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It was such an honour to have the legend that is Jim Ferrie visit us last week & speak to our local guys about the Importance of Level Foot Fall. 🐴⚒️🎤 Many turned out to hear what Jim had to say, and were treated to a live .

With just over a month to go until our Food & Farming Day, over 4,000 school children that have already signed up can look forward to learning about the history of working horses as well as seeing a farrier and working dogs hard at work.

A few pics from over this weekends ‘Farrier’s Car Boot Sale’, held at Stoneleigh Park.🐴🚗🥾 A BIG THANK you to the British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association for organising this fantastic event. Great Day 😎😁👍

Get 10% off Peddinghaus and Kanca hammers starting tomorrow 5/18 til 5/25 with Centaur Forge!

A great turn out yesterday in Lambourn, for Jim Ferrie FWCF . A very informative demo on the importance of level foot fall & how to achieve it. 🐴🎤⚒🔥 Thank you to everyone who attended this event.

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Congrats to Phoebe Locke & Union fortunus on winning a European silver and bronze medal, at the Bicton International Horse Trials. Big congrats to Paul Horner AWCF, who shod Union fortunus with Classic Sports Shoes & Liberty Hybrid nails. 🐴⚒️🔥

The finished trail knives, made from old farriers rasps for a farrier, so i left some of the file work in the faces of the blades as a bit of an homage

: Here's a flashback to some work at ! Keeping trimmed hoofs are essential to the health of horses, maintaining comfort and ease while walking. 🐴

Congratulations to all the students who completed the spring horseshoeing class at NWTI last week!

A few pictures from last night’s lecture with , held at the Bear Hotel. A great turn out for the talk 🐴🎤 A BIG thank you 👍 to Simon & everyone who attended this event.

Coconut Oil Hoof Balm - a staple every day product which helps to keep hooves healthy all year round (it also smells AMAZING and is packed with natural ingredients). Pic: -

Oh lordy what a few days! Whisper is very lame, vet and farrier coming on Thursday not just feet.. shoulder and hock issues.. 😭😭 so sad..

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Why cant peeps keep ponies feet trim!! Hard to tell what horrid shape and how uncomfortable they must be..

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it’s wild to me that im saying this considering i work primarily with barefoot and alternative hoof care methods but i’ve REALLY grown to dislike the big personalities of the barefoot horse movement overall. there’s a lot of mystical thinking and huge claims backed up by zero actual evidence, like this gem i was told today by a new customer:

“if a horse’s wall is beveled properly, they won’t ever get thrush anywhere in the foot. therefore if the horse gets thrush, the farrier isn’t doing their job correctly.”

i gently pushed back against this, because while i understand where that idea is coming from (a balanced hoof promotes tighter, healthier horn growth throughout the foot, which decreases the likelihood of bacterial or fungal invasion of the tubules), the benefits of balance can ABSOLUTELY be negated by environmental and, occasionally, internal systemic factors, both of which are completely the responsibility of the horse owner. not to mention inherent conformational issues or injuries resulting in permanent damage to the foot that disrupt and distort growth significantly enough that, even when balanced to the best of the farrier’s ability, microbes can still do damage. the claim also does not take into account horses that cannot, for comfort, have their entire wall beveled, but can live perfectly sound barefoot lives when left more wall. i would hardly call a farrier allowing comfort to play a role in form “not doing their job correctly.” most farriers are spinning a dozen plates trying to keep hooves tight, healthy, comfortable, and functional, and the path forward is not always as straight or clear as these big players in the barefoot world make it seem.

this is just one example. there are countless more, and there’s often no evidence to back up their claims. i’m not saying more traditional farriers don’t ALSO partake in this particular kind of bullshitting, because they absolutely do, and i’m also not saying every barefoot method idea is a bad one, because plenty of my daily work is borrowed or adapted from those barefoot ideas. i’m CERTAINLY NOT saying i’m the be-all end-all of hoof knowledge either. but i don’t tolerate claims from anyone stated so strongly without evidence, especially when i have evidence to the contrary. sweeping generalizations simply make it easy to excuse poor practices on the part of the horse owner and the farrier, and they don’t do the horse ANY favors ✌🏼

some in-progress shots of 6cm pony clogs for an insulin resistant lass. i take pictures during the application to confirm the angles i see when i lean over to look at them. the bruising is from abscesses last summer. i set the one of on the top foot back just a hair bc she will occasionally collapse onto her heel bulbs at the end of the trim cycle on that foot and she needs as much support as i can give.


If it were easy, everyone would do it ! #farrier #farrierlife #horseshoes #cowboy #dayjob #scottclause #video

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If you’ve never seen a horse being shod, here is a good explanation from an actual farrier.  Very interesting to watch him work on this horse.  Enjoy!

2016 Industry Pros - Farrier

Tesoro heard we have a show Sunday. So he peeled off a shoe.

Luckily our farrier is an absolute hero. Even though his day was over he stopped by on his way home, and if you have never seen a man hot-forge a shoe in the middle of thunderstorm (like a sideways rain level storm)…let me tell you, it is cinematic. And thanks to him we are good to go for this weekend!

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Heeeelp ❤️

- Witchcraft (James Delaney) update : 🌶, 😪 , maaaaaybe 😍.

- Unlikely Allies (Alfie Solomons + Tommy Shelby) update : maybe 🌶 (I’m not sure, if the chapter is too long when I get to where I want, it might be smutty next chapter.) ,😪, 🥰.

- The Portrait (Alfie Solomons + Shelby sister) update : 😪, 🥰

- Dream Team (Eames) update : 🌶, 😪,🥰.

- Tommy Conlon new One Shot (I have an idea for a series too later on) : 🌶,🥰,

- Farrier new One Shot : 😪, 🥰 (IDK about smut yet, only if the situation demands it; if it happens it will be cute smut, not hot smut)

- Krays ( Kray sister reader) new One Shot :😪, 🥰

🌶 - Will probably include smut.

😪 - Will probably include drama/angst/some sadness.

🥰 - Will probably include comforting/fluff/cuteness.

I’m always really indecisive about what to update/write first 😂

Or anything else you’d like to add to the list.

Conversations with the farrier
  • Farrier: Stand still
  • Horse: I am standing still
  • Farrier: You are being super wiggly
  • Horse: YOU'RE being super wiggly
  • Farrier: *sigh*
  • Horse: Oooohh your hair smells good! Ooo it tastes good too!
  • Farrier: Stop *pushes face away*
  • Horse: Rude
  • Farrier: Right, I'm the rude one
  • Horse: I'm glad we came to this agreement
  • Farrier: *face palm*