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10 Best Practice Ways to Give to Online Students |πŸ¦‰5. Some online students resent being assessed on they feel they already know. Be respectful - and diplomatic when necessary.

Maintaining high performance rates isn’t the only reason to in employee β€”it will also keep employees & with their careers.

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zczasemcos  asked:

Thanks for your answer. Surprisingly it is very accurate what you wrote. How is that possible? Best wishes to you.

Shhh… 🤫👀

Have a great day/night.

anonymous asked:

hello love! i was the 4ever” by Clario anon & YOU WERE SO ACCURATE that was scary!!! you are truly amazing thank you :,)

Aw thanks so much for this feedback!! I’m glad I got it!!!❤️❤️❤️ hopefully it helped love!!

sevenseptember  asked:

This is very interesting cause I was expecting something like not being loved, being alone, lost etc and some more known fears. I mean I am not scared of walking alone or paranoid when walking in the city, but yes I am scared of some abusing me, some stronger( men especially) attacking me etc, so yes you are right about this :)

ohhhh thank you… I’m sorry, I over-exaggerated. But glad to know I was on the right track <3

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for doing the shufflemancy readings. I love reading your interpretations. Can I have one about how does CH feels about me for 3 skips please. Thank you!! - AN

Hi AN! Thanks for that feedback on my shufflemacy readings glad you like them! I got for you the song “Flake” by Jack Johnson. So seems like one party feels more tired of trying to impress the other. This might be CH or you that feels tired of trying in the relationship/friendship. Maybe you are tired of longing for CH if you don’t have an established relationship with CH. if you are waiting around to see if CH is gonna make a move, I would suggest for you to make a move & see how CH responds to it like asking them to go out to a movie or something casually. Let me know how it goes! Thanks for requesting! Leave feedback and/or tipping!(:

anonymous asked:

I just read your post on Cancer Sun - Scorpio Moon and I have to tell you, I could totally relate to it, especially the parts about being observant of the environment + solitude and keeping emotions inside. I really wanna thank you for going into analysis bc you really made us justice, we're not cold! we're just really good at hiding our feelings... but anyways, thank you again and I'll be looking forward to future postsπŸ’•

Maybe I Shed a Few Tears…Maybe I Felt Overwhelmed and Validated By This…

Thank you so much for just— telling me it makes sense and it resonates somewhere 💕 It means alot to know how you feel ;; and I’m glad it’s helpful 💕💕💕I think as long as you feel like it’s personal/connected to the post then I’ve achieved my goal 💕 

trutomboy18  asked:

Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I just read the post about Cancer Sun/Aries moon and it was something that I really needed. 😊 I don’t see a whole lot about that combination so it was a nice read. And I just wanted to say thank you for your posts! I’ve learned a lot by reading them on specific placements! And keep up the good work!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

!!!💕💕💕 I’m happy it helps!! 💕💕💕 aaaaaaaah thank You for appreciating them!! 💕💕 

def-sol  asked:

I may or may not have stayed up till four am last night binge reading Vos Anima Mea cause I saw you updated and was curious. I really like the story, it has a certain aesthetic that I kept me gripped and enjoyed the vibe you built around the world. I hope you have a nice weekend! πŸ’œ

Haha sorry for keeping you up! But, also as a writer that’s a huge compliment. Thank you! ❤️

Free readings and  Healing

Hi lovelies I will be starting free readings again next Tuesday at 22.01.2019

this is what I need from you -

Message me do not send me a mail I don’t always get them! I will message you reading to you

Tarot and oracle your name and where you are from

spiritual readings - the name of the loved one who has passed and their age

Give me feedback on the reading, and if you like it can you can you mention this to your followers and hashtag Angels and Ancestors, please

I do not take Anon requests

Bright blessings

Angels and Ancestors

anonymous asked:

ah I’m a sag sun , cap moon and kinda relate to that aries sun/cap moon ask(!) then again, many people backstabbed me in the past and made me grow wary of letting out my feelings; and like you say we feel as if we’re being a burden to others

!!!! oooo hey thanks for dropping by! 💕 im so glad to hear some feed back sdkfnksdjn 💕💕

oh wa- im so sorry :(( i feel like sag/cap also has it hard on them as well like there’s a reason they’ve ‘hardened’ into who they are y know? 💕 Although they’re both dumbos at least the sag sun/cap moon knows theres something missing/inside of them.

This is really good feedback tho,, cause i was definitely thinking of this as like, ‘helping people relate more to each other’ kind of deal??? sometimes its hard to see past ur own self/prejudice— so its nice to see personal description/different point of view on each combos too y know? hopefully it’ll help someone out there – maybe irl, like, relate or be more tolerant of each other better 💕 

iI feel like i didn’t get to go ham into sag sun/cap moon– a few of my moots have those placements as well and idk i might,,, revisit but idk what i’ll write skjdfnksn 

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for the reading! You’re right that I’m worrying & stressing too much and I am kind of forcing myself to visualize a lot lately. It’s funny that you mention visualizing before sleeping since that’s what someone else who shifted did too.

i’m glad it was accurate! take care of yourself.

anonymous asked:

She wants to desperately move back Hollywood and Harry is seriously thinking about it to. He just may give his family the FU and move. I so want to see this happen I want to see him get burned so bad by her that he will have to crawl back to his family and beg and grovel for there forgiveness.

I agree. If they hate royal life so much they should just leave. There is no point in keeping one foot in each boat

anonymous asked:

Feedback: yes, MS is a guy from my past. We haven’t spoken in a while. I get the vibe that we both miss each other, but when I contacted him about a specific topic, he had nothing further to say other than that topic.

ah got you! you may have to wait until you see him in person again because then he can’t easily avoid you as much. I think he might not feel comfortable enough to reconnect just yet with you. 


Hey guys so I made my first gaming video and I would love love love if you could give me some feedback to improve in future episodes.