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If i could have whatever i wanted, it’d be a in the woods with my 2 favorite : Belgian Hound () and Standard Schnauzer. Pets and a home is all you need 🤗 🐕 🏡

Nuevamente el colombiano Murillo en el 11 titular del ¿Lo tendrías en tu equipo de ?

Half Sick of Shadows by Richard Abbott audiobook, narrated by Menna Bonsels, now available on US … indieBRAG medallion winner

Worth reading - The Vision: A Novel of Time and Consciousness is a timely and enjoyable novel about serious topics.

Her most difficult task is learning to control her newly emerging talents, with psychic abilities as strong and varied as any first lord would have.

Can Writers Convey a Simple, Interesting Work-a-Day World? Comments on my reading - What kind of worlds do you like? &

"Flawless and well-written, The Prophecy leaves you spellbound with its storyline and characters, and eager to read more of Mr. Hughes magical escapism."

Lumen and the Thistle … $8.05 of the Day, , He’s diagnosed with minor schizophrenia, but he doesn’t feel sick, he sees panels of lights that others can’t

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Chapter 1, Page 48

Who is this ominous shadow?


Little dwarf sketch for a warm up today. #cecilporter #fantasy #art #picoftheday #fantasyart #dwarf #sketch #sketchbook #sketching #pencil #pencilsketch #pencildrawing #pencils #photooftheday #character #design #fun #art #artist #illustrator (at Portland, Oregon)

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A New TS3 Story, Sims, and a Tiny World!

A strange Time phenomenon is occurring over the colonial village of Fernsley. Strange, falling crystals shrouded in light cutting through the night sky and otherworldly, handsome men bewilderingly crawling out from random craters have been reported. Among the first to arrive: a poised and dignified red-haired man with a flair for the dramatic, who struggles with a dark and secret curse…

???: “Ugh! My pounding head…! Where am I? And my beautiful outfit! What dastardly fool would dare– Hm? This fabric… Such attention to detail! It might be destiny that I should wear this refined Georgian attire!”

*Quickly unsheathes his sword at the sound of a twig snapping*

???: "Who’s there?” At least I still have my sword… “Show yourself! I may just grace you with my mercy.”

*Smirks as his emerald-colored, resolute eyes surveys the darkness*

(Keep watchful eyes~! This is but a tease of Edo’s first TS3 story and approaching new custom content, including a tiny world!)

Ask Received: What would their Hogwarts Houses be?

I was just going to answer that they’d be the same as their Queen counterparts, but… no, that doesn’t work with these guys. XD

Ptery would actually be a Slytherin, now that I’ve written them enough. They have a strong me-me-me drive. They’re ambitious, standoffish, and not at ALL Gryffindor material. Not exactly a coward, so could STILL be in Gryffindor. There is one point where they actually come through for everyone, but still… Their upbringing makes them very selfish and not at all empathic.

Luka would also still be a Slytherin, but much more on the cunning side than Ptery. Although she also has a very generous side and she’s fiercely loyal, so she might also fit in Hufflepuff, if not for her distrust of people she doesn’t know. She’s got a temper, and she’s got secrets she’s afraid to share, and she’d very much prefer to be left alone if not for Benji’s accidental help in making friends. She’s smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, but not as driven on the intelligence side of things. So yeah, Slytherin.

Meadow would be a Gryffindor, I think. People who have actually read the first book would disagree with me, because of several reasons, but he does come through in the end, even under fire. He’s a lot braver than he knows. (Think kind of a cross between Fred/George and Neville.) Of course he’s loyal and laid back and studious. He’s built his own house and all… So he could also be a Hufflepuff.

Benji would be my hatstall. XD He could be in ANY of the four houses. His sweet insistence when he met Luka in the hospital led her to make friends, and he’s an all around genuine sweetheart, so he’d be perfect in Hufflepuff…  But his puzzle-solving skills and love of knowledge for the sake of knowledge make him a perfect Ravenclaw. Those are the primary choices, HOWEVER… since his change? He has a desire for revenge that he hasn’t even shared with the others, and hasn’t even realized HIMSELF… and that alone could put him into Slytherin. But he’s also going to realize that he has the capacity to be quite brave and protective, which might also make him a Gryffindor! I think if it came down to it, he’d choose Ravenclaw.