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this may be how I die my first death but what if that moment's right now?

Not my best artwork, but just wanted to draw Elro from Iconoclasts

Here's my of from for ! Remember, You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile! New Poll for Fan Art Friday starting Tomorrow!

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let dib be feral!!!

ruin-cain  asked:

I know you are still havin Hastur connected to frogs in the Swap Getting Along Au (or what ever it's being called) but he gives me goose vibes. Pretty bastered bird man. He hönk


HERE’S SOMETHING BY @sorry-i-spaced-out​ (previous part of the comic also there)

And here’s a bonus


little did he know that demon hasta is just frog…..

also what do you mean dont break your bones, YOU break your bones-


Left is May 2019 vs right of jan 2020.

*I don’t know why i’ve always drawn Macho man as a wrestling Jesus, i based my designs/illustrations based on a toy i own of him.

Initially i just wanted to tweak and correct Macho man’s chest, as his biceps look very flat and i didn’t connect them to the armpit. Which then lead me to redrawing this piece of work. 

I noticed that i keep wanting to shade and draw things semi realistically, i avoided this for so long because i assumed i could never do this sort of thing. But i’ve been learning and leaning into it more and more over the years - i think this piece is a nice reflection of this thought i’ve had.

Anyway, i still have a lot to work on but it’s nice to feel like my studying (bare minimum) is showing results and a better understanding of anatomy.

But most importantly, i forgot how fun it is to draw macho man and draw from my tablet. The ipad is great and all, but i haven’t fully gotten comfortable with it just yet, i’m glad it hasn’t replaced my tablet entirely.

Why do you do this to me, Tumblr?

Me: *spends a weak working to provide good fan art content* gets 5 notes. and one of them is me.

Me: *Spends five minutes writing a post calling out fandom on their weirdness* gets 200 notes and none of them is me.


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