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Gustav Klimt - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907

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This is a really awesome photo to promote Ken Burns' new documentary. I love the historical image of the male observing in the OR juxtaposed with the current operating.

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Terminal State

Summary:  She tried leaving, submerging herself in work to escape the horrors she had seen. The horrors she kept seeing. She never wanted to go back to that life. But when the Empire takes her home, she’s forced to face her past. Can she move on? Can she cope? Or will she require a bit of help? still bad at summaries, still working on it. ever so slightly more than slight AU gadioxoc

Insomnia Falls

Athenacia ran as fast as her body would carry her toward a pile of fallen dreadnaughts. Troopers barred her path, human and machine alike, however, every blow only invigorated her. Taking them out only ensured that they weren’t out wreaking havoc on other innocent people. The former Glaive could only really see a blind rage within her as she passed them all. Heavy breaths fell from her lungs, finally taking a moment to catch up to where she was. Cor was far behind her and there was no need to worry; he could take care of himself. Athenacia had to leave him behind, had to finish this. There was no other option. This was the only way to silence the protests of her guilty conscious.

The sun was beginning to set and she knew what that meant: daemons would be out. Without King Regis to stand against them with the magical wall and the crystal, they were free to invade the city. The Empire enjoyed using them anyway, something Athenacia remembered vividly from her war days. Sighing, there was still a long way to go before she reached the daemon. There seemed to be nothing but obstacles in her way and it only enraged her. Dreadnaughts above were focused on a specific target, placed in a tactical assault and she ran into fewer and fewer troopers the further away she drew from their prey. The devastation around her was unbelievable; she wished that she was having one of her nightmares and that this wasn’t really happening, however, the pain in her body told her otherwise. Athenacia’s pink scrubs were coated in blood and dust, and she was sure her hair was covered in it as well. The doctor was also positive that her left upper arm was near fractured and that her left tibia was bruised. Thankfully she had thought to pack potions and it was probably the only reason she could keep going at this point - that and the adrenaline from all the fighting she had done today.

Once she turned the corner of the street she was walking down, she was stopped dead in her tracks by someone most unexpected. Libertus, his back turned toward her in a string of dead bodies and debris. Athenacia was about to call out to him when an unfamiliar voice sounded in her ears. It was a sound she had never heard before, but she knew the name. Everyone knew the name, it was whispered on the lips of Insomnians and other territories in fear at the dead of night.

“This is Glauca. King Regis is dead. The ring is on its way to section D. We must recover the ring to realize our goal. If Ulric or the Princess get in the way, take them out. Reclaim our hearth and home,” said Glauca.

It was evident that his voice was coming out of a radio.

“Hearth and home?” she heard Libertus repeat those words.

Titus Drautos, the only one who ever used that line. He was General Glauca? He was the mole? How did no one realize this until now? This entire time he was spying on them, spying on all of them.

“Libertus, come in,” she snapped her attention back to the scene in front of her, “Where are you? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” he grunted at them.

“On the way back to base now. We need you to head to the junction in section D. We’re gonna join up with another unit and make a clean sweep of the place. We’re one step away from realizing this revolution. Let’s not let Pruvia’s death be in vain. We’ll be waiting for you, hero.”

The transmission ended. Rage was bubbling within her as everything she had heard turned in her head. Athenacia clenched her weapon in one hand, ready to strike him.

“Libertus,” she said his name in disgust. The man spun around, his face growing shocked as his eyes landed on her, “What have you done?” she asked in horror.

“Cia…” he was at a loss for words, “You don’t understand… You were there, they killed Crowe!”

“Luche killed Crowe. But this…” she gestured towards the bodies contorted in death around them. The fallen debris of the once fair and peaceful city, “This… this chaos. This is all on you.”

His face was riddled with guilt and he looked down at his feet. The girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Had the treaty really torn everything apart? Or was this the plan from the start? Ulric and the Princess. Nyx and Lunafreya, they were headed for a trap. Athenacia had to find them, had to warn them of what was to come. Libertus looked up at her once more, his eyes glistening with tears. Evidently he now felt remorse for what he had done, but it wasn’t enough.

It wouldn’t undo what had happened here.

“I hope you can live with yourself after this,” she spat coldly, before turning her back and walking away.

Section D, it would take her a while to get there, but if she had any hope of doing any good here then she had no choice but to make it. With any luck, she would see Luche there and finally have her vengeance for what he did to Crowe.

Why didn’t she just take a car? Right, because that would have been far too easy. Night had settled in on her journey and her prediction about daemons invading the city was right. The original reason she was out on her own in the first place, the large tentacled daemon that had crash-landed in an airship was still unseen but she knew the location and would go take care of it after she was done helping Nyx. He may very well be the last of her friends left alive, the last one that was fighting for the right side. She scoffed at her own thoughts as she pressed on.

Her gladius was still in her hand tightly. Athenacia had been fortunate not to run into anything overpowering. One swipe and they were dead, scrubs not the best armour, however, she had no time to go and change. Plenty of time for that when she defeated her enemies and made her way out of the city. With less to distract her, fatigue was able to settle its way into her bones, the girl barely sleeping in the last two days and had hardly stopped moving - just like when she was a Glaive that fought in the war. No matter how hard she tried running away from that life, it was hot on her heels, following her to the brink of oblivion it seemed.

The screeching of tires in the distance, followed by a loud crash snapped her awake and immediately she began to run to the source of the noise. Athenacia was still a long way off, a scream echoing into her ears. Now more than ever she wished she had the King’s magic, not that she warped all that often but it sure felt a lot faster than what she was doing now. The girl ran as fast as her feet would carry her, finally reached section D with her eyes widening upon the scene before her. Libertus was reaching toward Nyx, who was on the ground with Lady Lunafreya behind him. Her arm was up in defence, while Titus Drautos, General Glauca, was swinging his massive sword down for the killing blow.

“Nyx!” Athenacia shouted as loud as she could.

But the Glaive didn’t seem to hear her. The physician watched in horror as the massive blade was coming down upon him and the Oracle and despite that she readied her weapon, she wasn’t completely certain about what she was going to do. Hopefully her aim was still as deadly as it used to be, a silent prayer in her head as she prepared herself. Just as she was about to launch, a shield erected around them which threw Glauca off as Nyx used lightning to blow away his enemy. Athenacia’s eyes widened at what she was seeing. He still had the King’s magic? Now wasn’t the time, as she made her way over toward them without another second thought. Libertus had also come to stand beside Lady Lunafreya, as Nyx was on his feet. The three of them watched her as she approached.

“Cia,” Libertus still kept the guilt in his voice from their previous encounter.

“What are you still doing here?” asked Nyx almost in shock.

“I was coming to warn you, but luckily someone else made it here first,” she smiled at Libertus.

“I’m sorry,” said Libertus.

“Don’t be,” replied Nyx, “You saved me. Now I owe you.”

“For a change,” the large man smirked.

Nyx returned the smirk, “I’m gonna need another favour. Meet Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, our Prince’s beloved bride-to-be. She has the future of the world in her hands. Keep her safe, get her out of Insomnia.”

Libertus nodded at his friend before Nyx turned towards the Princess.

“Oh, I almost forgot. You’ll need this,” said Nyx, handing her a very small object. Athenacia frowned in thought, obviously missing something here, “Give Prince Noctis my regards. Libertus will take care of you from here. Have a safe journey, your Highness.”

“Nyx!” Athenacia shouted at him in alarm, frowning.

“What will come of you?” asked Lunafreya

“What the hell are you doing?” demanded Libertus.

“Following the King’s orders,” replied Nyx.

“I will see the ring to Noctis,” said Lunafreya, “The future will be safe. I swear it.”

Libertus held out his weapon to his friend, however, the Glaive just shrugged it off.

“Planning on punching your way out of the city? Keep it. Now we’re even.”

“No,” replied Libertus fiercely, “We’ll settle up once you’re back in Galahd. Me and everyone else will be waiting for you.”

Nyx smiled, “I’m counting on you… Hero. All of you, get going.”

Libertus and Lady Lunafreya began to walk toward the car that wasn’t damaged, one of official Lucian royalty. Athenacia remained, staring at Nyx still intently. The man met her gaze and only smirked, fingertips absently running over his knuckles. The doctor wondered what he had done, how he was wielding the King’s magic while he was dead - though was desperately trying to ignore the real answer in the back of her mind.

“You’re not going to make it out alive, are you?” she asked finally.

“No, I’m not,” he replied.

Athenacia sighed heavily, her grip on her weapon lost completely. It fell to the ground with a clang but it was far from her ears as his hands came to rest upon her shoulders. There was nowhere to look but his face, all the memories of their youth flashing before her eyes. The smile he was giving her, she remembered seeing it for the first time and how it made her feel. Even now, after all this time, it had the same effect on her. Nyx placed a gentle, lingering kiss to her forehead and tears welled up at the bottom of her eyes. Athenacia broke then, hugging him close and letting herself sob once she felt his own arms come around her. Eyes squeezed shut, her body shook slightly with her own whimpers, unable to believe that this was the last time she was ever going to see him. She had lost so much already.

“You were right,” he whispered.

The girl tensed, opening her eyes. The way he was speaking, so tender like the way he used to when they once were close, it made her draw in a quivering breath in a poor attempt to compose herself. To get lost in the past… well, that would be a fleeting dream.

“About what?” she asked.

“It just wasn’t meant to be. The timing was never right.”

Athenacia almost laughed at how stupid it was for him to bring that up right now, “Shut up,” she told him, holding him tighter.

Nyx ran a hand through her hair, not even commenting on the tangles and allowed them to finish their moment. Another kiss was placed at the top of her head and it was then she begrudgingly pulled away from him, offering him a weak smile while he gingerly rubbed her tears away, holding her gaze as he did so. Nyx was looking at her the exact same way as he did all those years ago before they parted ways, she remembered it all so well and how she hated herself for what happened. Absently, her fingers came to curl around his wrists as he continued to cup her cheeks with his hands, thumbs wiping any fresh tears that escaped her. It was like nothing had changed, even in this dire moment.

“I hope that guy looks out for you,” he said finally, voice still as soothing as ever, “And I hope you let him.”

Athenacia scoffed as another tear fell down her cheek. She was about to open her mouth to respond but nothing she said would have been heard. The moment was lost, the two of them hearing a roar in the distance. The pair of glowing red eyes, the ones she as chasing in the beginning, it was close.

“Ultros,” said Nyx in disgust.

“I’ll handle him,” she replied, her eyes distant as she stared in that direction. Athenacia turned back to face him, “You take care of yourself, even if you plan on dying.”

The Glaive nodded at her, placing a hand on her shoulder, however, their moment was short lived once more as Glauca began to stir. This wasn’t her fight, she would leave him to it. Athenacia caught sight of Lunafreya and Libertus reaching the car they were going to use to get out of the city. Immediately she raced toward them, reaching the Princess just before she was about to get into the vehicle. Lady Lunafreya looked at the young doctor curiously.

“I know you have a duty to the Prince, but could you please do me a small favour?” asked Athenacia tentatively.

“Anything you need,” the Oracle nodded.

The physician reached into her pocket, pulling out a silver chain. It was the necklace she usually wore, a disc with a tree inside of it. This was her only real keepsake, something that she had since she was a child. Truth be told, she didn’t think she would make it out of the city either, so she placed the necklace in the hand of the Oracle, sighing as she did so.

“When you find the Prince, he’ll have companions. Give this to the biggest one and tell him I’m sorry,” instructed Athenacia gravely.

Lunafreya looked at the girl sadly, nodding once at her, “I’ll see that it is done.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re not coming, Cia?” asked Libertus, almost in shock.

She shook her head, “No,” she answered, looking over at Ultros, “I’ve got some unfinished business. Safe journey,” and she took off toward her target without another look back.

Athenacia was positively exhausted, head in a haze and magic no longer able to heal her after the day she had. The burning flesh of the deceased all around invaded her nostrils, ears ringing with the destruction of her home at the hands of Niflheim and their daemons. Whatever Nyx had planned, she hoped that it was enough. The roar of her enemy closing in on her position had her head to the heavens, nothing but black smoke and flames greeting the night sky and wishing to bring a tear to her eye. Purple tentacles came to engulf everything they ran across, destroying with every touch. The beast was injured that much was for certain, even a daemon wouldn’t be able to escape an airship crash unscathed. Exhaling deeply, she was closing in on its location. The tremors beneath her feet were getting stronger, increasing their pace as she ran to her destination.

The girl had to keep going, throwing herself to the ground, finally reaching her target and narrowly dodging a thick purple tentacle. The wind raged against her skin, keeping her on the ground as she hastily took the bag off of her back and shot to her feet. Jaw set, Athenacia charged toward Ultros, the daemon that was destroying her home and constantly haunted her nightmares. Dodging another tentacle, she whipped around and struck the third that was coming for her. The gladius was stuck partially against the thick armoured skin; so when the tentacle moved it pulled the blade with her attached to it. Ultros shrieked as she was flung around like a piece of trash, keeping a death grip on her weapon while detaching it from the tentacle and falling quickly to the ground. Her entire body was rigid, bracing herself for pain and sticking her gladius straight into another approaching tentacle. The whip from her body suddenly changing directions nearly broke her arm but she pushed through it and waited until she was closer to the ground. Yanking again on the weapon, she was pulled free and tried to aim for one of those glowing red eyes. Ultros roared and knocked her back before she could make contact. Athenacia let out a large cough as the wind was taken from her from impact to the streets of Insomnia.

With her head in a haze, she rose to her feet slowly. That inhuman scream reached her ears, nearly deafening her. Weapon in hand, she pursued the creature and attempted again to do some sort of damage to it. It was so much bigger, more powerful than the last time she had faced it years ago in the war. Athenacia was also much weaker than before and knew that there was no way she could win. So be it. As her attempts grew more persistent, she was only getting more and more injured. She had to fight consciousness with the last hit, her body making an indent with the force used to drive her away.

Athenacia gasped for breath, trying to will the air into her lungs. A rushing in her ears took over anything else she was meant to hear and everything started to have a red tinge to it. Eyes scanned over the destruction around her, wheezing breaths keeping her conscious though just barely. The once tall buildings of Insomnia were dwindling down, bodies strewn all over the streets and flooded with debris. More dreadnaughts made their appearance, following in the wake of another red-eyed daemon bringing devastation. The diamond weapon, the one that defeated her years ago and the Glaives before a treaty was even thought into existence. But it was being detained by a force like nothing she had seen before. Blinking hard, it was familiar blue sort of flash. Athenacia blinked again and everything turned red once more. On the third one, she knew it was Nyx and she knew that she had to help him. If Ultros got anywhere near that battle, he would surely lose. Her skin was beginning to burn, body spent and refusing to move from its spot no matter how much she willed it to. As everything had finally settled on red, she managed to twitch her finger. That was a start. Taking another rasping breath, she blinked her eyes. Still her vision was stuck in red but it was enough to bend her knee so that her foot was flat on the ground. Every movement was nothing but pain, however, she had no choice, she had to get up and fight. Screams of past comrades and civilians reached her ears, causing her to blink again, taking in another breath. Her other knee bent and she put her foot flat on the ground.

The doctor willed herself to move, the cries of the beast before her getting ready to kill her. There was no way she was going to take this lying down, even as her skin continued to burn and in agony, she slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her eyes were glossed over as she could hardly process what was going on, just knew that she had to stand. Tears began to well up within her eyes at the pain she felt with every shallow breath she took in, crying out when she pushed herself to her feet, her legs trembling beneath her at the sheer weight of herself. Everything was that same burning red that she could see, almost like she was within a dream. Her body was persisting with agony as the tears started to fall. Her skin was on fire it felt like and everything only grew redder and redder. Athenacia felt a tentacle on her back, trying to push her down and cried out at the impact, but her voice was drowned out with the wail of pain that emanated from Ultros. Breath heavy in her own ears, she struggled to stay on her feet, hardly able to lift her hands to block any more attacks even though none came.

Doubling over and hugging herself, tears poured freely down her face while her skin only grew hotter and hotter as the seconds passed. Athenacia whimpered, terrified at what was happening to her. Ultros, the purple tentacled daemon with many teeth and glowing red eyes was unable to grab her but persisted his attack anyway. Her body writhed in agony at all the abuse it had taken since the fighting broke out. The inhuman scream of the daemon attacking her sounded in her ears and she managed to crane her neck up, looking at the oncoming attack.

Her skin only burned hotter as she braced herself for impact. This was it, the end of her journey. After all she had been through she was actually welcoming death, she would finally be able to rest peacefully. Memories of all the people she was close to raced by in her mind, of Tash and Crowe that didn’t deserve to die so suddenly, of Gin, who was safe in Lestallum now and would have her baby. Athenacia regretted that she would never meet the ginger-haired woman’s child but at least it would be safe, have a chance at life. She thought of Nyx who was giving his life to make sure the daemons were subdued just like she was, of Cor, the man who pulled her from the orphanage and stood by her side her entire life. The man who raised her and taught her to fight, the first person ever in her life to notice her existence. Finally, she thought of Gladiolus. More tears streamed down her cheeks as the memories she shared with him clouded her mind, their relationship and how he made her feel stung into her bones no matter how much she tried to forget him. At least her last moments weren’t spent alone and bitter.

The deafening scream of Ultros sounded in her ears once more. Athenacia wailed at her own loss and hoped that she would no longer feel any pain. Her legs were trembling beneath her as she could feel him closing in on her. She did everything she could, at least she felt that way as she hugged herself tighter. A gasp erupted from her lips when her body felt completely aflame, seeing an azure glow start to form on her skin. The tension built up within her, an undying need of power trying to burst its way out. Athenacia couldn’t, had no idea who was still near this area, however, she couldn’t hold it long, her body weak from all the fighting. The gust of Ultros bearing down upon her, grazed her skin, reminding her of what she had to do.

That was when she started to scream. Athenacia felt her throat hoarse as her cry pierced any and all that could hear it. The azure glow that surrounded her released in a burst of power unknown. Tears were still streaming down her cheeks as her mouth projected her howl. It echoed throughout the city and the azure dome that came from her flew out slowly, incinerating anything that touched it. The trail of destruction ranged wider and higher than ever before. Ultros was no more and neither was anything else in its path. The buildings that surrounded her, the enemies, the dead bodies all disintegrated into dust while she still wailed.

Then there was silence. Athenacia began to sob once it was all over, holding herself tightly while her body quivered. Her head was hit with a wave of dizziness and she struggled to stay conscious. The gravity weighed upon her, arms dropping from her abdomen and shoulders completely slumping. She couldn’t fall,, she could not fall. The girl forced her eyes open, seeing nothing but glowing embers in front of her. Weakly, she took a step forward, only to stumble and have her body give out entirely - but she didn’t hit the ground like she had expected. Someone had reached from behind and caught her shoulders, holding her up effortlessly.

“You survived,” it was a man with a thick accent and an amused voice, one she didn’t’ recognize, “I must say that was a good show,” he complimented her.

Athenacia tried to form words but nothing would come out. There was no way to relinquish herself from his hold, far too weak. The stranger forcefully whirled her body around so that she was facing him. Again, she attempted to defend herself but only ended up falling into the mysterious man’s chest. A light chuckle at her feeble protests of his person was felt against her cheek. He held an arm around her shoulders while her head flopped around with her inability to hold it up on her own. The lack of willpower made it so that she didn’t even react the way she wanted to when she felt her feet lift off the air as his other arm held her up by her knees.

“You just keep amazing me as time goes on. Turning up in places I never thought you’d be,” he purred, looking down at her.

Hazel eyes were glazed over, but she tried to focus on the person. Her skin crawled at his touch and she couldn’t will her body to move much any more than it already was. Grunting, she narrowed her eyes as she tried to get them to focus on his face. He was wearing a hat, his hair longer and reflecting in the flames with a violet ting, amber eyes were amused as they regarded her. Evil was all she could think as she looked into them. This was not someone she wanted to be near her whatsoever.

“Who are you?” she croaked out weakly.

“I’ve been many people. But today, my dear, I am your saviour,” he smiled brightly at her.

“No,” she protested, out of breath.

Athenacia brought her left hand to push him away from her, wanting desperately to free herself of his grasp. It was to no avail, her body so frail after everything that happened. There was simply no strength left in her, no longer even able to fight with herself to stay conscious as her head drooped one final time and the darkness took over. Her head hit his chest, her body going completely limp as she passed out in the arms of a man unknown.

Twin sisters Brittani and Brandi Jackson grew up as star students in Twinsburg, Ohio, but realized there weren’t many doctors who looked like them.

Both went on to medical school and even worked together at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Now they aim to inspire the next generation of physicians.

Watch more of their story:

I’m taking a break

I’m not sure for how long, I’ll be writing requests I have and stuff, it’s just there’s a lot of going on right now and I think you amazing person who said to me to close my requests helped me realize that I truly need some space and be away from the internet for a while. <3 I love you guys you’re amazing and so supportive, tonight just a lot of things happened in Tumblr and in my life and I just need to breathe, take a step back and focus on me for a while. I’ve never had this succesfull account and I just need some time to get used to it 🙏🏽❤️

I don’t know if this is what I want to do

I hope you guys understand and I know you do, you are all very sweet. take care. 💕

Originally posted by chibird

Your not local writer

Simulation - 13th Doctor

Can you do a Thirteen x fem reader where 13 and her are trapped in a simulation of both of their ideal lives where they live together and that’s how they figure out that they are both in love with each other? Fluff and kisses ensue! Oh! And they get out of the simulation 😂

Originally posted by nooowestayandgetcaught

“Oh god. I hate Vortex manipulators,” Y/N groaned as she landed butt first onto a cold wooden floor. She felt like her guts were put into a blender. 

“What the hell,” The girl murmured when she managed to get up and look around. She had landed in the middle of someone’s apartment, the kitchen to be exact. She held her stomach in pain as she tried to call for the Doctor but no one answered. Her eyebrows knotted together. The last thing she remembered was her and the Doctor being transported by an alien, who said it was doing them a favor. 

“Well could’ve bloody got me into the Tardis…” Y/N mumbled annoyed and went to the living room. She breathed out in shock when her eyes landed on the multiple picture frames, of her and the Doctor. There were dozens of them and none of them were originally with them both in it. One of them was a selfie, Y/N recognized it, she had taken the same picture by herself in her bedroom. another one was a candid picture of them in a park. Both of them smiled and held each other’s hand, Y/N was giving her a kiss on the cheek. 

The glass shattered as it made contact with the floor. A small paper piece fell from the counter in the middle of the sharp objects, Y/N was careful not to cut herself with the glass when she picked it up. 

Out for food, be back at 12. - Your Wife ;)

“The hell,” Someone knocked on the door. Y/N glanced at the clock, 12 am sharp. She swallowed down her pride and fear before walking to the door, praying to god someone was there to explain all of this. 

Well, there kinda was. 



“What the hell is going on,” Y/N asked as Doctor walked in, scanning the place with her sonic. Her eyebrows scrunched up as she tried to read the calculations, Y/N stood in the doorway her arms crossed her whole posture basically radiating confusion.

“What?” She walked over, looking over Doctor’s shoulder. “What is it?” 

The blonde sighed annoyed and knocked the sonic couple times onto her palm before looking at it again. The cadge answered back with a spiteful spark, making the Doctor yelp in pain. Y/N looked worried as she put her side of the finger in her mouth to ease the burn. 

“You oka-”

“Splendid! Brilliant okay,” Doctor jumped over the couch and scanned the top of the wall and the ceiling, while Y/N went to inspect the pictures again, this time  a bit closer. “Huh, that’s interesting…” She mumbled and turned back to the human. “Everything is backward,” The Doctor stepped on the table and back onto the ground. 

“Backward?” Y/N questioned while looking at the pictures of them. Some of the glass shattered underneath her boots. 

“Everything is normal, energy, time. But it’s all backwards like we’re looking at it from a mirror.” 

“Mirror…” Y/N mumbled deep in her thoughts. The Doctor scrunched her face, not used to being ignored. She walked over to the girl, about to question what was on her mind. 

“You see this?” The human held up the small note, which was written in Doctor’s handwriting. It looked exactly the same. 

“And then this.”

The duo went quiet as Y/N presented a rather, surprising, picture of them together, both wearing white, and both laughing while a priest was behind them. Someone threw flowers over their heads as they walked out of a park, where the wedding had been held, Y/N was shielding Doctor’s head with a bouquet as a joke. 

“Well, this explains. Good work, you’re brilliant,” The human tried not to blush from the praise, trying to produce some kind of understandable words,  

“Why- What? So what is it? Where are we?”

“Apparently,” The Doctor glanced at Y/N. “We are living in a simulation.”

Y/N placed two cups of tea on the table, while Doctor was working on something with the house’s computer. Her fingers tapped the keyboard with such a speed Y/N was sure they would all fall off from the friction. Without looking up Doctor took a sip from her Earl Grey, and Y/N was glad she had put some cold water into it to cool the beverage. 

“So, umm…” The human awkwardly sipped her tea and leaned to her elbows on the table. She tried to glance what the Time Lord was doing but quickly gave up, as everything on the screen was like gibberish to her. 

“What is this? And can we get out?” The Doctor sighed and hastily brushed some hair out of her face. Y/N placed her mug down, not really liking the cheap taste of the simulation tea. 

“Okay, so this whole simulation is supposed to reflect the most ideal life a person could have. Everything from their house to their job, neighbors…”

“And partners?” Y/N asked her heart rate speeding up. The girl looked at the Time Lord anxiously to know the answer. God she had done so good job on keeping her feelings out of the way so far, it can’t fall now just because some stupid alien put them inside a simulation. 

The Doctor nodded and slowly closed the computer, pushing it to the side. She crossed her fingers on the top of the table, completely chill about it even though Y/N was internally freaking out. Well, she was kinda freaking out on the outside too. 

The human got up from her spot and threw her cheap and nasty tea away. She didn’t want to explain this, but at this point did she really have a choice? The Doctor wasn’t stupid, in fact, she was probably one of the smartest persons Y/N had ever, ever, met. And now Y/N would be royally embarrassed in front of her crush. 


“Do you fancy me?” The Doctor asked and tried to find Y/N’s eyes but she refused to look at her. She got up from her seat and stood in front of Y/N, lifting her chin up with her cold index finger. Her voice was steady but the human could hear a faint nervousness in it. 

“Y/N, do you fancy me?” 

“Okay, I bloody do,” Y/N breathed out and threw her arms in the air. Her face held a small frown as she looked up to the Time Lord. “I have for three months, and I still do. Okay? I’m sorry if this messes up something, I can always leave if you want to. Just say and I’ll pack my-” 

Suddenly Y/N felt a soft pair of lips against her mouth, immediately silencing her up. Her breath was knocked out of her lungs, quite literally, but she melted into the kiss anyway. 

“Don’t you ever dare to suggest that again,” The Doctor whispered against Y/N’s lips, a small smile tugging her swollen lips. The flustered human chuckled slightly and nodded, glancing down at her hands. She pulled the Time Lord a tad closer and gave her one last kiss before completely pulling away. 

“Do you know how to get us out of here?” Y/N asked. 

“Oh yeah, I mean simulation, of course, they have a Tardis here. Just have to find it - ow hey!” The Doctor whined as the very red girl slapped her arm. 

“You knew all the time?” She asked but The Doctor could see she wasn’t genuinely angry. It was quite amusing really, Y/N looked like an adorable chihuahua when she got mad. 

“You’re lucky I love you,” the girl mumbled and placed a kiss on her cheek. The Doctor smirked cheekily and walked after the girl who was heading to look for the lost spaceship. 

“Whatever you say, wife.”

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Cute - 13th Doctor

Can I please request a 13 imagine where the Doctor and the (very shy) reader get stuck without the tardis and are forced to share a bed (kinda like with the Doc and Martha in the Shakespeare code) and this ends up with confessions of liking each other and some fluff, maybe, please?

doctor x reader imagine with the having to share a single hotel bed trope where both of them are internally panicking or something?

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“It doesn’t work?” Y/N asked confused as the Doctor tried to fix the console underneath. She saw a spark and heard the Time Lord gasp and drew her hand away. The Doctor slid away to stand up with a help of Y/N and rubbed her hands together, oil spills spreading everywhere.

“Nah, I mean yeah once I’ve fixed it,” Y/N nodded and crossed her arms over her chest. Her fingers were a tad cold from the chill air as the heating in the ship was gone too.

“But it might take a while,” The Doctor said and took off her safety goggles.

“So, we’re stuck in the 1500th century?”

“Yup,” Doctor grinned and put on her coat.

“Fancy a hotel?” Y/N nodded eagerly and followed the Doctor outside. Luckily it was a small town they happened to stay in, no one didn’t bother to question them. Y/N would’ve let Doctor do the talking either way, she wasn’t really keen on speaking with strangers especially ones from a different era. She was way too scared she’d might say something odd and erase her entire exsitence.

”Oi watch it,” someone grumbled as they bumped into the smaller girl. Y/N felt her cheeks redden as she mumbled a small apology and skipped to catch up with the Doctor whose face held a disimpressed frown.

”Man, some people just don’t have manners, what ya say?” She playfully nudged Y/N a bit, finding her small frame and flusreded demeanor adorable. The human let a smile decorate her face from the encouraging words and she shoved her hands into the pockets of her warm jacket already feeling her fingers warm up a bit.

”Ah here,” The Doctor said and held the door open for Y/N. She thanked her and quickly slipped underneath her arm and into the warm building.

“We only have rooms with one bed,” a bored lady sitting behind a wooden table said, not even bothering to look up. Y/N glanced at the Doctor saying she at least was fine with it, anything goes as long as it’s warm and she gets some sleep. All the running and adrenaline had distracted Y/N and she hadn’t even realized how tired she was.

”We’ll take one thanks.”

”Oookay,” The Doctor plopped onto the bed, it was big maybe a queen sized or a tad smaller. Anyway it was big enough for the two women, as Y/N always slept in the most smallest positions possible.

The human quietly took off her shoes and jacket before sitting down and snuggling herself under the sheets. Oh yeah, they had to share them. Great. Y/N shyly moved her gaze to the blonde alien next to her and turned fully to her side.

”I had fun today,” she said a small smile tugging her lips.

”Yeah?” The Doctor grinned and Y/N could feel her knees go weak from her voice. ”I had a blast too. Shame that Tardis broke down tho, there’s still loads to see. Like the waterfalls of Neif, the water changes color based on the clock. Or the big mountains in the Kajil oooh they are extrodinary, did you know that- what?” The Doctor cut herself off as she saw Y/N trying to hide a smile underneath the sheet. Her smile had grown and it reached to her ears, Doctor secretly loved it.

The human pulled the blanket down just a bit so her voice wouldn’t be muffled. ”Your voice is… it’s really nice. To listen,” she awkwardly mumbled. Doctor could see in the dim lighting that the tips of her ears were red. She smiled and snuggled a bit closer.

”Your voice is nice too. I like it,” The Time Lord said. Her voice was barely above whisper but the silence and echo in the room made it sound much more louder.

Y/N glanced down before snuggling a tad closer and looking up to the eyes that had seen so much. Sometimes she wondered how much exactly, how much loss and grief and sadness? How much happiness and love and life? It truly impressed the human, just Doctor’s existing impressed her. Her own beacon of hope.

”I like you. You’re brilliant,” the Time Lord said and the room went proper quiet. Y/N moved her gaze between the two eyes, not entirely sure how to react or what to do. Her heartbeat was echoing in her head and only god knows what gave her the idea of what to do next.

Slowly she placed her hand on the Doctor’s right cheek, feeling how soft the skin was, how warm. Her breathing fanned the Time Lord’s face as Y/N slowly moved forwards and placed a small gentle kiss on the traveler’s lips. It was short and sweet. It felt like fireworks went off inside Y/N’s stomach. Never had she ever before felt something like that but one thing was sure, she liked it.

And so did the Doctor, based on the cheeky smile on her face. Her eyes lightened up and her other hand took Y/N’s, intwining their fingers together under the sheets. Y/N placed her head carefully on the Time Lord’s chest, still feeling giddy and excited. She felt a small peck on her head and then the Doctor’s beautiful voice spoke.

”Sleep well. We’ve still got lots of adventures go on.”

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