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Here it is, my drawing of the three girls who won in the -themed fan art-by-demand poll. From left to right: , , and . Thanks again to those who voted.

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"Honourable sovereign, take your throne. And do great things, if it please." - Sweet Shalquoir (Dark Souls 2)

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was this worth it? i have no idea. . Thanks for getting this g'damn song stuck in my head. ( ,: Stock is from two users on deviantart ( check my page for proper credit ) /

Some fun artwork I did for one of my students. Little witch academia (anime)

“No one fights alone in the Mist.” I made a fanart of Senna from League of Legends! Riot Games are so on point with their character designs and splash arts 😫😂 25-26 hours, painted in Photoshop!

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Kimetsu no Yaiba Sticker

 Is available here 😉😉😉