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"Agroecology & are connected because they are political agendas about solidarity and social justice, both challenge patriarchal capitalism which drives " - Ruchi Tripathi

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How to NOT sexually harrass someone. Classic from the Mash Report. Hilarious&serious. For all who missed it till now. ReShare far & wide, too valuable to miss ;) Thanks &

The day is finally here y'all 🔥 we're launching our network This afternoon we're meeting with people from different sectors to talk about all things and more! Follow our discussions on these hashtags ⬇️

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" to be a feminist understand that it comes with consequences , there's no revolution without risks! "

”Both & are about social justice, solidarity, collective action & a world where women’s knowledge & experience is valid.” Ruchi Tripathi, our International Programmes Manager, highlights the incredible connection between these two social movements. ✊

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Why is gender equality and the empowerment of women essential for preventing violence against women?

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Pastel flight

Desde muito cedo eu aprendi que ser mulher é ouvir “você não pode isso” “senta assim” “seu cabelo tem que ser grande” “tem que aprender a cozinhar, quem vai cuidar do teu marido quando tiver um?”… Mas eu sempre fui do contra, mulher tem que fazer o que ela quiser, tem que priorizar o estudo, o conhecimento, para assim não ficar refém de pessoas com a Mente fechada e pensamentos retrógrados.

Hoje o que mais me dói, é ouvir das próprias mulheres que nós não podemos isso ou aquilo… choro, quando dizem que estou de mimimi… mas sei o quanto sou guerreira.

Guerreira por acordar todos os dias e aguentar o “psiu” do cara da esquina, aguentar a sociedade te julgar por algo que não foi sua culpa.

Guerreira por tentar mudar opniões machistas, sexistas… guerreira por aguentar próprias mulheres me colocando para baixo, dizendo que eu preciso é de um homem na minha vida.

Sou guerreira simplesmente por ser mulher, aguentar tudo e lutar para termos nossos direitos iguais.

Texto: Lorrany Oliveira (@lorranyoliveir_ )


The queen addresses her firstborn

after the fall of Rumpelstiltskin:

Maybe magic ends with me

and it will never cross your path

but I want you to remember

that survival is an art.

The world is falsehood

so you rely on your smarts.

Princes fall all the time.

Passion sometimes goes cold.

And princesses on days of fortune

can turn straw into gold.

Kind kings become greedy

and dragons can have soft souls.

Fairies cast the wrong spells,

mermaids can be drowned,

goblins and trolls can be heroes

and giants can fall without a sounds,

and even the darkest things can be defeated

once their names are spoken out loud.

The Miller’s Daughter, Nikita Gill


You don’t get to tell me what to do, or who to be—

No, let me speak.

You say you know better when I’ve worked harder, longer than you.

You’re not the expert. I am.

And yet you make me feel so small:

My justified screams become whispers in your presence.

Despite every fibre of my being telling me to stand up straight,

Your voice, echoed by history, forces me down.

According to you, I am faceless, nameless.

I call myself strong because I have earned the right to speak.

But who gave you the right to interrupt?


Ugh is anyone else really pissed whenever they see stuff like this? The Karen meme. Just adding a woman’s name to an imaginary person.

I’ve found now that I’ve woken up, I can’t go back to sleep. I notice stuff like this all the time. Man is neutral, there has to be a reason for a character to be female. And this reason is misogyny.

This really annoys me because women are so much more understanding than men?!?!?!?! Like… Have you people met a male adult???

Still really annoyed because the man I am madly in lust with and who is madly in lust with me has a gf. Never would have guessed that from the way he stared at me all the time. How tf could he watch me all this time? And be in a relationship? What a novel way to find out men are trash. Still really want him though. Can’t stop thinking about him. I hate my brain.

(We were in a musical and ohhh my gawd his voice.)

I’ve seen a lot of posts critiquing straight people calling themselves asexual/demisexual because they’re just 1. teenagers 2. normal people, but I would like to add two more: 1. female and 2. autistic.

When I was a teenager the idea of boys/men and sexual relationships absolutely TERRIFIED me. I am bad at platonic relationships, so a romantic relationship was never going to happen. And also? Men/boys are gross. The way they talk about women is gross. I remember once in high school a group of boys were watching pop music videos on a computer with the sound off, and saying the most disgusting things. (One of those things was the reason the sound was off, one of them said “she can suck my ****, I just don’t want to listen to her music.) And I can’t imagine how much worse it is these days with smart phones. Being exposed to that from a young age would make any girl call herself ace. When I first heard of the concept of asexuality, I thought that was me. I didn’t like boys as a young teenager. But then I got older and realised I AM attracted to men, I AM straight, because most people are. The slight interest I had for men as an older teenager is nothing compared to the aching lust I feel now. And I think part of the problem is the sexualisation of teenagers. Girls are told they must like boys from such a young age. They’re pressured to date. Pop culture revolves around romance. I love romance now but I absolutely hated it as a child and teenager. I love Disney Princesses now, but the only one I liked as a child was Mulan. (On that note I absolutely believe the success of Frozen is due to the sisters being the main story, rather than the romance.) We were pressured to like boy bands and actors when we were as young as 12 and I wasn’t having any of that. I remember when The Lord of the Rings came out and some of my friends were obsessed with Orlando Bloom. We were 12 and 13 yr olds. And I didn’t understand because I was a child and I was not attracted to grown men. (Although as an adult I’ve discovered I’ve got quite a thing for Pippin)

Every time I see someone complain about acephobia or demiphobia, it’s directed at LGBT people. They won’t let you into the cool club. What oppression do you actually face? Nothing. You don’t face oppression, BECAUSE YOU ARE STRAIGHT. And that’s okay.

I absolutely understand young straight girls calling themselves ace or demi, but, do you have to be so homophobic about it?

It took 30 years for the Polytechnique massacre to be officially recognized as anti-feminist

Today marks 30 years since the shooting that killed 14 women at the École polytechnique in Montreal. The shooter purposefully targeted them and said in his suicide note that he hates feminists. And yet, no one referred to it as an anti-feminist move. It was a “tragedy”, an “unfortunate event”, an “isolated act”. I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about this in the past week because an activist group finally convinced the city to change the plaque at the “place du 6-décembre-1989” to include the word anti-feminist.


[Translation of the text on the sign: This place was named in memory of the 14 women killed in the anti-feminist attack at the École polytechnique on December 6, 1989. It serves as a reminder of the fundamental values of respect and equality and condemns all forms of violence against women. ]

While it’s great that it’s finally been recognized… it’s been 30 years. We’ve just now begun to use the right words. It seems so obvious to me, and it’s the first I’ve heard of the act not being generally acknowledged as anti-feminist (but then again, I wasn’t even born when it happened). Still, it’s so little, so late. Women are still a minority in STEM fields and they face additional obstacles. Anti-feminist hate is still rampant. The fight is far from over. I think it’s disrespectful to the victims that it took us so long as a society to just recognize the true reason they died. I think honoring their memory involves making a change for the better and the time for that is now.