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This is for my friend - Here's my Version of his Oc Zee! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・ - -

Suzuki Iruma with Kalego and Izuku Midoriya. Mairimashita Iruma-kun X MHA. Now c'mon do not lie, we all thought that these two were somehow related 🤣😅. I am loving both of these animes, I hope you guys enjoy the fanart 👍

( Desti ) You better win splatfest for Me Okay ? Request by dont_be_negative_9838 (Instagram) Desti created by and

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Mijtel de Arte... Mijtel de Arte... Me puede dibujar al Bebé Yodita??... / Claro que sí me querido Padawan!!... (*^_^*)

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this is when i drew celeste and got noticed by her,,, and went bonkas. -12 august, 2019

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{Billy Lenz} Black Christmas. Stickers/Posters coming soon!

🎨 This is a really great piece of fanart of Finn Wittrock as one of his American Horror Story: Hotel characters Tristan Duffy by @_ani_say on Instagram! Notice the scorpion and remember his line talking to Mr. March; You’re a Scorpio, which explains a lot.

◾🖍️️Finn Wittrock as Tristan⬛️◾️
“You’re a Scorpio, which explains a lot."♏🦂
A few unusual facts about the🦂:
♏the most mysterious Zodiac sign. The symbol of Scorpio is not only Scorpio, but also the Phoenix, rising from the ashes - the personification of rebirth and immortality.
Scorpio is inextricably linked with death: a year before birth in the family of Scorpio, or a year later, almost always dies someone from relatives. However, within a year before or after the death of Scorpio is born someone who replaces him.
Сonstantly overcomes obstacles and difficulties; is in eternal struggle – if not with others, then with himself.
♏Strengths💪: resourceful; brave, stubborn; a true friend; too straightforward and prefers to tell the truth; very sensitive sign; well-developed intuition; inherent perfectionism; very progressive; creative; knows what he wants and have own opinion. Scorpios want to control the world оr at least his own life.
♏Weaknesses: distrusting; violent; secretive; jealous; likes revenge.
Scorpio -a very dangerous Sign for those who deliberately interfere with him or harm

“Cunning and cautious, this Pokémon survives by stealing food from others. It erases its tracks with swipes of its tail as it makes off with its plunder.” - Pokémon Shield

I Really, REALLY the new Pokémon!!

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