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Rip Neil, Sean & Reed😓💔

Dans "I am vampire" de Romain Ternaux, Bertrand est un peintre fauché et d'un tempérament plutôt sanguin : entre deux tentatives de vendre ses oeuvres, il se réveille couvert de sang...

Also in Comic Characters Club today, Mr Clark shared these vintage fan club magazines .

ファンタのリリース記念イベントの応募フォームのところで 「応募口数」ってあるんですけどこれが何かわかる方いたらリプお願いします😢

We're off to see the new - Open Treasure: Restoration, Redesign, Renovation: Durham Cathedral in the 19th century. Sounds ! On until 10th May so make sure you go.

In his words, "It is brutal at times, angry at others, reflective, saddening, frustrating, enlightening, damning, uplifting, hopeful, intolerant and perhaps, bitter. Don't miss out on this !

There are some days you can look back with pride and say it was worth it 👍 has got the history & now they will have the facilities for the future ⚽️🍾🎉The move from Roker Park is nearly here 👍

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This has to be the cutes photo ever, and it just makes me smile every time I look at my phone 😍

Pls rebog or like if you save. I’d love to see how your using it so feel free to DM me🥰


Meta-Journal: entry606:55:50


Hungry Lampposts beckon in the dark

offering their entrapping glow…

If you take the luminescent bait, and stand beneath them even for a moment, to catch your breath or get your bearings

you would wander away into an even darker night, the gloom closing in faster, confusion setting in more thoroughly

fear might drive you back into the phosphorescent embrace

and now you can no longer see anything beyond the refulgence

There is little chance to escape now, you are as fuel to this demonic torch, it shall drain you well before the dawnlight rays touch it’s sensors and it sleeps again…

till twilight falls