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MedEconomics : The gender pay gap in medicine—research revealed an $18,677.23 adjusted differential income between and (via Twitter )

The gender pay gap in medicine—research revealed an $18,677.23 adjusted differential income between and

I was hoping that Yas would have taught the how to be Also practical things, like knew how to put on a We were told loosely that in the past the Doctor had been female

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How female physicians keep peace with the system Comparing other profession for female, this is statically proved that female physicians Read More:

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If you tuned in to this weekend and are loving the new Doctor, this book from will spark the imagination of future time lords with real life stories of women who've inspired others 📚

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Here’s some fan art for @gallifeathers winged!doctor au! It’s not very good because I suck at digital painting, but I like it!

Oh i have one more: 

People who say that they can not get used to the doctor being a woman act like every woman is the same. Like every woman would portray the doctor the same. There is only one type of woman and if you can not get used to one of them you can not get used to any female doctor

you know how i call that? Bullshit

Why do people who still say the doctor being female doesn’t work for themm still act like this will be a one time thing? Jodie and then the next 12 regenerations will be male again. No, there is a big possibility that now the doctor will stay female, but not necessarily white.

The motto is: Get used to it or you will not be able to watch doctor who for a very long time

Things I want to see in series 12

  • Some Thasmin action
  • More internal conflict with the characters
  • Dark!Thirteen
  • River and/or Captain Jack paying the Doctor a visit
  • An overarching plot for the whole season
  • A newly regenerated Missy (bc we all know she isn’t actually dead)
  • Team Tardis to just be their wholesome selves

Trish Tooley x reader part two

Originally posted by not-all-the-prayers

This was requested by anon who asked the following:

maybe a part 2 of the one where Trish breaks up with kev to be with reader wherein kev finds out about them when he comes around the flat to get the rest of his things but instead walks on Trish and reader making out and being cute. angst with a fluffy ending???? please and thanks

I hope you like this, fingers crossed.

“Now, are you sure about this?” You asked as you slumped on the sofa next to Trish.

“Of course I am. Why do you ask?” She asked you.

“I don’t know, you and Kev were really close before.” Trish sighed and took your hands in hers.

“I loved Kev more than anything in the world and I will never deny that, but it wasn’t quite right. Now I’ve found you and that’s given me the strength to embrace who I am.”

“Awe that’s so sweet.” You cooed. She shifted her position so, she was perched on your lap, facing you. You leaned up and pressed a kiss on her plump, pink lips, fingers intertwined. Your stomach flipped as she gave you a soft toothless bite.


Your ears pricked up as you heard the door click.

“Oh sorry!” An exasperated, embarrassed voice say.

“Kev!?” You and Trish yelled in unison.

“I-I was just getting my stuff and-” Kev stopped, he had a troubled disappointed look on his face. “I’ll get going!” He swiftly turned and headed for the door.

“Kev Kev! Wait!” Trish clambered off you and ran to her ex-boyfriend.


“Kev, please wait!” Trish desperately. “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, I’m so sorry.”

Kev smiled softly. “It’s not your fault, I’m just getting the last of my stuff, then I’ll be out of your hair.”

“Look, I know that this has been a bit odd for the both of us but, please know that I did genuinely loved you and I would be honoured to be your friend.” Trish gave Kev a concerned look. “Please?” Kev grinned and bought Trish into a tight hug.

“I’d love to.” Kev said, giving her a small kiss on the forehead.

Hey so how we all doing today? Yeah it’s been a while since I wrote a fanfic. It’s like nearly five months until the exams start and I am stressed out 😂. I need to get back to writing properly because TBH, it does help reduce stress, which also reminds me, I’m sort of working on a secret project (ooooh). OK it’s not that exciting, but I think it quite exciting.

Anyway, I also need to work on make out scenes, I realise so I will be doing that. On that note, have a nice day and I’ll see you later.

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Requests are open❤️

Piggyback and kiss - 13th Doctor

13xR prompt: Thirteen does something ridiculously cute and R has a strong impulse to kiss her but R isn’t sure how 13 would feel about that. But 13 notices and initiates.

Idk why but 13 carrying/giving the reader a piggyback just popped into my head, maybe you could get that into an imagine?

Originally posted by sailorzakuro

“Y/NNNNNNNN,” Y/N heard her alien friend whine from the hallway. She rolled her eyes fondly at The Doctor’s manners while continuing to flip through a book she had found from the Tardis lying around. A piece of her hair fell down which she blew out of her face. 

“Y/N,” The Doctor opened the door to their room and leaned dramatically on the wall, wearing her coat. Y/N folded a corner from the page before setting it down and turning to her friend, a very attention needing friend at the moment. 


“Let’s go outside,” She grinned and went to pull Y/N from her seat. The human had a tired smile on her face as the Doctor kept walking back to the door holding both of her hands. Y/N chuckled and gave the Doctor a pointed look. 

“You can go by yourself, right? Or take Yaz with you?” 

“Nah,” The Doctor scrunched up her face temporarily. “Ryan and Yaz are out and Graham is taking a nap. Plus it’s boring to go by myself,” She gave Y/N pair of good old puppy eyes and looked at the human, pouting her lip. “Pleaaaase.”

Y/N just shook her head unbelievably as the Doctor basically jumped in her place. She looked like a child wanting to go to a candy store. 

“Okay,  okay,” The Doctor celebrated quietly and took Y/N’s hand, already dragging her towards the exit of the Tardis.

The air was fresh and smelt like vanilla according to the Doctor. Her hair was all messed up from the wind and Y/N started to really suspect how the timelord kept herself warm because most likely that coat wasn’t thick enough to warm her all the way. and especially when they would hit a place where it was winter. 

“Oooh, what’s that,” The Doctor asked and skipped over to small photography shop’s window. Behind it was a series of different photos, some were graduation pictures and some wedding photographs clients had given permission to use. The Timelord’s eyes were fixed on the small flower prop that was supposed to imitate a tiger lily. Y/N smiled sweetly and looked t the flower too., 

“It’s a tiger lily, a flower. they don’t grow here though so that’s why they have a fake one,” She tugged the Doctor’s sleeve and turned towards a small snack stall. “C’mon, I’m a tad hungry.”

The Doctor’s eyes stayed on the one specific picture of two children, the other one carrying the younger on her back. Her blonde hair fell in front of her face as she cocked her head to the side and ran up to the oblivious human girl.

Y/N shrieked when she felt the ground disappear underneath her feet. Two arms locked themselves under her thighs as Y/N herself took a tight grip around the Time Lord’s neck and nuzzled her face into her hair. 

“If you drop me I will end you and your two hearts,” Y/N joked but still kept a solid hold on the Doctor. The alien chuckled and slightly turned her head to look at the human, reassuring she was fine while they walked down the street. 

“Calm down, I’m a thousand-year-old alien I’m not going to drop you,” Doctor said wittily back and shook her head. Her blonde locks bounced against her face and some of them hit Y/N in the face. She couldn’t help but notice they smelt like tea. Leaning her head against the Doctor’s shoulder, Y/N let herself being carried this one time. She felt the rhythm of the steps as they moved and listened to Doctor ramble about different stuff, scrunching up her face every now and then. 

“You humans, no wonder you still don have knabos’ here. A population that spends at least the third of yer time sleeping how do you get anything done? What?” She asked when she noticed Y/N staring at her, a warm and adoring smile on her face. They stopped on a bridge where they could see the dark clouds gathering up in the distance. 

Y/N kept looking into the sparkling and old eyes, her head cocked to the side in a slightly uncomfortable position. Her breathing fanned the alien’s face. It smelt like mint, Y/N had probably chewed those gums she always carried with herself. 

“I just…” 

“What is it?” Doctor’s voice came out soft and barely hearable. Y/N’s eyes flickered to the pink lips for a millisecond but it was long enough to let Doctor know what was going on inside her head. Slowly she leaned her forehead against Y/N’s, feeling the blush on the human girl’s cheeks. Y/N felt a small chuckled against her skin. Timidly she looked up into the eyes again and felt the alien sift again, this time closing the gap completely.

Y/N tasted the tea they had drank a couple hours ago. Her hands tightened even more around the Timelords neck, her mind went haywire. This was definitely not the idea she had considered to do when she woke up this morning, not that she didn’t want to, but because she never would have the guts to do this. The air around them changed and the women felt the surprisingly cold breeze against their bodies. Y/N broke the kiss and gave her a fast Eskimo kiss. 

“We should go before you freeze yourself,” she whispered and the Doctor looked at her amused. 

“Mind you, I have much better circulation than your body,” The Timelord exclaimed and started taking long steps back towards their Tardis. 

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SMH so hard - 13th Doctor

a continuation of the !13mum post? 

A/N: You, Ryan and Yaz keep confusing The Doctor and Graham with your pop culture references. 

Pairing: parent!13th x teenager!reader 

Originally posted by doctorwhogeneration

“That is so goals,” Y/N exclaimed and turned the computer towards her mom who was doing only god know what with the Tardis. 

“Right mum?” The screen had the most beautiful beach on it with three picnic baskets and a blanket under a white tent. Yasmin smiled next to the teenager and also to the now confused blonde standing there. 

“It’s… cool?” The Doctor said. “Goals?” She mumbled to herself before turning back to her work, her face scrunched up in confusion. Y/N giggled with Yaz on their spot on the floor. The teenager winked before clearing her throat, a mischievous smile on her face. 

“It’s almost as goals as the Tardis isn’t it?” Y/N could barely keep her face straight and Yasmin was biting her knuckle.

“Yeah. Sure totally.”

“Do you even know what it means mum,” The teenager teased and closed her laptop. The Doctor was a bit flustered but hid it well underneath her goggles. 

“Don’t know? Pfft don’t be absurd of course I do.” 

“Oh my god!” Y/n exclaimed and laughed out loud. “You don’t know what it means”

“Smh Doc. A big smh…” Ryan teased grinning as he walked into the room with his grandpa. Y/N fist bumped him and looked entertained by the looks on Grahams and Doctors face. Somewhere behind Y/N Yasmin was silently snickering too but a pointed look fro the Doctor silenced her successfully.

“You guys are just weird, “The Doctor mumbled, not letting the defeat show on her face. Y/N rolled her eyes and took out her phone, looking at all the dog memes and old vines in her album. 

“Hey Ryan,” She piped up and smiled. “Daddy?”

“DO I LOOK-” All three of them busted out laughing. Graham and The Doctor looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. 

“Hey, Yaz how much do you have?” Ryan said between his chuckles. Y/N had to cover her mouth with her sleeves so she wouldn’t lose it completely. 

“69 cents.”

“You know what that means,” The teenager asked laughing on the ground. 

“I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR CHICKEN NUGGETS!” They all bellowed and doubled over, laughing so much their tummies hurt. Y/N felt a tear slid down her cheeks but her abs hurt too much for her to be actually able to wipe them off. Their laughing had turned into a silent one at this moment as all of them just rolled on the ground and wheezed from time to time. 

The Doctor and Graham leaned to the control panel and looked at their maniac looking friends on the floor, the devastation now showing on their faces. 

“I just know about the hot tub thing,” The Time Lord said, keeping her hands in her pockets. Graham looked at her clearly not understanding what the Doctor was implying. The blonde shook her head and turned around to steer the ship, mumbling ever so quietly to herself a small smirk tugging her lips. 


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Health Day - 13th Doctor

Could you do one where the reader is having a bad mental health day and stays in bed and the doctor doesn’t really get it but keeps her company and tries to make her feel better?

Warnings: Not that much? A bad day, Nutella (lol), comfort, also IT’S SHORT IM SORRY :’-(

Originally posted by doctorwhothirteen

Usually traveling with the Doctor was fun and adventurous and Y/N was really grateful to have such an amazing girlfriend by her side. Of course, some days were a bit harder and everyone was tired and cranky but nothing a big jar of Nutella couldn’t help. 

“Does Nutella help,” Doctor walked in, her mouth smeared with the chocolaty goo and a spoon in her hand. She licked her lips and read the jar’s side. “I don’t really get it what is it with you and Nutella but I brought some. We have lots of it,” She exclaimed happily but her smile slowly slid off her face when the bundle of sheets didn’t answer back. She looked at the bed from the doorway. Y/N just slowly breathed under the blankets and sniffled. Her hair was a mess and she was still in her pajamas and quite frankly it started to get a bit hot under all the covers. 

The Doctor pursed her lips and put down the jar and the spoon. She made her way to the bed and sat down, careful not to sit on her girlfriend. Y/N felt her gently stroke her shoulder through the sheet. 

“What’s the matter? Did you have a nightmare,” The Doctor asked innocently, not really grasping the problem at hand. She tried to but she couldn’t completely understand but she was determined to do everything she could to help Y/N. The human slowly moved the covers away from her face. 

“I just… don’t feel well,” She mumbled and The Doctor’s hand flew o her forehead. 


“No,” Y/N sighed and took the blonde’s hand into hers, fumbling with it. “I just, don’t feel well.”

“Oh,” The Doctor breathed out and her eyebrows furrowed for a moment. “Ooooh.” 

“Yeah,” The human mumbled and the Timelord realized what was going on. She moved the covers off of Y/N’s hot body and laid down next to her, cradling the girl in her arms like a baby. 

“Don’t mess up the pillow,” Somewhere from the Doctor’s blonde hair Y/N’s voice spoke, muffled. The Time Lord chuckled quietly and moved her chin to rest on top of the human’s.


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Greatest Showman au?

Okay, so, hear me out on this. Slightly different greatest showman au…

Graham is a ringmaster for a low budget but very popular circus.

Ryan and Yaz are are childhood friends who became an amazing double act on the trapeze.

The Doctor is a somewhat eccentric and very wealthy woman who has heard great things about the show.

Graham approaches the Doctor in hopes that she would like to invest in the circus, which she agrees to eagerly, hoping to escape the monotony of her life.

Later, at that nights performance, she locks eyes with Yaz and immediately falls in love. Yaz loves her too, but can’t accept her affections because they are both women (and thus: rewrite the stars). This goes on for quite some time until a fire tragically burns down the building they perform in and almost kills the doctor. Yaz realizes that she can’t keep living in fear of what the rest of the world thinks and she and the doctor finally become a couple.

The doctor soon convinces Graham to convert the circus into a traveling show to reach more people and replace the old building. Thus they travel across the world, meeting people and going on adventures between shows.

Swallow the pride- 13th Doctor

Doctor and the YN is a couple. And they have as all couples a fight (with words, arguments etc). In fit of a moment YN leaves (they were in her hometown). And there is some sad period, as both (Doctor and YN) are two proud to go first to apologize, but they miss each other . It is up to Yaz and others to solve the problem. End is happy and fluff.

Warnings: Fighting, angst, sadness, a temporal break up, fluff and apologies. 

Originally posted by elysiust

“Urgh, you’re being so difficult right now!” Y/N stomped inside the Tardis, earning a big eye roll and scoff from her girlfriend. She leaned over the panel trying to gather her thoughts and lower her voice before this banter changed into a bigger argument. 

“Oh, I’m difficult?! What about you, flirting around with everything that moves!” The Doctor snapped and angrily flipped a couple of switches, earning a whining beep from the ship. Y/N huffed and flipped the breaker on so they weren’t able t leave anywhere. Yasmin, Ryan, and Graham were walking awkwardly behind them, not wanting to be in the middle of the two women. 

“You said ‘do everything to get the confession’ if you don’t happen to remember,” Y/N said angrily trying to control her voice. She was being so stupid right now. 

“Yeah well, I didn’t think you’d go spread your legs to everyone,” The Doctor yelled back, almost, almost getting a big slap across her face. Y/N inhaled and her mouth formed a big ‘o’. 

“Did you…” she laughed humorlessly. “Did you just call me a whore? Well, guess what?” Y/N took a step forward, her lips in a thin line. So many insults flew inside her head, and she was so hurt she could’ve said all of them. Even though she knew she’d regret them later. “Ever heard of Genocide?” It was a low blow, yes, but Y/N had to say it. At the moment she wanted the Doctor to feel the hurt she felt because of her words.

The Doctor looked at Y/N, her green orbs full of hurt and anger. Her nostrils flared as she spoke, her voice full of poison. Her blonde hair basically shook as she tried to keep her still so the argument wouldn’t go physical. 

“Get. Out,” She hissed, looking into Y/N’s glassy eyes. Somewhere from behind them, Yaz tried to stop her but neither of them listened. Y/N looked at the Doctor reaching into her shirt and ripping the necklace she got from her as a gift from her neck. Roughly she threw it on the floor and left the ship, slamming the door behind her. The room fell silent after Y/N left. 

“She basically called me a whore! Can you believe it?! It’s not my fault if a guy doesn’t give you answers without some flirting. Oh my god,” Y/N breathed out and fell on the couch in her big brother’s apartment. Nick, her brothers listened to her sister’s rant as he steadily brought two cups of tea from the kitchen.

”Are you sure you aren’t overreacting,” he offered and took a sip of his tea when Y/N glared at him. ”Just a teeny tiny bit?”

”Just…” he huffed and set his mug down. Y/N let the warmth spread to her cold fingers and a deep frown set to her face. ”Be the bigger person and apologize. That’s what mum always said. And besides, I think you said a couple nasty things as well,” Nick confronted and turned on the TV, leaving Y/N to her own thoughts.

About a month later Y/N and The Doctor still hadn’t spoken to each other. In fact, Y/N hadn’t even left her brothers apartment at all. And in the Tardis, The Doctor seemed to brush every mention of the human under the rug. Quite frankly it was starting to get annoying and that brings us to the current situation. Yasmin knocking on Nick’s door. Y/N had told the police about her whereabouts just so they would get some piece of sanity and not think she was getting killed and kidnapped every other hour.

Nick knew Y/N wasn’t going to open the door so he was, as usual, the one going for the door. He was surprised to see an unfamiliar face of a woman in a British police uniform. Her determined but worried face made Nick think what had happened.

”Can I help you,” he asked, his voice unsure. Yasmin pursed her lips.

”You’re Y/N brother, right? Nick? I’m Yasmin Khan. Y/N’s friend,” she said warmly and shook his hand. ”She told me she’d be staying here. I just…” She sighed. ”It’s-”

”Childish? Annoying? Yeah, I get your jist,” Nick said quietly and looked over his shoulder, making sure Y/N wasn’t in the hearing range.

”Exactly!” Yasmin exclaimed. ”Ever since they fought Doctor’s been all quiet and ignorant. They have to figure this out.”

”They’re never going to do it by themselves though,” Nick mumbled and Yasmin agreed.

”We just have to make sure they’re in the same room until they fix this whole thing.”

”We can do that,” Yasmin gave the man a smirk and nodded her head. She got an idea.


”Alright. C’mon guys, I think we’re heading for an adventure,” The Doctor declared and waited for Ryan, Graham, and Yasmin to descend the stairs with small smiles on their faces.

“Really? Where?” Yaz leaned over the panel, even though none of them actually understood anything the Time Lord was doing at the moment. The Doctor flipped couple switches and pressed a few buttons before the familiar engine sound filled their ears.

“Tardis traced a little trail of its energy on earth. We can at least check it out and if nothing happens, well then…” The Doctor shrugged her shoulders and turned to pull the lever down. Ryan elbowed Yaz discreetly before taking a tight grip from the panel. The police glanced at the Doctor and sighed, let’s hope this works…

Around the same time in Nick’s apartment, Y/N was in her small room, sulking her life away. By now the hate had turned into sadness. She missed the Tardis and her friends, she kinda also missed the Doctor. A lot. Her scent when Y/N hugged her, her calm breathing when they were sleeping. Her sparkling eyes… maybe she should just swallow her pride and do something.

“Knock knock,” Nick said and walked in. He had a sympathetic smile on his face and a small satin bag in his hand. He stood there for a while with his other hand in his pocket, not sure what to say. Y/N cocked an eyebrow and put her book down, letting her feet dangle over the edge of her bed.

“I uh… got you something. To cheer you up,” Nick tossed the bag and it landed directly on Y/N’s lap. She inspected it and felt what was inside. It was one of those jewelry bags they gave you when you bought a necklace.

Nick closed the door, the click of the lock went over Y/N’s head when she looked at the accessory in her hand, a small ache settling into her heart. It was the necklace The Doctor had given her a couple years ago. She felt the familiar steel and a small tear slid down her cheek. She remembered how the pendant got its glow. The Doctor had herself put some Tardis’ energy into it. So no matter how far they were from each other, she’d always had a piece of home with her.

Suddenly the familiar breaking sound filled her room and Y/N was quickly on her feet, looking as the Tardis itself landed into the corner of her room. Her mouth was a bit open and her heart pounded when the box materialized and the door opened.

She hadn’t changed one bit, small eyebags were under her eyes and as usual, her blonde hair was a mess. But other than that the Doctor was just as attractive as before. Her jacket was a bit crumbled though, Y/N almost wanted to take it off and fix it. 

“Now bye,” They heard Yaz’ voice from inside the Tardis and the blue door closed, the lock shutting the two girls outside. The Doctor had a frown on her face and so did Y/N. Though hers was a bit more confused. 

“Yaz?” Y/N called out in suspicion. 

“You guys are going to figure this out!” 

“Yeah, and neither of you isn’t leaving until you guys are cool again,” Ryan backed Yasmin, their voices muffled by the wooden box. The Doctor glanced at the necklace in Y/N’s hand, sighing as she realized the situation. She leaned to the door, her hands in her pockets and her gaze looking at the ceiling. Her eyes were tired and dry from the lack of sleep. 

Y/N breathed out quietly, not quite sure what to say. Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip in anxiety and her fingers put the necklace back to its bag before setting it down on the bed. Out of habit Y/N briefly stroke the sheets and corrected them so they wouldn’t look all messed up. 

“You seem to be yourself,” The Doctor said, looking at the human with her dry eyes. Y/N hadn’t noticed it before how red they were, god had she not slept at all?

“Yeah,” Y/n mumbled and looked down at her hands. Well, it’s now or never. 

“Actually,” The Doctor looked up at Y/N’s face which held an awful amount of worry and sadness on it. The timelord would have wanted to take a big wet rag and wipe those emotions away like dirt. 

“I-I’m sorry. What I said and did,” Her voice broke a bit and her eyes were glassy. “You were right, you always are,” Y/N chuckled and hastily wiped a tear away, a sad smile on her face. The Doctor’s expression softened as she stepped closer. 

“I shouldn’t have said what I said. You’re not a murderer,” She felt the familiar scent filled her nose as The Doctor wrapped her arms around her, holding onto her like she was the last drop of water and the earth was scorching. A dry sob escaped Y/N’s lips and she squeezed back even tighter. 

“I’m sorry too,” The Doctor mumbled into her hair, her eyes closed. “I was awful and I’m sorry. Just please come back,” It hurt Y/N how quiet and broken the Doctor’s voice was. It was so out of character for her. 

Y/N backed away just a bit and held the blonde’s face delicately in her chill hands. The Doctor’s eyes were now glassy instead of red and her lips were in a thin line. The human nodded incoherently mumbling bunch of yes’ before giving the timelord a very missed kiss. 

“I will. I will,” She mumbled and leaned her forehead against the Doctor’s, who was now smiling just a bit. “I’ll never leave again.” 

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