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The Bakhtin Chronicles: Academia: Can cats learn creative writing? Of course we can. Read my diary to find out more.

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Willow Sova has created a lush and mystical world of dragons, magical mushrooms, spritely faeries, and endless intrigue.

Have come to the conclusion that writing 10 minutes everyday for 30 days is definitely more productive than deciding 30 days in a row that 60 minutes in one go is too much.

Hey everyone, so i decided to let my first lore post be public up on my (so it is completely free to read)! I'd love to know what you guys think of it, please let me know!

On her journey, she meets the enigmatic Thalion, an elf who has been searching for his soulmate for centuries.

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Demonality blends magic, adventure, love, sex, colourful language, and even a little comedy into a fun and unique fantasy story.

Nicholas C. Rossis You are only free when you no longer need to prove your freedom #1 epic series

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Commissioned by a guy from discord :D

Magic in the Mountains, rest of Chapter One

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Adrian let loose a soft growl.

“With a capital letter? Coming from Cain… that’s troubling to say the least. I thought nothing could bind him, save for The Divine Ones. Hang on, lemme talk with Fenrir real quick, old wolf’s been oddly quietly lately, now that I think about it. Be back in a few. Susan, darling?” Susan sighed, stepping forward and catching the Shaman as his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed held into the Blessed girl’s arms. She rolled her eyes, dropping the load in a nearby chair, gently holding him in place with her right hand. And then, without warning, his eyes rolled back, but different. Adrian’s eyes were hazel, and kindly. These were the yellow of a wolf, and trapped behind them like a figure behind glass panes was the soul of a predator. His voice, too, was changed. Adrian always had a low huff or growl when he spoke, but this was the lower, more primal speaking of his mentor Spirit-Bond, Fenrir.

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King Lyrius, King Of The North

Personally chosen to be Nueva Prym’s Champion, he was born to save the world. To become it’s hero. He would not die until he has slain the opposing king, Dutriel, King of Corruption. Hand picked by the devious goddess of corruption herself. Lyrius, who in his adolescence, already knew how to speak the tongue of the old ones. And could combat anyone in their kingdom, even defeating the undisputed General of their army. 5 times at age 15. When he reached the age of 16 he was sent to the Northern regions where the mountains reside. There, monks dwells and train themselves gaining knowledge from the gods everyday. The young king already mastered all of their martial arts by age 19. 4 years early than the supposed 10 years for King’s of the North. His legacy has just began when he slayed two dragons at the eastern region, he was blessed by both the god and goddess of war. He was givin superhuman strength and speed. Strength which rivaled the god of gallantry. His journey to his inevitable destiny awaits, but could he truly slay the King of Corruption/South even if it were his best friend?

Writing Prompt 91

The era of prophecies has come and passed. No, it doesn’t mean that the era of heroes has passed, it means that prophecies have no more power over the world.

There is no need for the seventh son of the seventh son, or the first born, or any either convoluted mess. Anyone can become a hero and anyone can choose not to.

Not everybody is happy with this change. A cabal of oracles has formed with the intention of relighting the era of prophecies by any means necessary.

Will you unknowingly follow the prophecy? Or will you find the right way on your own?