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Jobsites come in all forms, including a horse shoeing trailer. πŸ“·: Scott Hunter Farrier Services

Controversial question of the week.... πŸ€” Should horses be barefoot or shod and why❓ Please express your views in a polite manner, and respect that others may have differing views.

Me and my side kick Ywaukene at Diamond Hall Ranch Moscow, Texas and Positive Image Promotion at the Pineywoods Trailriding Association campsite shoeing horse. ...

Did some work tonight in this frigid Michigan weather so this girl has fresh

What a day to be working outside!! Bring it in on,spring on its way!! 😊

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Defi Du Seuil winner of the Scilly Isles Grade 1 steeplechase with farrier Ben Parker & former 20 time Champion Jump jockey Sir at yard this morning. πŸ‡πŸ†πŸ… Congrats to all connections & hope you enjoy the champagne.🍾

Tail coming along nicely made from horseshoe steel aswell... Looking good in the air.. flying racehorse made from 100% horseshoes

Have you tried our NEW Liberty Secure Nails?πŸ€”βš’πŸ”₯ β€’ Larger, wider head. β€’ Gives extra wear to the shoe β€’ Wider neck under head, locks in the nail. More Secure β€’ Drives perfectly β€’ In steel or Cu finish Buy now link in the bio.

Our products are used and recommended by farriers world world, including the excellent Olympic farrier Ian Hughes. We are extremely proud that our specialist hoof products are used and endorsed by the best of the best 🐎

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I! Love! Farrier! Work!

My friend sent me this really cool issue of a magazine for bicyclers that had a section on Civil War farriers and now I’m reading all about it. I’ll post some excerpts later. It’s so interesting!!!

The North had access to factories so shoeing horses was easier and faster. The South farriers had to make do with whatever metal they could scrounge up and had to make them all by hand. Many shoes on both sides got lost stuck in the mud and you can find many today. No two shoes are alike!

The article came about because the farrier was asked by reenactors about Civil War horseshoes. Reenacting is so interesting and I’m always impressed by the detail they think about and the lengths they go to for accuracy.

Inspired by my favourite fic by @s-n-o-w-p-i-e-r-c-e-r

They would communicate with silent gazes, knowing looks, longing eyes, and some thoughts. An understanding, an empty building- standing together, face to face, saying what they wanted to say in cryptic ways, but they understood each other. Perfectly, completely. Because they had truly, madly, deeply fallen in love.

I love when my clients get x rays done. I don’t usually request them unless I suspect a major issue. These were routine yearly x-rays this owner likes to do.

These are images 6 weeks out from a trim (not exactly the best time, but whatever) of an Arabian mare with a club foot and significant high/low. Over the last two years we have drastically tightened her capsules, decontracted her heels, and (believe it or not) raised her low heel to where it is now. She’s currently doing low level dressage.

For the issues she has, these are shockingly clean x-rays. She has a touch of side bone from that long term contraction, and a slight remodeling to the tip of her coffin bone in her club foot, which is common. Otherwise, no issues. The vet was very complimentary, and the owner was happy 🙂