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Sometimes our or may bring a sense of or , leaving us to tuck away & hide from reality. In these moments we must rise above the momentary & seek out the ; the deep lessons that elevate us.

– แม้อาจไม่เลิศหรูอย่างที่หวัง แต่คงเป็นความหวังที่ดีที่สุดในตอนนั้น ก่อนจะสิ้นหวัง

And sometimes we have to face the faces to feel the Reality To start realizing it won't work as in fantasy.

今日はどんな日だったかな? 寂しくなかったかな? 辛くなかったかな? 大変な事は起きていないかな? 面倒な事は起きていないかな? 大事な貴方が素敵に過ごせますように

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Absolutely right. Believe in yourself and your self worth always. Ditch the negative people, you don't need them in your life. Say goodbye to their negativity and stand tall as you are 🌟🍀🌟

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5 tips while you have anexity

These are my own tips that works for me and I’ll hope some of them may help you.

1. Selfcare
Do things you like to do. Whatever that you know that makes you smile a little.
I do face masks, hang out with friends, do sudoku, listen to music, watch youtube, write and paint!

2. Analyze your feelings
I know, it’s hard ‘cause the feelings is scary. When you have the courage, think of why you feeling that way. What started the anexity and how can you turn it to something good? It’s okay if you don’t have the answer but you’ve start the process of selfcare, that’s amazing.

3. Walks
Going out for a walk can actually help. For me it’s really important to take walks when I’m feeling down. It doesn’t have to be an hour long walk. Five minutes is enough. If that feels to much, open the window and breath in the air. Fresh air can help a lot too.

4. Talk about it
This is the scariest thing, at least what I think. You don’t have to tell everything your feeling but just saying “today I have anexity” or “I don’t feel good today, I’m not ready to talk about it yet but just so you know”  It can relief some of the anexity and you can get support right away or later. You can text a person to, that’s how I started this. For me it helped and after a while I talked about my feelings with my friends. 

5. Accept your feelings
If you accept that your having a bad day, your having anexity or feeling down for other reasons. Accept it, it’s totally okay to feel that way. Having feelings and being down is so normal. We need our sad times to have good times. My mom always tells me that I need to be bored to have fun later and this is so true. It also match with the feeling a human body can have. I think it’s kind of cool that one human can feel all the emotions we have and that they are different for everyone ‘cause every experience we go through is unique. If this feels hard, that’s okay to. Some day you will accept your ups and downs.

It’s okay to feel down and you’ll be alright. I promise, hang in there friend. 


Mogę na Ciebie krzyczeć, wydzierać się

Nie potrafię okazać Ci miłości

Być może dlatego że ona nie została mi okazana?



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