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the best in the whole world. I just love this dude. (He’s not enjoying the damp condition like I am but riding like a dream.

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Off to a gingerly start in week week 4 of 8 into the intensive training block.

Feeling fatigued with a few little niggles to iron out, which is to be expected at this stage.

Changing my running style (incorporating the push method) has meant the body needs to make some fine tuning adjustments to compensate.

Even though today was a slow run, definitely noticing the benefits in the changes.

Patience’s, persistence & focused on improving everyday.

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Have put SO much shit into my body the past week if we’re being honest and  just need to reset. 

Last week I was so busy with work, had a lot of meetings and evening events where I just had to eat on the go or didn’t have control over what I was eating. Too much snacking, late night food, and overeating. Also,  a lot of white carbs and sugary snacks and my always downfall- bubble tea. On top of the fact that I drank WAY too much on Friday (and I almost never drink).

Anyway I have a big event to go to on Wednesday so I’m giving myself a 3 day food plan so I get get back to a place where I feel good. 

So here’s what I ate/ plan to eat:

Sunday- kiwi juice, watermelon juice, coffee, coconut water, blueberries and some sushi for dinner

Monday- orange juice, blueberries, a yellow pepper, orange juice, rice with egg

Tuesday- strawberries, 2 eggs, banana, avocado, rice with egg and veggies

Obviously I would never sustain this much restriction in any way that’s long term. But sometimes I feel like a periodic fast/ reduced calories puts my body back in tune with food. Wednesday is back to 3 full on meals!


Customer Always Cums First 😏
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Moses, in the season of abstinence, received the Law and proclaimed it to the people. Elijah by fasting closed the heavens; and the three children of Abraham through fasting overcame the lawless tyrant. Count us also worthy, O Christ, through fasting to attain the Feast of Thy Resurrection, as we cry aloud: Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal, have mercy on us.
—  Stichera from the Praises
Matins for the Triumph of Orthodoxy

Water Fast Day 11 of 21 Update - No Food Fasting Lifestyle

New video is live!!

If you wouldn’t mind checking out our YouTube channel and watch some of this playlist. Maybe even leave a comment and let us know what you think. We would really appreciate it so much. It means a lot us.

It is a bit hard to see, also because I put the sticker over it but mainly because the priest was a little diffident on the ashes ;) but I actually got them for the first time ever and I think it’s wonderful. My heart was beating so much but I was also super excited in a positive way. I know it’s “just a symbol” but to me it is a real sign to pursue this time of Lent for the first time. I’m so elated, I always wanted to do this. And although I’m not baptised yet, I believe this is the best and also simultaneously the worst time to observe Lent, so it is just the right time for where I am in my life.

Happy Ash Wednesday to you all and have a blessed Lenten Time! :) ♡