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Made it to Costa Rica and we have our own private staircase to enter our hotel room.

It’s Decor Out The Door’s Customer Appreciation Day! Take 10% off your regular priced purchases and there are markdowns up to 75%

Look at Lathell here at this wedding! I hope you all are having a wonderful and are HITTING YOUR GOALS!!! Don’t let anyone tell you not to have lol

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If you’re picking up new skills this year, get certified while you’re at it. curated a short list of certifications that will make your resume shine. Link in profile.

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Fancy celebrates laundry day by laundering herself on my bed. I think her ribs are sore from all the pressing yesterday, poor thing.

They shaved her tummy completely, armpits to bikini line, revealing her skin and letting us see her true pattern. The gray and cream of her coat is tightly mottled with only small areas of each, mingled closely together. She’s VERY tortie. It’s beautiful, even as it makes her look like a dusty little ragamuffin.

This isn’t the best picture of it but I think you can see the way it’s all muddled up pretty well.

Cat coat colors and patterns have been fascinating to me since I was a kid. It’s really neat to see what they look like at the skin level!

Inspired by recent events,  including the feedback of Billy Porter’s tuxedo gown at the Oscars, I decided to write down, and leave a permanent digital record,  of my mission statement: Why Do I Do This Dandy Thing.

In my past blog I gave you a brief history of the fashion movement (go read it if you haven’t), and now it’s time to discuss its future in my hands.  I want my dandyism to go past helping others dress better; I want men, and male-identifying persons, to accept,  support,  and maybe even embrace masculinity and femininity in other men, creating a widespread social change that allows for full individualistic creative expression.   I want men to feel free to wear leather and be as accepted as if they were wearing a three-piece suit,  or dressed as flamboyantly as I can do.  I want men, and others,  to be able to wear feathers,  flowers,  jewelry,  makeup,  bright colors,  bold patterns,  and carry fans, flowers,  or parasols,  identify as fully male, not necessarily have to be a drag queen (though that’s,  of course,  acceptable), and suffer no societal repercussions of any kind.  In other words,  society needs to accept that everyone,  men in particular,  should only be judged by their character and not by their fashion style.

My range in style goes from very modern, a la Dandy in the Bronx, Iké Udé, and the styles of Why Not Boutique, all the way to drag-influenced dandyism,  as I go back and forth with my masculine vs feminine side, on purpose.   I am creating a movement,  not just a fashion movement,  but a societal movement.

My other goal is to use my platform to address body shaming.  Dressing up has allowed this dumpy, out of shape guy to feel sexy and beautiful,  but we still judge people,  most often unfairly,  on their physical appearance rather than their character.   Body shaming needs to stop.  No man, no woman,  nobody,  should be subjected to phrases such as “you’re too ugly to talk to”, just because they are not society’s idea of physical beauty,  and if my dandyism can play a role in changing society to be more socially accepting of all body types, then I’m donning a top hat.

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Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond - P.I.M.P. (Fancy Inc & Gustavo Chateaubriand Remix)