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Few can afford these garbage. No or interest. You're a fool . They have proven a failure yet TEAM is persistent. You need to pack, maybe take some selfies, and whine about . climate nuts will be gone.

"Femininity Redefined" is the newest concept palette by PANTONE that explores the idea of with bold pastel colors ✨ Do you like it?

In SOFT we learn how to stimulate our vagus nerve to increase our level of oxytocin. does have an element of science to it 😏 It's pretty awesome if you ask me🌸

In the new special issue of CRAS, Diana Marques examines why women in (like Brienne, , and Yara) have to deny their to wield male power. Read the full article online:

"The pedestal that women have been placed upon for generations has been one of modesty and purity"Samantha talks about the way she was told growing up to "act like a lady" and how she’s now redefined it.

the SAND woman, the designer's quip, “can be mysterious, chameleonic, charming, sexy, bold, chic and casual, all in one, embracing life with enthusiasm and passion.”

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All Power To All The People!

Kwame Ture

One thing I love about dressing up in skirts with my hair and makeup done?

Because a little girl was looking around while in line to take a picture with the Easter bunny, and I gave her a wide smile. She turned around hopping saying “I saw a princess” to her mom and dad. That alone made my entire week, and was the perfect early birthday present (my birthday is tomorrow). Some days it seems hard to get out of bed and make myself feel nice and fancy, but today was not one of those days.

Свобода, равенство, сестринство.

Жещинам трудно. Трудно во всех странах. Трудно, когда им выбирают социальную роль с рождения. Им не нравится угнетение. Любому человеку не нравится, когда не считаются с человеческими правами. Каждый хочет той свободы, что позволяет реализовывать себя, как личность.

Феминизм помогает женщинам. Он, как бы, протягивает руку, чтобы ты могла ухватиться за неё и, наконец, встать, чтобы заявить о себе. Феминизм не только для женщин. Он для всех. Он про всех. Он про равенство.

Активизм помогает справляться с огромнейшими социальными проблемами. Он обращает внимание на проблему насилия, проблему бытового сексизма и т.д. Помните - если бы не активизм, женщины не получили бы минимальных прав, таких как: право на голосование, на образование и т.п.

Феминизм - это один из путей к принятию себя. Мы - женщины. И мы никогда не позволим унижать своё человеческое достоинство.

Punching and Posing: The Incorporation of Femininity into JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

When most people hear the title JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, they think of something like the image above: muscular, manly men doing masculine, testosterone-soaked things. There is a fair amount of that, but that’s not what JoJo really is. For all of its obvious masculinity, JoJo is also a show that runs deep with femininity, and it’s fascinating how those two aspects balance each other. That’s the thesis of the panel “Lipstick and Superpowers: The Femininity of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” presented by Shinyzack, IdolRinny, and Craig.

To start, they define femininity in this context as “beauty, intellect, and emotional availability”. Femininity does not mean weakness. Strength can go hand in hand with beauty and emotional availability. Just look at how beautiful Giorno is:

One hallmark of JoJo is characters solving problems using intellect. Multiple examples of this occur in Stardust Crusaders, where the enemies aren’t as strong as the protagonists, but they use intellect to negate that strength, forcing the protagonists to use their own intellect to solve the problem, rather than just being stronger or tougher than the enemy.

There’s also emotional availability. The characters are tough, but they’re also generally in touch with their emotions and able to express them to others. There are many examples of manly men shedding manly tears in JoJo.

Another example of this femininity is the motivations of the main characters. Many shonen protagonists want to gain something for themselves. Naruto wants to become the next Hokage, Luffy wants to become King of Pirates, and so on. The JoJos all have selfless motivations. Jonathan wants to protect his family and supernatural entity from destroying the world. Same with Joseph. Jotaro wants to save his mother’s life. These are people trying to protect the weaker people around them, not trying to gain for themselves.

But this isn’t to say that JoJo is a feminine show. No, their thesis is that JoJo is a show about balancing masculinity and femininity, and how doing so makes the characters more well rounded and compelling. And it’s that willingness to incorporate elements from both sides of the traditional gender binary that gives what’s otherwise a silly show about superpowers and poses the depth that many shows lack.

Also, seriously, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is awesome.

- Andrew, AB Staff Blogger

Let black girls be soft.

Let us black girls be girly and dainty and cute.

Let us adorn our fros, braids, twists, locs, weave, or straightened hair with flowers and beads and show off our black girl magic.

Let our melanin glow with our soft sweet smiles.

Let us define what femininity means to ourselves.

Let us be emotional without casting us as the “angry black girl”.

Let us have emotional issues and trauma and turn to help without the expectation that we must always be the “strong independent black woman who don’t need no man”.

Let us express our hurt and pain and recieve validation.

Let us have control over our sexual autonomy and not reduce us to hyper-sexualized caricatures like the “jezebel” or call us “fast”.

Recognize and respect us for the multi-faceted, beautiful human beings that we are.


The ones ho really need it,are still getting thrown rocks at.

Do what makes you happy

If you wanna wear make up, sick! Blend that smokey eye! Wanna go natural? You look cute as hell. Wanna wear a crop top? Hell yes show off that cute tummy. Wanna wear a hijab? You look cuuuuutttteee as! Wanna wear a skirt? Gorgeous. Pants? Cute and practical. Wanna cut your hair short? You’ll look amazing. Wanna grow it longer? Beautiful. Want to show off your natural hair? Amazing. Beautiful. Wow. Wanna dress masculine? You look amazing. Wanna dress feminine? Beautiful, it suits you! Wanna dress like neither? Like both? GREAT! Wear what you want, whatever makes you happy and proud and confident! Present yourself however you want. You have no obligations to wear anything to fit into anyone else’s idea of beauty. You’re beautiful in your own way regardless of if you fit conventional Eurocentric beauty ideals, or whether or not you conform to gender stereotypes. Wear what makes you feel happy, and absolutely rock that shit. You don’t owe your identity to anybody but yourself. Do not mould yourself to fit someone else’s ideals.