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A brand new burnt umber Sierra


Fillory is an American pop duo consisting of Julia Wicker and Quentin Coldwater. They also were cast for the new movie of Henry Fogg The  Magicians. 

Alice and Eliot are fans who won a contest to meet them.
Margo is Eliot’s best friend, she’s a casual fan of Fillory and thinks Julia’s bodyguard is hotter.
Fen is Julia’s bodyguard.
Penny is Quentin’s bodyguard.
Kady is Julia’s girlfriend, she is part of a rock band.

Instead of spending time with Q and Julia, Alice preferred to be with Penny.
after Eliot and Quentin start dating he introduces Fen to Margo and there is a connection between them.
In the end they made a costume party where everyone is happy.

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For Evvie.

Within the ARTstreet and @medibangofficial event, I wanted to try my luck doing this batch of #martinfreeman characters. I hope you enjoy it. Made with #ipadair2019, #applepencil and #medibangpaint

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10 Favorite Movies Meme

Got tagged by @zeesqueere, thank you!

Rules: post ten gifs from your top ten favorite movies without naming them, and then tag ten people

btw this is less of a “top ten movies list” and more of a “these are the first ten movies that I could think of that I enjoyed”


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i was wondering... do you have a favorite manhwaka?

Manhwaka? As in people who make manhwas? 😂 If so then yes…

Story-wise: Koogi of course and I think Mojito is very good too

Personality-wise: DEFINITELY FARGO!!! Like, she’s always so sweet, so cool, so great, she always treats her fans well, always replies in sweet ways, she doesn’t seem to care about her fans nationalities, she seems to be so so kind and so on and so on, honestly how can someone not love her? 💕😂

high kings fen and margo; or why the only good answer is them ruling fillory together

What I really like about the idea of Margo and Fen ruling Fillory together as both High Kings (apart from the fact that I ship them like crazy and that there’s nothing more powerful than crowned wlw) is that they both bring out the best parts of each other.

Margo is, to say it bluntly, an impulsive, sometimes cruel, and violent asshole. She doesn’t care about diplomacy, or not enough to make an effort when it comes to it. Diplomacy was always Eliot’s thing. She’s the fighter, she’s always been.

She likes order, she likes power and she likes conquering her enemies because that’s what life taught her. Margo is not a naturally kind person in the sense that, she won’t go out of her way to make a stranger happy and she won’t care about the fate of people she does not care about. That doesn’t make her evil, far from it, it actually makes her a lot more human than some other characters because she’s unapologetic about it. She’s honest about her selfishness and her thirst for power.

But Margo is also vulnerable when it comes to the things she actually cares about. There’s a fragility in her that’s clearly obvious in season 4 because the big bad of the season didn’t threaten just the world in general but her world, Eliot. And by saying that Eliot is Margo’s world, I’m not saying that she can’t live without him or that she can’t function without his presence. She’s her own woman and, as Penny said, she gets shit done. But Eliot is a part of Margo (just as Margo is a part of Eliot) and he’s the part that reminds her that the entire world is not against her, he’s the part of her that reminds her that she is human, that she can break and that there is someone that will catch her when she does.

That part of her gets bigger when she meets Quentin. Season 4 might have fucked us when it came to Margo/Quentin interactions, but don’t be fooled. Margo loves Quentin deeply, she adores that nerd and he is another part of her that is gentle and beautiful. Same thing goes for Josh and Fen, there was a reason why it was those two that showed up in her desert hallucination (before the rest of the squad joined them), Josh and Fen represent the life that Margo built in Fillory, they represent her home.

As the High King, Margo showed that she was a good ruler but not a kind one. She is just and she’s ready to break the rules and make the law if she believes that the ones established are unfair but Margo is the type of High King you either really admire or fear. And that’s an actually believable character development for Margo, I don’t see her ever become the type of ruler that is widely loved by her people (or at least the ones that are not talking animals), but you can be certain that Fillory will thrive under her.

However, sometimes, you need to be liked by your people and sometimes you need kindness and understanding. It was something Eliot could offer as High King but he couldn’t be the ruler it sometimes needed, he couldn’t be the merciless king that conquered and took firstly because that wasn’t in his blood but also because he didn’t really want to. Eliot become king because he had to become king and even if it was in his blood, it wasn’t in his heart and it wasn’t his calling. Still, Fillory needs a ruler that will show mercy when it needs it, and that’s Fen.

Fen is THE perfect woman for the job, she’s the only one who could rule by Margo’s side because she fills in all of the things that are out of Margo’s depth AND she brings her own strengths.

Fillory needs a kind ruler? Check! Have you met someone kinder than Fen? Don’t answer, it’s not a question.

Fillory needs someone who actually understand Fillorians? Fen IS Fillorian! She understand the people because she’s the people. And Fen actually cares about Fillory! We know she wanted the throne (or at least to give the power to someone who deserved it) because of her past as a FU fighter.

Fen brings to Fillory what Margo lacks while Margo brings to the kingdom things that Fen could never imagine.

They complete each other and that’s why the should date each other rule together.

Vote High King Fen & High King Margo 2k19