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"... THE DEEPEST MOST POWERFUL...DRUM WACKS I HAVE EVER HEARD."!!! "These speakers wring out the minutest of detail without fatigue." "...intelligently designed, ...the most solidly built speakers I have ever seen."

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10 Best Practice Ways to Give to Online Students |πŸ¦‰6. Establish your credibility early. When your students respect your expertise, they find feedback easier to accept.

RT : PCC shares 3 assumptions that employees make when they don't receive helpful and how to overcome them

PCC shares 3 assumptions that employees make when they don't receive helpful and how to overcome them

10 Best Practice Ways to Give to Online |πŸ¦‰5. Some online students resent being assessed on they feel they already know. Be respectful - and diplomatic when necessary.

10 Best Practice Ways to Give to Online |πŸ¦‰3. Match the complexity of your feedback to the learning level of your students. Make it easy to understand on first reading.

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so ya know when you go into your game to like take a couple pics and then end up building your first modern build at 1 in the morning, cause yeah same.

but seriously this is my first modern build 

(didnt do interior yet) 

would love some real feedback 

because im thinking about using it for a lets play
cant tell if its bad or not.

thanks, xoxo
~ gloom

Windows 8 file management: you ask, Microsoft listens

After augmenting Windows 8 with some mobile-friendly features, it looks like file management is next to go under the knife. Not the sexiest part of an OS, granted, but one you’ll use almost every day – a fact not lost on Redmond. Based on newsgroup feedback, Windows 8 will sport a stack of tweaks hoping to make some of the more mundane tasks, well, less mundane. For example, if you copy duplicate files to a directory, it’ll make decisions based on size, name and modified date to determine if it’s the same file or not. For long copy jobs, error messages will be mercifully left until the end, allowing the rest to complete. Other simple touches include EXIF orientation data, which will be reflected in Explorer’s preview, updates to the slightly contentious Ribbon, plus a bunch more user-driven goodies. We’re reserving judgement until we get hands-on of course, but if you want to know more, there’s a full rundown in the source after the break. Read more

anonymous asked:

I said I was looking forward to the rest of the chapters and boy you delivered,I loved the way you wrote Petra! Also I've already said this,but the background building into Levi's childhood as well as the reader's interactions are so good! I don't understand why people dislike such paragraphs bc "it's not romance" like how you are you suposed to let the romance sink in and digest the story? (Also,thank you for the interest into reading my writings but I'm too embarrased to show anyoneπŸ˜–) -πŸŒ™anon

Thank you so much anon!!! Aaaaaa this made me so happy that I didn’t disappoint u!!! ☺️ So glad you enjoyed Petra in this chapter (rlly allays a fear of mine LOL) and that you’re liking the non-romantic character foundations! Hope that the slowburn payoff will be enjoyable for u!

bealivetothelife  asked:

Hey! So feedback time! You were spot on... I feel that we do have a huge connection and that it’s something bigger than what I can measure.. we do have a lot of understanding between each other and we usually don’t need to say much to know what each other meant. Sometimes it’s hard to keep believing on the signs I have, but I fight that urge, so I can make it happen... it’s a very strong connection we have indeed! Thank you again for your reading!!!! Thank you very much! ❀️❀️

You’re welcome! Thank you for this feedback, I really appreciate it. 💜

Microsoft's now letting developers respond to app store critics

If a Windows Phone app disappoints you, it’s probably right that you call out its failings and warn others to steer clear. Don’t be surprised, however, if the minds behind the software start responding to your gripes directly. Microsoft is slowly rolling out a program whereby developers can comment on your reviews of their handiwork. Fortunately for you, however, the devs won’t get access to your personal details, and, if they overstep the mark, you can report them for poor conduct. Still, the notion that coders will now get the chance to openly gain feedback from users seems like a step in the right direction – just as long as everyone remains civil.

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BU wizards find success in unconscious neurofeedback learning, announce plans for secret lair

You will learn French this week, even if you’re not aware that it’s happening. Neuroscientists at Boston University have discovered that patients can quickly learn new skills while having their brain patterns modified via decoded functional magnetic resonance imaging. The group found that pictures gradually build up inside a person’s brain, appearing first as lines, edges, shapes, colors and motion in early visual areas with the brain then filling in greater details as needed to complete the object. From there, a correlation was confirmed between increased visual learning and fMRI neurofeedback, repetitions of the activation pattern leading to long-lasting performance improvement. Interestingly, the approach worked even when test subjects were not aware of what they were learning… which is why that sweater you unconsciously knitted last night should fit Johnny Boy like a glove.

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NEC's tactile touchscreen nudges at the future (video)

A touchscreen’s fatal flaw is its lack of feedback: imagine the satisfaction if you could feel those Angry Birds as they flew across the screen. NEC and the Tokyo Institute of Technology wanted a simpler solution to tactile displays than Senseg’s electrostatic-field based tech. Instead, this device uses a wire (yup) anchored on each corner of the display – when force is shown on screen, it jerks the screen in the corresponding direction. You can see it in action after the break, accompanied by the restful tones of Diginfo’s narrator. If there’s a better way to start a week, we don’t wanna know about it. Read more
ARAIG gaming feeback suit hits Kickstarter in search of good funding vibrations

In spite of the company’s claims that feedback has always been localized on gaming controllers, this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen the phenomenon incorporated into a wearable. That said, the ARAIG (that’s As Real As It Gets, for the record) does wrap a lot of features into a nice looking package – well, about as nice as one can expect from a vibrating shirt that you wear while gaming. The ARAIG (sounds a bit like “ear ache”) features 16 points of feedback on the front, 16 on the back and eight on each side, a number of which are located in areas so as to offer the most muscle stimulation as they respond to what’s happening in the game.

You’ll also find a six speakers around the collar, offering a sort of surround sound to the wearer, as well as an admittedly somewhat clunky subwoofer on the back. Of course, ARAIG is still in its early stages, a few days into its Kickstarter campaign, so there may well be some changes to the suit in the months to come. In the meantime, the company’s hoping for a lofty $900,000 in crowdfunding. You can check out a video plea below or click the source link to contribute.

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anonymous asked:

I think he’s a mixture of both crackhead dumbass and genuine dumbass. I’m leaning towards genuine tho because he doesn’t seem to realize what the fuck he’s doing. i still love that blonde bitch :3


anonymous asked:

Alright, I’m the anon that was rereading tymi, I’m team roger but I agree with that other anon that he acts like a dumbass. but he’s our dumbass uwuπŸ€ͺ

wait like a genuine dumbass or just a crackhead dumbass i need 2 know

hyosong  asked:

ok that binch olivia is so shady I BET THATS WHY SHE WAS SO HAPPY !!!! she had paparazzi take actual private pics of them smh my head πŸ—Ώ anyway THANK U FOR WRITING SUCH LONG CHAPTERS LIKE everybody’s always giving 2 words updates and there goes u,,,,, i love u and your writing is absolutely fantastic i can’t get enough of it !! i read almost everything u wrote and i’ll def start what i haven’t yet πŸ₯Ί also can i pleeeeease be tagged in the future tymi chaps/any roger fic? i’ll love u 5ever πŸ™β˜ΊοΈ

Olivia didn’t even tell reader what her audition was for in the first place… does she value reader’s reputation and privacy enough to keep her in the loop on the plans, or did she stop trusting her after the incident with John 🤔 maybe Olivia knows more than she lets on

Thank you so much!! The length of this chapter was very out of character, but I’m glad I made it so long because it allowed for a lot of details! I’ll add you to my taglists!

@misalovesherdog I hope you get in the shower and no water comes out. Bwahahahaha!!! Seriously though, I’m glad you enjoyed the revised chapter.

I love writing and J is something I’m super passionate about and I also felt like there was a void in the genre. I was like, where’s the fanfic for all my thicc bitches at?

Let’s not talk about what J would say if he read this because despite me writing like a nasty little thing, your comment made me turn pink in the face. 💋💋💋