case of Triennale di Milano, represented in the postcard, is emblematic: born as an exposition site, nowadays it represents something way more various and vibrant, hosting dozens of events any year, also not directly related with the artistic or the design world. In the years, this kind of generalized dynamics made of Milan the perfect example of a festivalized city, thanks to interventions of tactical urbanism, parades, mutant events but also spontaneous actions made by isolated groups or individuals.

Credits | Group 17: Feng Ning, Fernández Sánchez Paula, Fischi Matteo, Farnaz Omouri


#friends how many of us have them #friends ones you can depend on 🎶 #whodini was awesome!! Had a great time at the #oldschoolhiphop #fest w/ @sabrinahadfield 😎 (at Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre)

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♥ 2019 H/D Mpreg Fest Recap #1 ♥

There’s just over two weeks left for this year’s fest. We hope everyone has been enjoying the fics.

Here’s a recap of what’s posted so far:

♥ 2019 H/D Mpreg Fest Recap #1 ♥

Power and Majesty
Summary: The Royal Malfoy-Potter Family gather for a portrait weeks before they expect a new addition in the family. Little Scorpius is excited to be a big brother. [G]

At Least He Didn’t Get YOUR Hair
Summary: An extremely exhausted new Daddy still has the capacity to snark about his husband’s messy hair. [G]

Summary: When Harry is informed he’s pregnant, he knows it shouldn’t be possible.
For one he was a bloke. [12k, R]

Get a Kick Outta You
Summary: Draco’s pregnant and the baby’s started kicking. [2.6k, PG-13]

Morning Mr Devil, Come Say Farewell to Your Dreams
Summary:Nothing stays the same after a war. Except for lack of luck, that much Draco has noticed.
Contains (Highlight to view): *Non-con and violence, not between Harry and Draco. Possible dubious consent between main characters. Prostitutes, PTSD, bonding, infidelity, homophobic/against escorts language, plenty of angst and a happy ending. * (Plenty of angst, notice the plenty there, please and thank you. Mind the gap; read the warnings.) [33k, NC-17]

Over the Moon and Up the Duff
Summary: When Draco learns he’s pregnant again, he blames his husband. Harry, however, couldn’t be happier. [4.6k, PG-13]

A Different Beginning
Summary: Harry and Draco are thrilled to finally have some alone time for the first time in their marriage. They have big plans, but something (or someone) may have other ideas…

Draco was midway through afternoon tea with his parents when Potter tumbled out of the floo.
“I can fertilize you?”
Draco flushed crimson. “Absolutely not!”
His parents watched, nonplussed, as the two proceeded with an indecipherable shouting match of the most weird nature, and it couldn’t even be resolved with makeup sex. Draco made to storm off when Potter caught his arm. [16k, R]

The Baby
Summary: It was supposed to be an easy affair, devoid of complications. Then Draco got pregnant. [5k, NC-17]

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