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Teenage Mutan Ninja Rocks 🐢👊 Instagram: mist3r.z Youtube: Mister Z

I just did this little makeup. One day i'll have bodypaint makeup &will do a full face inspired by his merch. Tag him please 🙌

I also drew the coordinator uwu I’m buying her next. Martha shall be my main!

Fu- Forgot I drew this thing, Anyways I'll try some Sarazanmai, Dunno feel like I'd get back to drawing YOI when we have news.

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Fuuma from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Last page in the sketch book, I managed to complete it in a year 😁

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Watching Endgame made me wanna draw Peggy

I’ve made some shitty art!!

I’m in no way an artist, as we can tell, but I wanted to draw a scene from @cohldhands ‘s WIP “Through the Fog” in Chapter 5! (Is it five? Or six?) it’s the scene by the train with TJ and Elijah, sorry I’m so bad at this but I hope you like it!! <3