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The wonderful architecture in Air Street, the amazing coffee shop - Papillon London - all looking good in the sun today. More great venues for meetings

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Old-School Selfies, Take 2! Using technology for instant feedback Foundations Day 5

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the government fucked up smth of mine so i got $4,000 dollars in compensation and like a responsible adult im using the money to get framed photos of my cats 


Homework Assignment 2


Homework assignment 1

anonymous asked:

Feedback on a clairvoyant aura reading you did for me: Aw thank you so much, it means a lot for me , and resonates :D have a nice week and thanks again!

Hi! I’m so glad that you liked it and that it resonated! Thank you so much for your feedback, it is much appreciated!


myinkyfingers  asked:

Hey, just dropping in to let you know literally EVERY SINGLE READING you've ever given me has been accurate. All of them. Every single one. WITCHCRAFT (Also, thanks!!! You're amazing)

Thank you so much for letting me know!! I’m glad they all resonated♥️ I think you requested a past life one too and I’ll probably be getting to it tonight :)


Feedback | Akaki Nishshobde | Live Studio Concert | new song

@tae anon thank you for the clarification! I’ll definitely add it to my drafts but it’ll be a bit linger so it’ll take longer for me to write. Hope you don’t mind! (I would’ve responded to your asks but i wanna keep them in my inbox so i dont forget)

anonymous asked:

Ahhh thank you for the reading my love! I had been told that m and I weren’t going to get together, and he has a thing with a girl rn, but I’m having a shift rn and I’m a lot more positive than I have been, and Iva always had a good feeling about m. Also I’ve felt like him and the girl aren’t really gonna last if they even date. Your reading gave me a lot of hope and some clear insight!!!! Thank you 💓💓💓 - C

Aw no problem love! Thanks for leaving me your feedback! And I’m glad I could help with giving you some clarity and hope! Hope things go well with him :) ❤❤

timtamsandme  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to say I binge read your Jaebum fics 😋 Worship in particular is a favorite of mine. Very steamy and erotic if you ask me 🥵 The things we do for love is a close second as well as the A-Z nsfw. I really like your writing! How do you come up with the ideas for your story? 😊

Wow, lovely! That is an effort and a half. Thank you for reading them and I am super glad you enjoyed them!

I will have to say that ‘Worship’ is actually by my dear friend Lys over at @kpopchangedme. I wish I could write as good as her, but sadly not lol.

How do I come up with my ideas? Lol it’s actually very embarrassing but they’re mostly from my vivid imaginations and daydreams. Yeah… even the smut. ANYWAY. I’m glad you enjoyed them!! 💚💚💚

anonymous asked:

thanks for the reading! It resonated as I'm the one who is sure and what I have to offer. It turns out D didn't think we'd be good close friends as we don't agree on the same things, which is a little sad, because I wholly disagree with that assessment -💜

I v much appreciate the feedback and I’m glad this resonated for you!! I hope your situation works out for the best! 💕

anonymous asked:

hello it's d here just wanting to say thank you so much, it did resonated with me and honestly my intuition always say me to be patient and i like to say that i'm a patient person but idk why with this relationship i feel like !!!!!!please happen!!!!! but i know i have to take it easy and let it work itself so the relationship can bloom, thanks for your time and for the reading, have a nice week!

hahha ohhh I feel this so much!!! patience is not a friend of mine either 😂🤪

I appreciate the feedback a bunch and I’m so glad you found the reading helpful!!!

anonymous asked:

hello! feedback from the anon who asked you to describe their characteristics. first of all i hope that you'll feel better soon, i'm bad at advice but yeah, if you ever need a hug just imagine me hugging you, i love hugging people <3 i definitely related to what you typed out woww, probs cuz i hv a taurus rising!! funny you said i have a greenish blue aura, ppl say they see green or red or pink so im rly confused about that haha!! thanks so much you're really spot on <3 take care, hun

Hii! Thank you so much and don’t worry! What you said was enough help so thank you! I’m glad it resonates with you, it definitely explains the earth I felt in your chart. As for your aura, chances are green is one of your chief colors. Our auras tend to be congruous with how our natures are. Thanks for the feedback and you take care as well! 💛🌷☀️

frangipanidownunder  asked:

Just dropping by to let you know how much I adored Baseball Metaphors. That last chapter is fucking perfect. The banter, Mulder's insecurities and tenacity, Scully's surprised 'oh' and the stormy sex. It was magic. My heart...💜

Ah, thank you!  I love banter, as you all might have figured out by now.  I think fluff is just a little better with some angst or insecurity or what have you, like sweet things are made better with a little bitterness or salt.  I hope the next chapter is just as satisfying for you!

anonymous asked:

So... I finally read your 3 works that I missed because of school and girl, they were awesome!! they were all different but all equally amazing and they just made me miss them so much because I had that happy feeling when reading them. Also, high school linstead is adorable and I was dying at the thought of those little babies having a slow dance😍

Awwww girl, I’m so happy you liked it!! And I’m happy it gave you happy feelings, because that was totally my intention. I love that you took the time to let me know! Thank you!

I hope school is going well! And I’ll try to post something tonight if I have time to edit it 😊

Lapin Agile written Steve Martin
Performed by myself

I’m thinking of starting a side blog where I do a kind of “Audio Diary” type of thing where I upload myself practicing voice acting and just other random audio clips. I want to be a voice actor some day, but I have a naturally monotone-ish like voice and I have trouble making myself sound expressive, so I figured if I start actually uploading shit, then I could get some feed back. Who knows though. 


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