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What happened to Meyer Kovacs? Find out in The The Other Realm: Book Three of the Utgarda Series. Now on Audible.

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After a bit of understanding on how CSP works, I think I have it all set. Arenum of Conquest

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"There is a classic and timeless quality to "THEN" that reminds me of varied authors like Chaucer, Tolkien, and Edmund Spenser's epic book, "The Faerie Queen." ๐Ÿ“—

System Programmer โ€ฆ $3.50 A Summoner conjures up a computer instead of a warrior, Now they must prepare for an upcoming war without any powerful being to help them fight it

System Programmer โ€ฆ $3.50 A Summoner conjures up a computer instead of a warrior, Now they must prepare for an upcoming war without any powerful being to help them fight it

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Monster Girl March Day 2: Big Horns with a little frost imp.


Is Verity, our Tales from Syrill rogue, a liar? The better question might be how much of a liar is he? Find out this Saturday at 12pm est on
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The Lore of Zendikar: Planeswalkers (Part 1)

“How should a Planeswalker use the power to walk between worlds? Since they have the perspective to understand threats like the Eldrazi, in the larger context of the Multiverse, do Planeswalkers have a responsibility to face such threats? Different Planeswalkers have their own answers to these questions, and their answers might determine the fate of worlds. Ugin, Nahiri, and Sorin Markov bound the Eldrazi on Zendikar, and now the fate of Zendikar once again hangs on the actions of Planeswalkers.

Gideon Jura

Gideon Jura grew up on the plane of Theros, living on the streets. Even at a young age, he proved himself a natural leader, gathering a ragtag group of other ruffians around himself. He took the fall for his so-called Irregulars when they were caught stealing food, and he was thrown in prison. But the prison warden saw something in Gideon and trained him in the magical art of hieromancy — the magic of law — helping him to hone his natural talent and skill.

Gideon was given the chance to earn his freedom when his city fell under siege by monsters. He returned to his Irregulars and led them to victory. But his hubris led to his fall. He was sent by the sun god of Theros, Heliod, to destroy a rampaging titan serving Erebos, god of the dead. After he and his Irregulars killed the titan, Gideon went one step further and tried to destroy Erebos himself. The result of Gideon’s hubris was the death of his Irregulars. This tragedy caused his Planeswalker spark to ignite.

Gideon feels responsible for other people and believes that he must protect those who can’t protect themselves. Though he is not from Zendikar and had nothing to do with the release of the Eldrazi, Gideon felt compelled to help the people of Zendikar.

Nissa Revane

Nissa Revane is an elf of the Joraga tribe, native to Bala Ged. In her youth, horrible visions haunted her, bringing suspicion on her from the other elves of her tribe. They believed that Zendikar was seeking vengeance on Nissa and the other druids of her ancient line, called animists. In fact, as Nissa came to understand, the visions were Zendikar’s way of asking for help. The plane itself was in pain, and Nissa’s visions gave her a glimpse of that pain.

Nissa vowed to help Zendikar. She connected with the soul of the plane, and Zendikar sent a powerful elemental — a living incarnation of the plane’s natural forces — to guide her.

The elemental led Nissa across the plane and into the mountains of Akoum. Her connection to the land helped her overcome the dangers she encountered on the way, bolstering her confidence, but she never could have prepared herself for the horror she encountered. A glimpse of Emrakul lying imprisoned beneath the mountains overwhelmed Nissa’s mind, igniting her spark and hurling her away from her home plane.

To Nissa, planes are living beings inhabiting the Multiverse, not pieces that make it up. She can see the connections between all living things, and she believes these connections extend in a great pattern across the Multiverse. She can communicate with the souls of planes, and she sees it as her duty to convey their words to others who can’t hear their voices. With the Eldrazi rampaging across the plane, Nissa was desperate to find help for Zendikar, to free it from the plague of the Eldrazi.”

Art by Wesley Burt

Game of Thrones warriors, Night’s Watchman, Mormont Shebear, Northern Sellsword and a wildling of the Stonyshore


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