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Fashion Basics/ Daily Fashion with GC

Hello glamcentral visitors! This is my very first written fashion blog post and I’m very proud to announce that I plan on writing daily about fashion right here on Glamcentral. The posts will consist of many things fashion and sometimes beauty related and will allow me to share the information I’ve picked up on such topics with all of you. I will be calling them Daily Fashion with GC. So without further a do I will kickstart my first post about fashion basics.
As every great fashionista knows, you can’t create a killer outfit without the basics. With anything, you must start with babysteps and in fashion there are a few key pieces everyone should have in their wardrobe to help easily build the most stylish of outfits. The pieces that I think every gal should own include:

-a good little black dress (LBD)
-black blazer
-dark washed jeans
-black pants
-black heels
-a cute pair of flats that go with everything (I personally love cheetah print flats)
-white/black/nude camisole tank
-a go-with-everything cardigan
-black boots
-leather jacket
-jean jacket
-black bag
-knit scarf

Of course, these basics are all biased and may not be on everyone’s basics list however I myself and many of my friends have experienced several situations where these basics have truly saved the day. With these basics you’ll no longer be spending tons of time standing in front of the mirror, tossing all the clothes from the closet onto the floor, and crying in a pit of material while you keep your loved ones waiting for you. “ARE YOU EVER COMING OUT OF THERE”! Your boyfriend used to shout. Not anymore! Get the basics and keep the boyfriend! Life is so much easier when you simplify things. Find what works for you and helps you to quickly create a cute outfit for any occasion.
Hope you enjoyed this first Daily Fashion with GC. Inbox me your feedback-I’d love to hear it! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! Goodnight! -Emily Parr/Glamcentral