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You may not find the required motivation to forge towards your goals, but keep this with you always- JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD! @motivationmondays

A critical aspect of financial intelligence is budgeting and financial planning. It is a deliberate analysis of how you make and spend your money. Money not planned for is money carelessly spent.

Interestingly, it is not how much you earn that makes you rich, but how much you save and invest. Investing your money into wealth-channels should become a lifestyle; it begins with putting aside the tiny amounts into savings.

Hey! How did your weekend go? I trust you already have a business idea... Stay with us, as we discuss BUSINESS this week. The Future Business Leaders Programme is for you.

TGIF! In Nigeria, it is our election season. Have you got your PVC? In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "The ballot is stronger than the bullet." CAST YOUR VOTE!

Any excuse? Spend this weekend to think about that your business; that is how all the big businesses you see today started. We can help you! Photo credit @entrepreneurshipfact

Hey! Come out of the regret of what you did not get right in the past. You can't make the past new, but you can create a new future. This is your morning! Plan to join the FBLP cohort. You will be glad you did. Coming SOON.

In this FBLP cohort, you shall be learning from the experts all you need to know about financial intelligence and emotional intelligence. These skills will accelerate your success in 2019. The Future Business Leaders Programme Cohort; COMING SOON.

Everything about you and all you will ever become is all shrouded in this thing called TIME. He who masters time has mastered life. In mastering your time, two things are vital- PRIORITIZING and DELEGATION. Gain mastery of your time today.

Being a graduate is not all there is to finding that dream job. You have to constantly work on yourself; equip yourself. You are your #1 project!

The muscle spasm you feel while you're sleeping is called a "Hypnic jerk." Although Hypnic jerk could occur at random, it could also be caused by anxiety, caffeine, stress and strenuous activities in the evening.

This journey is still far! How best have you used the first 20 days in this new year? How clear are you about what you want to do with your life this year? Talk to us at FBLP, we can help you find clarity.

As you grow older, you learn few things. One of them is knowing the importance of giving yourself needed break- off work and other activities. This affords you the opportunity for mental rejuvenation and reduces the risk of burnout.

Your will and courage to succeed must be bigger than your fears and doubts. Seeing that there will never be a right time; NOW is the time to launch out into all you have always dreamt about. WATCH OUT for the best that FBLP has got to offer you in 2019!

Sometimes, you need to learn to say "NO". To do that, you need SELF-DISCIPLINE. This gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through without changing; this is a major key to success.

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