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さんとのArtwork第二弾。 takasan×hikarixx7のArt worldへようこそ。

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Surprisingly enough, I think this semester will be pretty easy! I have confidence that I’ll pass my stats class! 😁

since I’ve got way more followers here than on my sideblog I’m gonna share this on my main:

for my sideblog I need more blogs to follow and connect with so please reblog/like this if you post/reblog any of the following:

  • David Bowie
  • Queen/Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Beatles
  • Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Indie
  • LGBTQ+ musicians
  • LGBTQ+ models & fashion
  • LGBTQ+ culture in general (movements, history, art, etc.)

and of course feel free to look at @rainbowwie as well! 

Peace and Love <3


People…Lost, feeling forgotten, feeling as if you don’t belong, feeling as though you’re invisible, feeling left out, overlooked, sad, happy, lost, confused, compassionate, sorrow, joy, up, down, somewhere in the middle… Everyone of us have a cross to carry - some heavier than others, but it’s never easy. We all have similar needs no matter where you live, what you look like, we all need the basics - clean water, food, shelter, but we all deserve life, love, friendships, community, just as human beings - yes there are some who are bad people, there always will be, but I’m talking to and about us - the average person who just wants to be able to live free, to be able to try, to be able to join in, to have a chance… If you’re one of those people - join me, and together we can make our own dreams and share in a community with common goals and filled with people who are compassionate and caring, people who won’t judge you based solely on what you look like…Sometimes you have to make something that doesn’t exist yet, and not expect others to make it for us - so, if you’re into any kind of art - music, Health, lifestyle, movies, expression, positivity, fashion, makeup, creative and fun activities, gaming, comics, cars, MMA, dance, no matter what you’re into, let’s get together and help each other rise and succeed, supporting each other and raising awareness about whatever you’re passionate about!? If people want to overlook you, make them take notice, be kind to others, be kind to yourself, because we all deserve the chance to try, to live and be happy - friendship - learning - sharing - we are #bettertogether #dv8forlife #dv869r #join #follow #subscribe #share #tagsomeone #awareness #spiritual #hope #kindness #community #helpeachother #life #goals #health #creative #art #fasion #music #dance #youtube #socialmedia #us #makeup #makeadifference #somethingnew #grow #love ♥️🙏🏼👍📲💻🎗🤝🥰😇🌎ℹ️📲📧 You can each me @ ~ or you can DM me and follow me on most social media platforms @DV869R or @MARIJA-DV869R leave me feedback below - please share, like, comment…support @ ♥️🎗🌎🙏🏼

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